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Chapter 2 : Trip to the city.

Jeff made his way out of the base. He was thinking about how he will gather teammates as he walked on the corridor.

"Hi, little guy."

Jeff turned his head to the worm who called him. The worm wore a cap with a blazing fire mark on it.

"Hi." Jeff replied.

"The name's Louis. I'm from Fiery Team."

"Jeff. Teamless." He shook Louis' hand.

"Teamless? Really? How did you manage to sign up? If I remembered correctly, the General's not a worm who will neglect the rules."

"Well, I almost got rejected, but we've agreed that in one week, I'll gather 5 teammates."

"Want an advice? Take a trip to the nearest city."

Jeff raised his eyebrow as the response. "Really." Louis spoke, "I met my teammates there. The city is full of potential worms. Well, if you don't believe me, just give it one hell of a try."

Jeff's face lit up, but suddenly he realized there was a problem, "But it is miles away from here. I don't have any transport that can take me there fast."

"Got it covered." Louis took out a silver key from his pocket. "You can borrow our spare bombing plane on the airfield. The number of the garage is '14'."

"Thank you!" Jeff grabbed the key. "If I succeeded, my team would be in your debt."

"No problemo. We're always ready to help anyone." Louis along with his team gave Jeff 2 thumbs up. "That's what we do. Don't waste your time, get a move on!"

Jeff nodded and sped up to the airfield as fast as he could.

Jeff had flown the Fiery Team's bombing plane to the city for 5 minutes. He was really close now. Jeff took a guide book of the city awhile sitting on the pilot seat.

The plane was red, unlike most bombing planes, which were painted blue, or yellow. Louis was right when he said Jeff wouldn't miss it. The plane was still in good shape. 'Louis and his teammates must've rarely used this.' Jeff thought.

A couple of seconds later, the airport was visible. Jeff gently landed the plane on the lane. Although lacking of flying skills, Jeff was able to make a smooth landing. He was really lucky that every bombing plane was designed to be easy to pilot.

After going out from the airport, he wandered aimlessly on the sidewalk. He saw lots of tall building covering the city. 'Wow, I should visit this city more often.' Jeff thought.

"Jeff! Is that you?"

Jeff was startled to hear that familiar voice. "Marcus?" His eyes looked for the source of the sound.

"Over here!" He saw a hand being raised in the air. Jeff rushed forward, and finally found a tall and skinny worm with sunglasses on his eyes. It was really Marcus, his friend in the university. "Boy, it's very good to meet you here."

"Same here." Replied Jeff cheerfully, "I thought I would never meet you again after we left Worminkle University."

"So, what brings you here, old pal?"

Jeff told Marcus about his agreement with the General, about him trying to search for teammates. Marcus nodded, "Well, meet your first teammate. I'd be glad to join the army."

"You really mean that?"

"Sure. After all, I'm currently jobless."

Suddenly, Jeff and Marcus heard some noises in the alley. "Come back here you little thief!" A voice spoke. "I'm gonna skin you alive!"

A short worm leaped on the air and hit Jeff. Both worms fell flat on the cement. "Hey, get off me!" Jeff grunted. The short worm got up and hid behind Marcus.

"Huh?" Marcus said confusedly.

2 big and tall worms walked out and pointed at Marcus. "You! Hand over that thief! Or else!" One of them threatened.

"Why? Did he do something bad to you?" Marcus asked.

"He stole my wallet! No one steals from me and stays alive to open it!" The big worm clenched his fist.

Marcus turned to the thief, only to find that he wasn't there anymore. "On the floor!" Jeff whispered.

Marcus looked down, to find the worm proned on the floor. "Well?" Marcus turned back to the impatient big worm, "Where is he?"

'They couldn't see him! Is he some kind of a darksider worm?' Jeff said to himself.

"Okay." Jeff spoke, "I'm gonna give you my own money, but please let him go."

Marcus stared at Jeff questioningly, Jeff just blinked his eye in response.

"If you have enough that is."

"Don't worry. I have more than enough to cover it." Jeff hand over his own money from his wallet. "Enough for you?"

"Okay, we let him go. But if he ever shows up…" He gestured a throat slit, which made Marcus shuddered, but Jeff only nodded.

"I guarantee you. He won't."

As both the worms walked away, the thief rose up. "Phew! Thank you stranger!" The thief was about to run, but Jeff caught his arm.

"Oh, not so fast. We didn't save you for free." Said Jeff.

"What? But I don't have…"

"You have a lot of them I'm sure. But it's not the money I want. It's you I want, or should I say, we want." Jeff looked at Marcus as he said 'we'.

"What?" said Marcus, "You're going to recruit this… thief?"

"He know how to play as a darksider. He'd be a valuable teammate."

"Teammate? You mean you want me to join you in the army?" exclaimed the thief. "That's my dream! I always want to quit being a criminal! Well, count me in!"

Jeff grinned. Luck is on his side today. "Well, state your name, private." He joked.

"Alexei, sir! The True Darksider!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You are the True Darksider?" asked the surprised Marcus. "You mean, you are from the Darksider family?"

"Yup. Sadly, there weren't many of us anymore. Just me and my lil' sis. I always want to rebuild my family, but I don't know. But maybe being the part of the army will help me."

"Okay, welcome to the team!"

A/N : There's an info about Darksider and Lightsider. You can find them in Wormopedia in Worms 3D games, if you got gold for High Stakes mission. I assure you, Darksiders and Lightsiders are not about evil and good, but rather coward and suicidal. I myself played with both Darkside and Lightside tactics, depends on the situations.