Dancing Lessons Redux - Chap. 7

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The blue-haired man in the doorway of Aizen's sumptuous bedroom scowled at the three people lying on the huge bed. He was tall, well-built, a toned abdomen visible beneath the short white jacket he wore open over white slacks clinging to muscular legs. His jaw firmed and his sapphire eyes were hostile as he glanced at Orihime lying sprawled and naked, asleep on the bed. He glared at Aizen.

"What did you do to her this time, you bastard?" he growled. "She's supposed to be my woman, but it seems like every night you get her wasted and bring her here to fuck."

Aizen lay back on the bed, naked and unashamed, the picture of relaxed serenity, and smiled at the newcomer. "Grimmjow, it's a pleasure to see you too." He ran one hand carelessly over Orihime's thigh, smirking as Grimmjow's face darkened further. "I'd like you to meet your new brother, Kurosaki Ichigo."

Ichigo had pulled the bedcovers up over himself when Grimmjow entered the room. Now he sat up abruptly and met the other man's eyes with an unfriendly glower. "Who the fuck is this?" Ichigo demanded of Aizen. "And what makes him worthy of Orihime?"

Aizen's eyes were glittering with delight. He was clearly entertained by his two protégés' conflict. "Meet Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, Espada number six, Ichigo."

The blue-haired man gave Ichigo a dismissive once-over. "Who's this? Your sex toy of the night?" He sneered. "He's cute, I'll give you that." His gaze turned into a leer. "Maybe I'll use him too after you're bored with him."

Ichigo bristled, throwing the covers off completely and balling his fists. "I'd like to see you try, bastard," he shouted, and would have leapt off the bed were it not for Aizen's restraining hand.

Aizen's smirk had widened. "Ichigo will be Espada number one, Grimmjow." He paused, his eyes on Grimmjow, waiting for the man's reaction to Ichigo's rank. At Aizen's words, the other man stiffened. His fists clenched and his eyes narrowed with antagonism as he took a step forward, advancing on Ichigo.

Aizen watched, amused, idly wondering whether he should allow the two of them to fight right here in his bedroom. A delicious image flashed in his mind of the two men circling each other, their muscles rippling beneath firm skin. He could hear the smack of fists into soft flesh, see two pairs of beautiful eyes hot and angry as they focused intently on each other… Reluctantly, he put the idea away. Perhaps later. He had other plans for Ichigo tonight.

"That's enough," he said, and was gratified that both men obeyed him instantly, Ichigo's muscles bunching under Aizen's hand, Grimmjow's jaw clenching as he stepped stiffly back. The blue-haired man looked away for a moment before glancing back at Orihime.

He pointedly ignored them both as he walked over to where Orihime lay on the bed. He reached a muscular arm down to her face and peeled back one eyelid. The woman stirred and murmured something unintelligible. "Tch. High as a kite, as usual." He raised his eyes to Aizen's face and narrowed his eyes. "I want you to stop drugging her, Aizen. It's not good for her."

"And you think it matters one iota what you want, Grimmjow?" Aizen's voice was cool and silky now, but there was a hint of a threat underneath the pleasant tone. He stretched languidly. "I decided it would be amusing to play with her tonight, and you should know by now that the only thing that matters, in this world or any other, is what I want." He pinned a fuming Grimmjow with his gaze, and after a moment the blue-haired man looked away again.

"You yourself told me my job was to protect her," Grimmjow said sullenly. "How can I protect her when you're dosing her with every experimental chemical known to man, and then allowing random dipshits to fuck her?" He gestured at Ichigo angrily.

Ichigo began to surge off the bed again, furious. "Who are you calling a random dipshit, asshole? I've known Orihime since she was a baby. Who the hell are you?" This time Aizen restrained him with a look and a hand on his thigh.

"Grimmjow. If you query your girlfriend in the morning you'll find that she found the evening eminently… satisfying." Aizen's tongue darted out to lick his lips. His glance was dark under lidded eyes. "Orihime has lived much of her life in sadness, allowing her own inhibitions to prevent her from reaching her heart's desires. Now, at last, I have given her undreamt-of pleasure and the family she has never had. She joined us of her own free will and has been happy here." Aizen's voice sharpened. "I suggest you look to your own primitive instincts for an explanation for your undisciplined behavior just now. You will need to get them under control if you wish to remain one of my Espada, Grimmjow. Jealousy is unbecoming in one of my elite soldiers." He held Grimmjow's eyes again until the other man lowered his gaze to hide the smoldering anger in his eyes.

"All right," he mumbled, his eyes on Orihime. "Can I take her to our room now?"

