"Mom, they're not going to make fun of me, are they?" She whimpered, and her mother looked at her,

"Why would they? It's not like you're a muggle or anything- you father and I are both involved in Magic." Her Mother said, checking things off their list as she picked them up and paid for them, "Don't worry- if anyone bothers you, just mention it in a letter, ok?" Her daughter fidgeted, replying with a shy 'ok'. "Come on, cheer up- you'll do great. Hogwarts is a very good school. Just ignore those who come from the Slytherian house, ok?"

"Why?" She asked innocently, and her mother scowled,

"Because your father came from Slytherian, and his ancestors, and only assholes are in Slytherian." Her mother responded gloomily, and her daughter blushed faintly,



Chapter 1- A hatred that unsettles them both.

She stood there awkwardly, her luggage waiting for placing, in the Headmaster's office. It was- ok in size. "You have a letter for me, Miss Kamikoro?" The headmaster, Dumbledore, asked, and she blinked,

"Oh, um, yes- it's from my mother." She said shyly, giving the letter to him, and bowing over from the waist, "Please take care of me." She said, before standing up, as the headmaster read the letter.

"Your mother was a student and a teacher here, who helped us many times. I will get the Sorting Hat." He said, tucking the letter away in his robes, before getting up, and she smiled happily, hugging herself. Such happiness! What would her teacher's be like? She had a wand and everything- but she held no skill except some things she learned from her father, that were strictly forbidden to use unless it was an emergency. E brought over a hat and she looked up,

"Ah, this one's going to be a handful." The Hat said, "Let's put her in Gryffindor." Dumbledore nodded, and she looked up,

"Is- Is Gryffindor a bad house? I don't want to be a burden on your mind…" She murmured quietly, and Dumbledore shook his head.

"Not at all. Mr. Filch will take your luggage to your new dorm." He told her, and she weakly nodded, quietly following the teacher in silence, her black hood pulled up so her face was hidden. She was such a shy little thing- and when people met her mother, that didn't understand how she came from the same family tree. She bowed to Mr. Filch, and went up to the girls' room, everyone asleep. A nice start to her 1st evening at Hogwarts. She hoped nothing would go wrong.

~O~ Next Morning ~O~

"Oh, my Satan's fork, I slept in too long!" She yelled, stumbling over her robes, as she tried to carry her books, and fix her robes, "How hard this is!" She hissed, fixing herself up, before quietly opening the door, slipping in, and silently closing it. There was an open seat to the back. She went over and quietly sat down, "Welcome to my class," She jumped, and looked up guiltily at the teacher, who loomed over her desk, "I am your Potions professor, Professor Snape." He said, narrowing his eyes, "I suppose you have an excuse?" She shivered,

"~ ~ ~." He raised an eyebrow, "I didn't catch that." "I woke up late, sir." She said softly, and more clearly. He shook his head, "I woke up late, Sir!" She said louder, and he withdrew,

"Better. Mumbling is frowned upon. Whose family are you from?"

"K-Kamikoro bloodline, Sir." His eyes widened and narrowed into dangerous slits.

"Ah- your mother was nothing but a troublemaker, so I'll assume you're roughly the same." He said harshly, and turned around, continuing on with class, as she blinked back tears. What a horrid and shrewd person! She took notes- and he tormented the class by making them partner up. She was left with no partner. He approached her and hovered next to her desk, "Well, Miss Kamikoro- care to explain why you don't have a partner?"

"I…I don't know." She said feebly, and he looked down at her,

"I'll tell you why. There are 37 children in here- and that's an odd number. I also informed, each and every one of them, that you are a trouble make and they're get 50 points deducted from their house for being partners with you. That's why." He said and she looked down. A truly horrid person indeed. Her shallow judgment was not misplaced in her professor's case. He instructed the class to continue, and told her she had to work alone. She struggled slightly, but not much, and correctly made the potion, even with ingredients the book did not call for, improving it slightly, finishing before the rest of the class.

"Se- Professor, What do I do now?" She asked after raising her hand, and he came over to investigate.

"It seems I underestimated you." He said, and she gave no outward expression- except a mix of shock, surprise, and happiness, when the bell rang and the class was over. Her other teachers did not treat her badly, unlike Professor Snape, and warmly welcomed her. At the end of the day, during her free time, she returned ot her room and pulled out a sheet of parchment and a quill, and began writing a letter.

Dear Mother and Father,

Hogwarts is a fun place. The air is clear, the weather is good, so far, and my day was satisfactory. Unfortunately, my alarm clock has not been set up, because of my late arrival, which was the cause to my being late to my first day of class, and my first lesson in Potions Making. Mama, the professor, Professor Snape, says you were a troublemaker, and that he assumed the same from me, since I was a member of our blood kin. He seems to hold distain and hatred for me- I almost cried after he told me that he told everyone else in the class not to be my partner, for punishment awaited them. Aside from that, the other teachers accepted me warmly as they would any other student. I feel as if I can better myself if I try hard.

Sincerely, your daughter.

She folded up the letter and slipped it into an envelope, licking the envelope shut, before pouring candle wax on the triangle tip, and putting the crest of her mother's family, into the wax. She patiently waited until the wax hardened, before giving it to an owl, and watching it fly off.

