Rachel's POV

"Or maybe you don't want to be let through the gates of heaven at all." Quinn said, then connected her lips with mine. The kiss was rough and intense, her tongue fighting for dominance against mine, but the fight was short lived. She pulled out and looked down at me. "So which will it be?"

This was ridiculous, completely insane. Though, sadly, Quinn was right, I was tempted. She looked absolutely delicious in her skimpy angel costume, and I wanted her. Bad. And though I didn't want to admit it just yet, this game was getting more interesting and more fun by the minute. "I want in."

"Good girl." She replied.

Quinn kissed me again, this time she let it start soft and gentle, but slowly grew into a passionate brawl, our tongue's fighting once again. Her and I were always doing this, we both loved being on top, but seeing as the handcuffs kept me on the bottom this time I let her win. I gave in, and she started to kiss me even harder, digging her teeth into my bottom lip, I moaned softly. Quinn moved her lips to my neck, kissing roughly at the skin, making sure she left her mark. I subconsciously tried to move my hands up to her back, but realized, once again, that I was trapped. So I clawed at the bed sheets instead as she moved her lips down further, letting her tongue trace my defined collarbone, eliciting another moan. I could feel her hand snake from my leg to my back, and up, until she got to the zipper on my dress, she pulled it down slowly, not once letting her lips disconnect from my skin as she did so. Finally my dress was completely unzipped; she pulled it off swiftly, as though it wasn't a hassle at all. Then she climbed back on top of me and returned to kissing me lustfully, allowing her lips to explore me further, she then moved her lips back to mine for a quick moment of passion, it was gentle and longing, she pulled out and smiled at me.

"Have you learned anything yet, Berry?" Quinn breathed. "Or do I have to work harder?" I stared up at her and licked my lips, harder, I liked the sound of that, and obviously she didn't chain me up just to make out with me. I had to let her go further, though it was already starting to drive me crazy, letting her have all the control, while I had none.

"Harder." I replied in almost a commanding voice. She smiled and moved her lips to my ear, her voice now a whisper.

"As you wish."

Quinn's hand found her way to my back once again, this time undoing the clasp of my bra; she pulled it off and tossed it aside. I felt a sudden chill, but the warmth returned as Quinn kissed at my newly exposed skin, letting her tongue tease at my nipple, before she gently bit in. I let out a scream, arching my back; she did it again, this time rougher, harder. I felt her trailing kisses down my stomach, her tongue swirled around my bellybutton ring. Then she grabbed it with her teeth and tugged, I screamed again, it hurt, but it felt so amazing all at the same time. Honestly, what hurt the most right now was being restrained, unable to touch or feel the beauty above me. Quinn continued her way down my body, until she reached my panties.

"You ready, babe? She asked, her eyes were glazed over, foggy with lust. I couldn't speak, I was much too turned on, so I just gave her a shaky nod, I needed her inside me. The temptation was building, it was becoming too much. Quinn removed my panties and tossed them carelessly on to the floor, then started to kiss at my stomach again, letting herself move onto her favorite part. I moaned loudly and clawed at the sheets as I felt her tongue trace my clit, then she bit in and pulled at the flesh, I screamed. She moved back up and kissed my lips. "You need to tell me what you want." She commanded.

"I-I want you to fuck me." I breathed out, shakily.

"I'm sorry, what?" She asked, I knew she was teasing me, but I really wasn't in the mood.

"I said "fuck me"." I replied, a bit harsh.

"Come again, I didn't hear you." She replied, I rolled my eyes, this was truly frustrating.

"Damn it, Quinn! Just fuck me! Please!" I begged her, staring her straight in the eye.

Without a word, Quinn reconnected her lips with mine, kissing me intensely. I felt her thumb rub against my clit, a slow and fluid motion at first, but soon started to move it more vigorously, making me moan softly. I felt her insert a first finger, I arched my back and moaned louder. My hands jerked forward, I was dying to tear off her clothes like she had done to me, to get my hands inside her. She inserted a second finger, and then a third with almost no hesitation, moving them in and out of me quickly; I let something between a moan and a scream as I felt her digging deeper into me. I arched my back again, trying to force her fingers in farther; I could feel her nails scrape against me. I took in a shaky breath, grabbing desperately at the sheets again, as she thrust her fingers in even harder.

"Ah, I-I'm close, Quinn." I breathed. "Faster, harder, please."

"Yeah, baby." She replied, obviously not that absorbed in the game anymore.

She started to move in and out of me more quickly, and then went a step further, inserting her fourth and final finger. I moaned loudly, she had to slow the pace for a bit, but was able to bring it back up, digging harder inside of me. I bucked my hips forward, getting her even deeper inside me; I felt my climax getting closer as each second passed. Finally I came, arching my back and releasing a lustful scream as I did, then I collapsed back down. Exhausted. Quinn pulled her fingers out of me and licked my juices from them, then licked her lips, she looked satisfied.

"Did I teach you anything?" She asked, falling back into character.

"Yes, I'm tempted too easily," I replied. "now let me out of these fucking handcuffs." She smiled and laughed, officially done with the 'Angel and Devil' charade.

"Fine." She unhooked both of my hands from the bed, I wrapped my arms around her as soon as I was free and locked her in a longing kiss. When we pulled put she locked her fingers with mine. "So, did you have fun?"

"Yeah, surprisingly enough, I did." I said, kissing her again. "But next time, I pick the game."

"Oh, so there's going to be a next time?" She asked.

"Why wouldn't there be?" I replied. "It was fun, and I intend to surprise you with the next game."

"Rach, you know I hate surprises." Quinn complained.

"You know I hate being restrained."