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Booth, Bones, Parker and Molly all smiled as they watched the ultrasound monitor in front of them as the Sonographer spoke softly and pointed to a spot on the screen.

"So that's the heart beat right there, listen."

Booth looked down to his wife and smiled at her rolling tears, she was squeezing his hand as if her life depended on it and looking at him like he'd given her the world, it was a look he wasn't sure he was worthy of, especially when he felt the same about her.

"Wow Mom…"

Parker looked to his Mom and grinned,he couldn't believe.

"Wow... there's a real little baby in there."

He smiled at her hugely, loving the idea of another brother or sister to look after.

"Is it a sister or a brother Mommy?"

The ultrasound tech smiled.

"Well actually honey, we can't tell yet, because the baby is too small."

Molly wrinkled her nose and looked back to the pulsating blob on the screen.

The tech smiled and looked to the hopeful parents to be.

"Well everything looks great the baby is growing well and is in a good position for now. The heart beat is strong and he or she is a good size for the age. Would you like a copy of the scan on DVD and some pictures?"

Brennan nodded instantly, wanting something to remember this moment by.

The last few weeks had been a whirlwind of occurrences; once they had gotten back from the Honeymoon, Brennan had visited her normal Doctor and gotten a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Booth had protectively gone with her, opening doors and helping her to sit down and stand up; being his typical alpha self but on overdrive.

They had waited four days for the results and decided that besides family they would keep it to themselves until the twelve week mark was reached.


After dinner on the Thursday night Booth asked the kids and Pops to go into the living room and wait; he was fairly sure Pops knew what was going on, Bones hadn't stopped touching her still flat belly since they did the tests in Fiji.

Brennan had sat between the kids on the couch, both of them instantly moving a little closer to her as usual. Booth sat himself on the right of Parker, but as close to the edge as possible without falling off; he wanted to see both kids' faces when they were told of the news.

"What's going on Mom?"

Brennan had smiled and looked to Booth, he knew she wanted to tell them the news and so he gave her an encouraging smile and nodded once, watching as she began.

"Well… we… being your Dad and I have some very important and exciting news to share with you."

Parker grinned thinking he knew what this news was and he bounced slightly in anticipation.

Molly however was clueless and simply watched her Mom with her brows raised in wonder.

"So… the other day I had some tests done and today we got the results and we found out that I'm pregnant."

Parker beamed, cheering along with his great grandfather for the happy news.

"That's awesome Mom, oh my God that's so cool."

He reached up and hugged her tightly trying to be careful of her tummy already; he then turned to his father and hugged him too. Molly frowned slightly.


They all looked to the five year old and wondered if she was upset, but she simply looked a little confused.

"I don't know what that means."

Brennan turned herself to face her daughter as the men of the family chuckled at the well-used phrase.

"Well Sweetie… in the simplest terms it means that you're going to get a baby brother or sister, I'm going to have a baby."

Molly tilted her head to the side and thought about this for a moment, she looked to her smiling faced Poppy and her grinning brother, her Daddy looked the happiest she'd ever seen him and so she looked back to her Mommy.

"Where are you going to get it Mommy?"

Brennan stroked her daughter's hair and smiled.

"Well I've already got it, but it's too small for you see yet, in a few months it will big enough to come out of my belly and meet you."

Molly looked to her mother's sweat shirt covered tummy and then back up again.

"Like a kangaroo?"

Parker laughed and sat back in his seat as he listened to their Mom agree; in a roundabout sort of way.

"Is it a baby like Michael?"

"It will be."

Molly thought about this new information a little while and then asked her next question.

"But are you and Daddy still gonna love me and Parka the same?"

Pulling her daughter closer Brennan kissed her crown and hugged her.

"Of course we will Baby and you know what? When the baby is born it's going to love you too, so that means you'll have even more love."

Molly smiled, the concept of love feeling good wasn't lost on the five year old, her parents had taught well; the more love you give the more you receive and the better you feel.

"Can I say hello to the baby now?"