Aizen nodded, indulgent amusement curling his lips.

As the door closed behind Grimmjow and Orihime, Ichigo turned to Aizen, rage burning in his irises. "Under what rock did you find that asshole? And why did you give Orihime to him?" he demanded. "She deserves better."

Aizen leaned back against the pillows, one hand caressing Ichigo's arm until the youth pulled it away from him, an angry frown on his lips. One corner of Aizen's mouth twisted up. "Ichigo. I want you for myself, so I had to keep Orihime happy. I don't want her to feel betrayed and alone. Grimmjow is strong, fierce, loyal underneath that rebellious exterior, and surprisingly intelligent." He eyed the orange-haired boy's pouting lips with amusement. "And," he added, "his personality is like yours in many ways, something Orihime will appreciate."

"What the fuck—" Ichigo spat, glaring at Aizen. "That bastard is in no way like me!"

Aizen chuckled. "Ah, why else do you think you two hated each other at first sight?" He took a moment to savor the outrage and horror on the youth's fine features before the boy's mouth opened to argue. Then, smirking, he took that fierce mouth with his own, drowning Ichigo's protests in a deep, passionate kiss.

"Mmmph, mmmph," Ichigo objected as Aizen entered his mouth with a demanding tongue, struggling as Aizen's arms pinioned him. Gradually Ichigo's struggles diminished and he slumped against the bed, only his eyes glaring at his brown-haired lover as Aizen plundered his mouth relentlessly. Then, finally, those too closed, and Aizen relished the youth's submission as the boy began to return the kiss, slowly at first, then eagerly and aggressively, while his lovely strong arms came up to encircle Aizen's body.

After a moment, Ichigo drew back from the kiss abruptly as a thought struck him. "What did he mean, 'our' room?"

Aizen blinked at him from a few inches away, his eyes slightly unfocused. Then he laughed and said, "All the Espada have bedrooms here… except for you."

Ichigo glared at him. "Why don't I rate?"

The brown-eyed man reached out to stroke Ichigo's bare arm. "I thought you might want to share mine," he murmured.

Ichigo subsided, mollified. His eyes softened abruptly and he curled into Aizen's embrace. The older man took the opportunity to run his hands all over Ichigo's beautiful, muscular body, tweaking his nipples as the youth wriggled beneath him, then dropping down to tease Ichigo's erection. The boy opened his eyes again and moaned as Aizen ground his own length against Ichigo's.

Finally Aizen released him, and the boy lay flushed and panting, staring up at him with warm brown eyes once more drowned in lust.

Aizen took a deep breath and drew back from Ichigo, bringing himself under control. Time for a little test, he decided. "Now then, Ichigo, shall we discuss some further plans?" He switched to telepathic communication as the boy's face darkened with outrage.

It's time for me to reveal some of our strategy for the upcoming war, he began, but was interrupted by a frustrated outcry from his orange-haired student.

"What?" shouted Ichigo, gesturing at himself, "You can't get me all excited like this and then switch to some sort of intellectual conversation! Forget it!" He glared at Aizen, who only raised his eyebrows calmly, his faint smirk unchanging on his lips.

Nevertheless, this information is important and relevant to you, Ichigo. We're going to start with taking control of Karakura Town and all its inhabitants. Thus we will maintain a secure base of operations. Next, we take over Japan. Then, we'll need to determine which major country we will establish control over, China or the United States.

Frustrated, Ichigo glowered at his brown-eyed lover, who continued to eye him placidly as he communicated. Then Ichigo's eyes narrowed and a lascivious smirk of his own spread over his face. "Fine," he said, completely ignoring Aizen's words. "I'll just go find Grimmjow. He looked like he was ready to satisfy me."

Aizen broke off his telepathic lecture and sighed. "Ah, the impetuousness of youth. So focused on immediate gratification." He lazily snapped a satin-covered cuff over one of the boy's ankles as Ichigo tried to get out of the bed and make good on his threat. "I don't think you're going anywhere."

Ichigo turned back, tugging at the restraint with a triumphant smile on his face. "Oh, so you are jealous," he taunted.

Aizen gave another sigh of deep pleasure as the boy turned to him, his slender body kneeling on the bed, one leg twisted awkwardly in the restraint. Ichigo exuded a wanton sensuality that still surprised Aizen with its appeal. Aizen had started the process of molding Ichigo to his will, but the boy had taken it farther and in somewhat different directions than his teacher had expected.

He exhaled slowly and slipped lower into the bedsheets as Ichigo's attention focused on him. He could not deny that the youth was extraordinarily attractive and quite irresistible. He supposed world domination could wait a while longer. He was a patient man, after all.


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