It all began when she joined Glee club. She started to like Mr Schuester. Rachel thought it was a crush at first but then it got worse and turned in to love. She couldn't concentrate when he was near her, she couldn't think of anything but him. She used to get to school early so she could she him smile and say hello to him. Rachel's friends passed it around and the whole school found out. They laughed at her and said hurtful things. Mr Schuester knew but didn't mind. She then got him a present for Christmas. She followed him every where he went. She always flirted with him and he flirted back. She used to talk about him non stop. Rachel then got a ring engraved saying 'Rachel Loves Will'. She showed it to Mr Schuester and he said "your crazy," and began laughing. She worshiped him but then her world fell apart. She was took in to the head's office, she was forced to sign a form and she was told he didn't like her and was uncomfortable. She was heart broken. She couldn't speak to him, be near him, get his attention at all and she couldn't be taught by him. She was took out of his lesson and had to be in a classroom on her own for that lesson. Rachel was depressed. She was told by her friend that he asked how she was. Her friend had lied and said she was ok and happy. He was glad to hear that and said he thought things were getting a bit silly. Rachel then found out his wife had gave birth to a baby girl. This broke her world. People were trying to cheer her up, but nothing worked.

This is a true story. It happened to me. My teacher Mr Patrick stole my heart then broke it. For girls who fancy teachers, never tell them you like them unless you are prepared to lose them.