Booth smiled as his wife sat back and pulled her sweat shirt up just a little as Molly leaned down and spoke softly to the barely there baby within her. He knew that in her own mind Brennan knew speaking to the forming child inside her was somewhat pointless at this stage; as she had informed him, but she was silently allowing it, so Molly could form an attachment to her sibling and begin that soon to be important bond.

End Flashback

Booth asked Parker to wait in the waiting room with Molly while Bones got dressed and waited for the door to close before he looked back to his wife.

"Can you believe that Bones, our baby was…"

He took the paper towel from her hand and took over wiping the clear gel from her belly. After putting it in the trash he kissed her now clean belly and once again told the baby he loved it.

Brennan giggled, she would never get over him kissing her tummy and talking to it, even though he'd been doing it since they found out they were expecting.


Booth sat on the edge of the spa tub and watched his wife pick up the pregnancy test from its resting place on the box. She read the box for a moment and turned to face him, took a breath as she stood between his knees, his hands at her hips steadying her.

"What's it say Bones?"

She swallowed and looked down into his eyes.

"Two pink lines means pregnant..."

He nodded and watched her eyes flick to the stick.

"Well? Are you?"

Booth watched her face for any sign of the answer, but instead she remained expressionless and turned the stick's result window to face him.

He noted the two pink lines and looked up to her now smiling face.

"You're… you're pregnant?"

She placed her hands on his shoulders and nodded.

"We're pregnant Booth."

His eyes filled with tears instantly as he pulled her closer and hugged her.

"We're having a baby."

She giggled and nodded as she bent to rest against him.

"Oh my God… Bones we're…"

He pulled back slightly and looked up at her with her awe and a small amount of seriousness.

"We're having a baby."

Again she nodded; his happiness was palpable with the tears now running down his face she felt her own emotions swell.

Booth couldn't believe it, he was amazed and so happy he didn't have words to describe his current state. Pulling at the tie on her robe, he undid the knot and allowed the sides to part, revealing her currently toned tummy to his eyes.

Brennan smiled as Booth leaned forward and placed gentle and loving kisses on her belly, his actions making her tremble with excitement and nervousness. She was pregnant with Booth's child, she couldn't believe that finally they would have a child that was part her and part him, suddenly she couldn't wait to meet the boy or girl and was already prepared to ensure its safe arrival into the world.

End flashback

Since then he had been doting on her every chance he got, offering foot rubs, refreshing drinks, running her baths and catering to her every whim, despite her protests.

She knew this was a new experience for him; not being involved in Bec's pregnancy and it was for her too, but Booth was a man who took looking after his family seriously and even though he sometimes got under foot, she tried to remain understanding, he was truly only trying to help.

"So do you still think it's a girl Booth?"

He looked up and smiled.

"Yup, now more than ever."

Brennan smiled, she also felt it was a girl but didn't want to give into wild speculation at this point.

"Ok so where to Bones?"

She smiled as they got into the SUV, Booth standing protectively albeit needlessly behind her in case she slipped getting in.

"Well… the baby really wants a chocolate shake."

Parker smiled, he'd noticed his Mom always said the 'baby wants' when Bones thought she'd asked enough of Booth for one day, he knew his Dad had noticed as well, but it was obvious he didn't care, Parker knew his father would do anything for his Mom, especially while she was pregnant.


"Dad? Where are you going?"

Booth looked to the stairs where his son was walking down with a furrowed brow.

"Your Mom wants ice cream."

Parker looked to clock above the TV.

"But it's after three AM."

He watched his Dad shrug.

"Yell well she was going to drive herself but…"

Parker rubbed his eyes tiredly and pointed to the freezer.

"There's ice cream in there."

Booth chuckled as he pushed his cell phone into his pocket.

"Yes but that's chocolate and she wants almond."

"But she hates almond ice cream."

Booth nodded.

"That's what I said, but the baby wants it."

Parker laughed and moved to the tap to get some water.

"Haha good luck Dad."

Booth smiled sarcastically and yawned as he walked toward the garage, knowing that when he heard his wife call out to him softly it was because she'd changed her mind.

End First Flashback

Parker smiled to himself broadly at the memory, resting his head back as another filled his mind's eye.

Second Flashback

"Pumpkin soup please."

