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The biggest mistake of my life

When I woke up a couple of hours later, I heard the boys talking in the hallway. "You can't go inside. She is sleeping", I heard Christian telling the other male voice. "But I want to see for myself how she is doing. You know what I feel for her.", said the other voice. I didn't know what I heard. I was shocked. Someone wanted to know how I was doing. I thought I was feeling well enough to get up, so I tried to get up and walk to the door. When my feet hit the floor, the floorboards started creaking and everthing around me started whirling like a maelstrom again. I heard Christian tell the other male voice that he should go and that I was safe when Christian was around me.

Just when I was standing Christian entered my room. "Hey little one, Are you awake already?", he asked me. Lissa says dinner is ready so I came up to get you." I shook my head. Why is Chris acting like nothing happened in the hallway. I just don't understand anymore. "Who were you talking to?", I asked him. Christian looked at me like I was crazy. "You were talking to someone in the hallway just 2 seconds ago Chris. I could hear you". He stood up and walked to my closet to grab my robe. "I wasn't talking to anyone Rose." Again I heared his voice but this time his mouth wasn't moving like before. "Shoot she heard us. I have to talk around this. She can not know who that was before she finds out her dreams who he is. I think we have to visit Grandma Olena soon, so she can tell Rose what is going on. I just can't tell her and will just get harder and harder." Is this for real? I Chris really lieing to me and is he really with holding information for me. I thought I could trust him. This is all just bullshit. I will probably hear voices in my head. It just says im going crazy. Christian handed me my robe and helped me up. "We have to get downstairs Rose, or else our dinner will turn cold. And we can't eat it anymore.", He said while pulling me through the door.

When we arrived downstairs I saw Lissa and Dimitri sitting at the dinnertable. Lissa looked at me with a gentle smile. "Did you sleep well Rose? You are looking alot better.", she said. I nodded at her and sat down on a chair next to Dimitri. "I cooked dinner for all of us. I know that you parents are at work and that you always have to cook.", Lissa told me. Ok so now I know why she was here, but what is Dimitri doing here? Dimitri was sitting next to me but I could see him watching me out of the corner of my eyes. Lissa got up and gave me a big plate with spaghetti and tomato-sauce. She looked at me. "I hope you will like it", she said. I looked back at her and smiled. "I think it will be delicious and I am hungry as a bear. But if I may ask what are you doing here Dimitri.", I told her honestly. I saw Dimitri wince from the comment I made. But Lissa answered for him. "Dimitri is here cause he wouldn't have gotten any dinner if her stayed home." I looked at Lissa. "What do you mean with that comment Lissa. Can't his mother cook for him?", I asked her. Dimitri and Christian looked at me with wide eyes. Christian got up and put his hand on Dimitri's should and told him that I didn't know. "Rose don't you know that Dimitri and Lissa are twins like us?" I looked at him and shook my head. "No, I didn't know, but what does that have to do with cooking and eating dinner.", I asked him. I heard Dimitri swallow loudly and I saw Lissa looking down to the floor with tears in her eyes. Suddenly it all came together. They don't have parents anymore. "Oh god… I am so sorry", I stuttered. "I didn't mean to hurt you", I said while I had tears streaming across my cheeks.

I got up as fast as I could and ran back upstairs. When I arrived at my room, I closed the door and locked it, before collapsing on my bed. The tears wouldn't stop coming. I couldn't believe I was such a horrible person to them. I am always hurting the people I cared about. A couple of minutes later I heard a soft knock on my door. "Rose? Are you there? It's me Lissa. Can I come in please.", she begged with a soft tear filled voice. I couldn't not stand it that Lissa was crying because I was horrible to her. So I got up and opened the door for her. But when the door was opened it revealed not only Lissa but also Dimitri and Christian. When I saw them I started crying again. I couldn't even tell them how sorry I was. Dimitri was the one that reacted. He pulled me towards him and hugged me to his chest. "I am so sorry… I didn't mean to be so mean to you guys. I am so sorry", I stuttered. "I don't want to hurt you. I don't know what happened and why I said it." Dimitri held me close to him. "You couldn't have known Roza. Me and Lissa haven't told anyone for years. Lissa and me are twin that always take good care of eachother. We lived through so many things together and many of these things are not really stories you tell other people." He told me. Through my eyelashes and my tears I saw Christian grabbing Lissa and saw he starting to rub her back.

