Children overtook the living room of the house on Revello Drive, all there to celebrate Maggie's fifth birthday.  Gifts of all shapes and sizes were placed on the coffee table and on the floor around it, wrapped of course in all shades of purple-her favorite color. Spike silently mused that they would have to build another room onto the house to accommodate all of Maggie's new possessions. The joyous sound of children's laughter filled the air all afternoon as they all played games, and ate cake and opened presents.

At the end of the party, Maggie declared that this was her best birthday ever, and all of the adults laughed, remembering that she'd made that same declaration after each birthday party since she could speak. Giles had been absent from the party, having commitments in England that kept him from attending this year, but he had sent spectacular gifts from some of the most exclusive children's shops in London. Willow was there, as usual spending the last of her summer vacation in Sunnydale before heading back to teach her classes at the small private college in New Orleans where she had finally settled down and started a life of her own. Tara had stopped by, not wanting to miss the little princess's big day, nor the interaction between Maggie and Alex, Xander and Anya's little boy who was only a year younger than Maggie.

Later that evening while Spike put Maggie to bed, Buffy disappeared to the little library they'd created in their home office. She sat in her overstuffed chair, taking a moment to reflect on her life and the changes that she never would have imagined before having Maggie. Spike had of course demanded that she quit the DoubleMeat Palace after learning that she was pregnant. He'd started writing, and actually managed to get several of his books published. He had such a wide range of genres to write in, from historical perspectives to fiction best sellers, and he was an instant hit with his readers, allowing the royalties from his work to more than amply support them. After Maggie was born Buffy had gone back to school, and finished her degree in English. She now worked from home, with Spike, doing most of his editing for his new books.

She walked to the bookcase, seeking out a very specific volume. As she ran her hand along the titles, searching out the one she needed, the well-placed reading lights glinted off the blood-red ruby of her engagement ring, and highlighted the diamonds in her wedding band.  She had actually wanted just a simple, gold band when Spike proposed to her, but he insisted that she have nothing but the prettiest, flashiest band the jeweler had to offer.  Finding the book she was looking for, she plucked it from the shelf and settled back into her chair to read the passage she needed to confirm her suspicions. Once she found it, she simply smiled and placed the book back in its place, before going up the stairs to kiss her daughter goodnight.

Buffy settled under the covers of her bed, and lingered just a moment when Spike kissed her before snuggling into his embrace to fall asleep. It was in quiet moments like these that she was most thankful that the Powers had seen fit to send her the dream of Maggie, and had given her the chance to avoid all that time away from Spike, without him knowing about his daughter. Her eyes drifted closed as Spike wrapped her up in his embrace, and she decided to wait until morning to tell him her news; that their prophecy apparently wasn't a one-shot deal. There was another little miracle on the way, and somewhere, deep in her heart, she just knew that the new baby she was carrying was going to be boy. She would name him William, after his father.