Booth smiled and nodded as he headed to the kitchen to whip up some soup on a last Sunday afternoon.

"With parsley please… and black pepper, oh and don't forget the actually Booth?"

Parker watched as his father walked back out of the kitchen toward the living room where they had been watching movies.

"You don't want soup now do you Bones?"

She smiled.

"Yes I do, but I want potato and leek please."

Parker laughed as his father rolled his eyes and scoffed, before walking back to the kitchen.

"I love you Booth."

His Mom called out and received the standard but truthful 'I love you too' back. He watched as his Mom smiled and caressed her tummy idly before looking up at him.

"Do you think he'd be upset if I got him to make both?"

Rolling backwards the thirteen year old almost roared with laughter.

End Flashback

"Ok, chocolates shakes it is… from the diner I assume?"

She sat herself in her seat and looked to her husband with a smile.

"Yes please."

He leaned in and kissed her lips softly, caressing her belly as he did and then pulled back to close the door but was stopped.

"Actually Booth… the baby wants to go to the bakery, it wants a potato and leek quiche too."

Chuckling he closed the door and nodded as he jogged around to the driver's side; an ever growing smile on his face.

"Mom? Because you're twelve weeks now can we start getting baby stuff?"

Brennan turned to look into the back seat and smiled, Parker was just as anxious to get things moving as the rest of them, he'd been looking at baby monitors and electric bouncers and night lights on the internet and even had free catalogs sent to the house.

"Maybe over the next few weeks Sweetie, I think first we'll tell everyone huh?"

He nodded, telling Annie was going to be his first port of call, it had been a hard secret to keep from his girlfriend and a few times he'd nearly slipped and spilled the beans.

"Ok, can I tell Annie?"

Booth climbed back in the car and smiled at the conversation underway, he loved that everyone was so excited about adding a new member to their family. It had always been Booth's dream to have big tight knit family and it seemed he was actually getting his wish come true.

"I wanna tell Miss Abraham, she showed us pictures of her sister's baby, she was really cute, but I wasn't allowed to tell her about Mommy's baby."

Molly was hoping for a little sister, she wanted someone to play tea parties with and had already decided on which toys her sister could play with and which ones she couldn't.

"Well you can tell her on Monday Princess."

They all had an early lunch at the bakery and then headed back home as Bones was getting tired, Booth had been encouraging her to nap around lunch time when she could and being a weekend he had every intention of seeing to it that she rested.

Back at the house Booth got Bones settled in bed and told her he'd take the kids and the dogs down to the park for an hour or so. Pops was going to stay in the living room to read and if there was a problem Booth would be taking his cell and he would be back in a few minutes; she rolled her eyes.

"Its fine Booth, go, nothing will happen."

He winced a little and sat down on the mattress.

"I'm annoying you again right?"

She placed her hand on his knee and patted him.

"A little bit."

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"Sorry… ok I'm going…"

He kissed her belly as she smiled and then he left, closing the door behind him.

Brennan listened to the sound of the kids trying to walk quietly down the sometimes creaky stairs from their room, Booth gathering the collars and leads for the dogs, Molly getting her coat from the hall closet and asking Parker if he wanted his, the front door opening and closing and then silence.

She lay in bed and stared up at the ceiling, hands on her belly, rubbing in slow circles while she breathed deeply to relax. It had been amazing to see the baby on the ultrasound today, before now she had felt a little disconnected, still wondering if she really was carrying a baby, despite the typical early pregnancy symptoms, hearing the heart beat had made everything suddenly seem very real, she inexplicably felt an instant bond to life inside her.

Rolling over she pulled the pictures the sonographer had given her from her bag and held them up in one hand. Peanut; as Booth calls it, has hands and feet, long willowy arms and legs, a bulging torso and currently an over sized head, she knew that logically the baby was not really as beautiful as she found it, but as she lay staring up at Peanut's picture she was certain that it was the most beautiful baby in all the world; somehow she just knew.

As sleep slowly claimed her, she dreamed of the birth in seven months' time, surrounded by her family and friends, she unconsciously smiled at the fact she would be finally complete.

THE END; for real.

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