"Lissa I am sorry", I sobbed. I still couldn't believe I was so horrible to her. Ever since that day in the forest where fell and I hit my head, weird things were happening. Maybe I should tell them. "Christian…", I said but I saw Christian shaking his head and mouthing to me – Not now, not here-. When I stopped talking I heard Dimitri's voice. "It has to happened soon now. I don't know how long I can keep up. It feels like she is slipping further and further away from me every dat. It is just like she is being controlled by a Dark spirit. I think I will have to talk to Christian soon." I blinked a couple of times when I heard him speak. "Leave it Christian. Ever since that day in the forest I keep rambling sometimes. I am just feeling not to well I guess.", I said honestly. Lissa walked out of Christian's embrace and grabbed me in a hug. "Rose, it is ok now. Lets make this a evening we won't forget fast and let us forget this sad news as fast as we can", she told me. I could only nod to her. My stomach growled. "Well, now lets get some food in your belly", she said with a big grin while poking me near my belly button. "Its weekend and you parents told us we could stay over all weekend. So we will have the biggest slumber party ever", she squealed. "So lets get started", she said while pulling us all down the stairs.

When I let Lissa pull us down the stairs I noticed that Dimitri had my blood on his chin. Suddenly I remembered that I fell out of bed this afternoon. "Maybe we should visit a doctor before we start out slumber party. My wound opened up this afternoon, when I fell." Dimitri looked at me with wide eyes. "How can your wound open up like that Roza? What happened this afternoon?", he said. When he said that I knew I said too much already. I didn't know how I could save myself from this. "I… uh… I think I have to talk with Christian about that." Dimitri shook his head and Lissa tilted her head to the side and Christian looked at me. He lifted me up from the floor. "Lets go grab that dinner fast. I will talk to this little lady later in the evening. Because I would love to know what happened myself.", he said and started tickling me. I started giggling and Lissa joined me. We all walked in the kitchen where she started warming up the spaghetti again. Suddenly I heard Dimitri's voice again: "Oh no, If she has a headwound and she got attacked today, everything could already be ruined. Most likely the Dark spirits already got her wrapped around their fingers." Again I didn't understand a thing what he meant with all his weird talk. So I just put my head down against Christian's chest. "You have a lot of explaining to do tonight", I mumbled to him. "Yes, we will talk tonight Little one", he whispered and put me down on a chair in the kitchen and grabbed me a loaf of bread. "Do you want anything to drink with this Rose?", he asked me. "I will get it myself, Chris", I said while standing up. But before I could reach the refridgerator everything started whirling around me again and I fell to the floor. I heard two people gasping before I sunk into the oblivion.

A couple of hours later I woke up with a killer of a headache. I looked around me and saw that I was lying on a hospital bed. Next to me was Dimitri. He was slumped down in his chair and he was asleep. Gently I touched my skull where my wound was. Damn, it hurts a lot. On the back of my head was a huge gap, but hey stitched it together. A minute later Christian stepped in my room and saw that I was awake. "Christian? Can you please take me home. You know I absolutely hate hospitals.", I begged him. He shrugged to me. "I will go and ask a nurse if I can take you home". He punched Dimitri softly on the shoulder. "Wake up sunshine. You and my sister need to talk.", he said with a wink. Dimitri blinked a couple of times, racked his hands through his hair and looked at me. When he saw I was awake his frown turned into a beautiful smile. It was breathtaking and I could fall in love with that smile. But it reminded me of something. "Rose… I… uh… I don't know where to start." I put my hand on his hand and intertwined my fingers with his. "Take it slowly Dimitri I am not going anywhere. Nothing is wrong with me, this is just a small bump in the road. So don't worry your pretty head. We can do lots of fun stuff together.", I smiled at him. He looked at me with his big deep brown eyes. I thought I remembered those eyes from somewhere. I couldn't think where I saw them. The smile… the eyes… all so familiar. "Rose… I…I…", he stuttered. "I can't do this!", He groaned and let my hands go before he got up and walked away. I looked at him and I was instantly worried about him. Softly a tear rolled down my cheek. My thoughts were all over the place. What was happening to me? What did I see in that mirror and what was that cackling sound I heard in my room. Also what happened to Chris. I need to get to the bottom of this. All I could think was how to figure this out. I didn't even see that Christian walked into the room with a wheelchair in his hands. "Where is Dimitri?", He asked me. When I thought about Dimitri I could only start sobbing. "He… He walked out of the room a minute ago, because he couldn't tell me.", I sobbed. "Did I do something wrong Chris?". Christian helped me up out of bed and into the chair. When I was sitting in the chair he called Lissa. He told her that she should look for Dimitri, because he ran away from the hospital and that he probably needed her. Suddenly my phone rang aswell. I got another Text message. It was from Adrian.

'Hey Rose,

I heard you were in the hospital again. Are you ok? I hope you will still make it to our date this Friday. We have to wait for 5 more days but I think I will manage. I will pick you up at 7 ok?

Hugs Adrain'

I totally forgot that I told him I would go out with him. I just want everything to be ok between me and Dimitri. I couldn't think of anything so I could totally blame this on me. It just feels like it is my fault he walked away. Christian wheeled me out of the room and out of the hospital. "Who was that Little one. Your secret admirer?", I started blushing and I asked Chris if he could hurry up. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was pounding 10 times faster then normally. And deep inside I knew something was wrong but I couldn't think of anything what it could be.