A dream of oceans and deserts, the sand so warm beneath my feet, the water like a silken caress, then suddenly BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! GRRR I slam the button too shut the damn clock off and look at the time "Damn! I'm going to be late for college!" I get up and go to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror I look I had hell last night "Fuck I look like shit" I brush my teeth and use mouth wash all and all a normal beginning to a normal day.

How dull can my life be? PRETTY DAMN DULL! That's how dull. I hate my fucking life! I want at least something exciting to happen but I doubt it will that is until one hour from now at the time of 7:00 when my "accident" will happen. Basically its winter where I live and I'm going to slip on the ice. Evidently fate has plans for me which include me oh I don't know nearly cracking my skull wide open on some freaking ice! Well I might as well get to the good part huh long story short I get to college just fine then I slip on some damn ice that's where it gets weird.

I wake up smelling jasmine and exotic spices and think "Great, now I'm smelling stuff" but when I get up it sure doesn't feel like winter instead it feels like a Texas summer and I'm in a freaking jungle! "What the he-" next thing I know horses are running by me and a freaking siege is going on "AHH what the hell is going on!" then a freaking Persian soldier stops and says "We are invading Alamut. That's what's going on elite warrior." wait did he just call me elite warrior? I look down and see I'm wearing my martial arts uniform and I think "Great this guy thinks I'm on his side! Wait why am I wearing my uniform? Oh forget it I might as well help out." About ten minutes later I was at the front gate of the palace. I heard screams of the dying and saw dead people everywhere and then I saw the one guy I thought I wouldn't seeā€¦.. Prince Daston of Persia the youngest son of king Sharaman, that's when I had the thought "I'm not in my universe anymore am I?" then I think "Maybe I should follow the prince he seems to be the safest guy around here, for now anyway" and that's how my story begins.