It was late on a Saturday evening. Bella was with me in the study using the computer to type a paper for her philosophy class. I had been reading in the corner but I couldn't help looking up every now and then to watch her. She'd type out a sentence then sit back in the chair and look at it, overanalyzing every letter. Eventually she'd huff and press the backspace button to start the sentence over. She'd probably been at work on it for over an hour and I wasn't sure she even had two paragraphs.

Bella was a strange breed of human. When Alice and Edward took off together shortly after graduating from Forks High School, I thought Bella would surely commit suicide. I don't think I've ever seen a human with more emotions. I think she started coming back to our house about 4 months after what was now known as the Alice/Edward situation. I never really understood why she came to visit us, but eventually we figured out that it was never Edward that Bella had needed, it was us. We were the family she'd always wanted. She and Rosalie had become closer than sisters, Emmett and I her big brothers and Esme and Carlisle her loving and adoring mother and father.

When she decided to go through with her plan of attending the University of Alaska Carlisle decided that it was time for us to move as well. So we packed up and moved to Alaska, more or less just to be close to Bella. Carlisle bought us a house and although Bella's father was under the impression that Bella was living in the dormitory she was actually residing with us; she even had her own room and everything. She paid the majority of her tuition but Carlisle helped her, just like a father would. It confused me at first that we moved for Bella, but I soon realized that Carlisle and Esme loved her as their own daughter. She gave them something they never got with the rest of us, they got to watch her grow and we suddenly celebrated birthdays all because Bella was human.

We'd been living together as a family for about three months now. Personally I had been worried at first because of my overpowering thirst. When Alice had left though, my thirst seemed to diminish, when I talked about it with Carlisle we decided that it was probably because Alice had always beaten me down, made me feel like I needed to be taken care of because I was so weak…I wasn't though.

"Fuck my life!" Bella exclaimed at the computer screen, bringing me out of my thoughts. I chuckled in my seat. "I'm sorry Jazz, I know you probably can't focus on your book with me huffing and puffing over here."

"Don't worry about it Bella, it's quite entertaining watching you write your paper." She rolled her eyes at me then at her paper. "I'm never going to get this done."

"When's it due?"

"Not for three weeks."

We both laughed.

"I think you'll be alright," I said. It was just like Bella to stress herself into hysterics about something that wouldn't even affect her for three weeks.

She fiddled with some buttons on the computer then took a deep breath as she fell back into the seat. "I'm going to take a break," she declared then turned her smile into a mischievous one. "Could I get an ice cold glass of calm please?" she asked in her best Texan accent possible (which wasn't very good by the way).

"Why, yes ma'am," I laughed. This was a silly game we played often. Bella always seemed to require my very unique gift way too often. Eventually when she asked me I'd started to reply to her like I'd used to reply to my biological/human mother. When I was little, she used to sit on the front porch and call "Jasper darling? Would you pour Momma a cold glass of iced tea?" to which I always replied "Yes ma'am." When I told Bella this story, it really seemed to touch her that she knew something about my true past, she started mimicking the accent playfully and we'd done it ever since when she needed my help.

"Ahhh," she sighed as she rested the back of her head against the chair, soaking in my aura. For as calm as she looked, one would've thought she was laying on a beach in paradise. I knew I'd done my job well.

"Where have Rose and Emmett gone?"

"I uh, think they went to Isle Esme," I replied knowing very well what they were doing and chuckling to the thought about the look on Esme's face when they start racking up the damages.

"Isle Esme? I don't think I've ever heard of that one," she chuckled. I remembered that Bella hadn't always been around.

"Oh Isle Esme is a beautiful place," I explained. "It's a small island off the coast of Rio that Carlisle bought for Esme as an 85th anniversary present. It's quite the paradise; you should go there sometime. Esme sent Alice and I for our anniversary one year."

At the mention of Alice's name, Bella's emotions turned into a quick flicker of dull and bitter pain. Something that I felt from her anytime someone mentioned one of their names. I frowned apologetically at her. She tried to force some happiness from herself but I could feel the pain burning in the background. Bella had forgiven Edward all too easily, but she still yearned for his love. It faded since she had permanently moved in with us, but I still felt the searing in her heart. I fell silent, giving her a moment to gather her thoughts.

"How do you not miss them?" It sounded as though he were asking me how I didn't miss them, not so much as why.

"I don't know Bella, I didn't feel the same way for her as you felt for him," I said delicately, "You know I hadn't felt that way for Alice in decades."

"I would never take him back you know, it just really hurts to have your heartbroken, to think I'd never see any of you again…"she trailed off.

"I know, Bella," I whispered, emitting a soothing vibe into the room. I saw her body relax and eased back into my seat.

"Isn't your spring break coming up soon?" I asked.

"Yeah, in about three weeks or so," she sounded relieved.

"Would you like to go to Isle Esme with me?" I inquired.

Her cheeks immediately turned a subtle shade of scarlet, "Jasper, isn't that a more…romantic place?" she shuddered with embarrassment.

I laughed out loud, "Well of course it can be Bella, but there are two separate bedrooms and it can also be a place for more friend-like fun," I explained, admittedly trying to hide my own embarrassment.

"Oh," she giggled, "Well then yeah, I think that would be fun. I need some sun… I could practically pass for a vampire at this point."

I made the arrangements with Esme, and she thought it would be a good idea just so long as I give her an accurate report on all the furniture Rosalie and Emmett had broken while they stayed there.

Bella was excited and we began talking every day about the trip "googling" all the different species of fish that lived in the reefs.

The closer the day got the more unbearably excited I became, of course, it was partly because of Bella. When we had made the plans official she'd gone around the house practically gloating at the chance to travel some place exotic. I had to admit though, that I was excited enough on my own, I loved spending personal time with Bella, but to get her alone and really talk to her made me very excited and curious.

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