Hi guys this is my first Fanfiction here. Its a story wich I have written in my spare time adapted to Vampire Aceademy.
I am u huge fan of these books and Richelle Mead is the best writer. I hope u enjoy my story as much as my friend did.
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With Love .
Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Academy not any of his Characters. The belong the Richelle Mead and no one else.

Hello there, I am Rosemarie Hathaway. I'm a Dhampir but lastly also one of the last known White Spirit. Come and join me in the story of my life.
I will show and tell you everything that happened in my life, why I'm happy to have all my friends and how I came to know that I am a White spirit.
If you are intrigued read on ahead and follow my life's story.

Last day of normal life.

Groggily I open my eyes. The rain woke me up. Ticking and splashing against the window and on the roof. Normally I am not the first to wake up.
Most of the time it's my twin brother Christian. But at this moment all I hear is his soft snoring from down the hall.
Soft Ha! I can hear his snoring from the other side of the house.

Tomorrow is a big day. We are moving. We live in Detroit and we are moving to a town in Montana.
Christ is even don't know the name of the silly little town. Also with moving it means me and my brother are going to another school.
Christian and I never had a lot of friends. Maybe that will be some of the good things that will change.
Lucky for me, Christian and I always have the same lessons. Damn, I mentally cursed to myself. I wish I could sleep.
Sleeping is one of my favorite things but at the moment I can't sleep. So I decided to write in my diary.

Dear Diary,

A couple of hours ago I wrote to you telling how lonely I'm feeling. This will even be worse tomorrow.
When I will be waking up it will be the last day here. The last day I will spend with Lillian and Kylie, the last day in Detroit.
I know I packed mostly all of my stuff but I still can't get the fact I will move from the city where I grew up in and where I …. Well you know that story.
Tomorrow me and Kylie will finish off all the packing. But first off all a terrible day at school. I will probably see Jake as well. He will ruin every good thing that happens that day.
Damn, why did he… Well he is the worst person in the world. After what happened when we started dating and all the things he did to me. I will try to evade him, I promise.

I will miss Kylie and Lillian. The town in Montana will probably have nice people, but everyone knows each other.
Christian and I will be the new kids. It will be hard to find new friends. Even here in Detroit it hard to find friends.
Look at me, I'm rambling about not being able to find friends. Heck even if I didn't find some, I will still have Christian.

Did I tell you that me and Christian have been getting closer and closer? He is really trying to protect me from everything.
I did tell you that he was the one that found me in the forest, right?

Anyway my parents still don't know anything that happened. I don't even know if I ever will be able to tell them.
Thinking of what happened still hurts. Maybe it good that we are moving.

Its 04.30 now, maybe I should try getting some sleep. The rain stopped. I hope that tomorrow will be over soon, so that we can start over faster in the new town.

Sleep tight,

Love Rose(Marie)

Listening to the rain, softly dripping against my window, I let the darkness of sleep take over.