~O~ Somewhere in London ~O~

There was a furry of taps and scratched on the window, "Honey, we've got an owl." The man of the house called, folding his paper and setting it on the night table to the left of his chair,a nd getting up. He unlocked the window and let the owl in, taking the letter from it, as the owl went to sit on the chair's arm, as he shut the window and broke the seal. He pulled the letter out, as his wife vanished into the kitchen, glancing at him, before going back to the kitchen, the sound of running water the only sound in the house, as she washed dishes and he read the letter from their child. He hesitated, as he finished the letter. "My dear?" He called, folding the letter, and let it sit lightly in his hand, as she poked her head out into the living room, "Did you hear me? We got a letter from our daughter." She smiled and came into the room in a dress and an apron,

"Show me, show me, show me!" She said excitedly, reaching for the letter, but he kept it out of her reach childishly, as dish water fell onto his pant legs.

"Your hands are wet, you'll ruin the ink." He told her, and she blinked absently, before laughing at herself and drying them on her apron, "Silly me." She said, too happy about the letter to care about anything else, "Well, come on, they're dry now, don't be stingy with the 1st letter!" "If you're going to count every letter that we receive from her, I'll hid them from you." "Don't be a jerk; let me see that letter before I get mad." He handed the letter to her, and she smiled, reading it, as she paced back to the kitchen, her husband and the owl watching. Her back to him, as she read, before she cringed and pulled the letter apart violently, growling "What a bastard! He's going to bring the poor thing to tears before the week ends!" She snarled, grabbing her robes, "I'm going over now!"

"My dear, you're acting like a Yankee. I will take care of this tomorrow morning. It's late- let us sleep." He concluded, and she pouted, the owl leaving, as he went over to her, "Tomorrow is your important day. I'll contact you if anything goes wrong." She sighed and reluctantly agreed, turning off the light to the kitchen and they vanished up the stairs. A restless night's sleep was far from helping.

~O~ Next Morning ~O~

Professor Snape open his door so that the students could come in- and found her sitting to the left of the door, and she smiled up at him, "Good morning professor." She greeted, standing up and brushing the dust off her skirt, and smiling at him, "I came early so I won't be a bother by coming late." He scowled,

"You're strange like your mother." He said, and she frowned slightly,

"Please, do not compare me to my mother, Professor. I am a part of her, but I am no clone. We are two different beings." She asked and he waved her request off, and she frowned, noticing something out of the corner of her eye, "Ah-! Papa?" She asked and a man in their early 20's, wrapped in black robes, panting lightly, black hair tied back with a dark red ribbon, his bangs having escaped the ribbon's ensnarement. Snape peeked out of his room curiously, as the man came to a stop, panting lightly,

"I got your owl last night-" He said, tucking a strand of black hair behind his right ear, out of his view, "Is this the teacher you spoke of?" Snape stood there, trying to figure out where he had seen the man, who turned on him, shoved him into his classroom and shut the door, pulling his daughter in as well. The tip of a crooked white wand at Snape's jugular as he tried to breath, her father's strange, hateful look in his eyes directed at the teacher. "Stop being so cruel to my child." He said, and Snape nodded, before her father released him and stashed his wand in his robes. "If it happens again, I won't be coming to deal with you- my wife will." Her father turned to her, "A shame, you did not get into Slytherian, dear." She frowned, "Oh-uh- Gryffindor is great too, don't worry." She smiled happily. "I brought you a present your mother and I got- It's in your room. Have a good day." He said, throwing a warning glare at Snape, before leaving.

"…I wish Papa wasn't so mean." Se murmured softly, before sitting down in the seat she sat in yesterday, looking at Snape, "Professor, may I have a partner today?" He glided past her without a word and she knew the answer. 'No'. The whole class period, once again, she worked alone- until someone's potion blew up in their face, though she wasn't paying much attention. He slammed his hand on the desk, and she looked up,

"While Longbottom is in the Infirmary, Malfoy will work with you. He said and she bowed her head in submission,

"Thank you, Professor." She said, as Draco sullenly sat to her right, "I-Uh-"

"Shut up; don't talk to me, Gryffindor." He said icily, and she frowned, looking down in silence. Another person who didn't like her. He glanced over, "…How far are you?"

"I'm almost done." She said, "I just need to stir it and add the ginger root shavings, and we'll be done." She said, looking at him, "Do you- what to help shave the ginger root and stir?" He stared at her disapprovingly, then the remaining ingredients, before leaning closer, to grab the ginger root and the grader. She inched away, and he looked at her oddly, as she covered her mouth, "I…I'm not god with grinders- I've cut myself on them…"

"I'll take care of it then." He assured, and she opened her mouth to say something, before he lost his handling on the ginger and it slipped to the floor. She grabbed it before it touched the floor and handed it back, "My-my hand slipped." He said, to make up for the embarrassing act, and she smiled and nodded,

"It's alright; Happens to everyone." She said and he nodded, continuing on. She slowly scooted away from him; just too keep out of distance. The smell he gave off was revolting. Cheap cologne and cobra venom was no way to smell. Well- he smelt better than the rest of her male classmates. They finished and were quiet until everyone else finished. Malfoy received praise from their professor. She did not. She only received scornful comparison on how she should be 'more like Malfoy'. Malfoy was a boy- he had a penis- there was no way she could be 'more like Malfoy'! Unfortunately, she got her bad humor from her mother, and countered, "There's no way I'd be Malfoy unless I used polyjuice potion, Sir, or dyed my hair blond." The class burst out into laughter and she looked away,

"A response only your mother could successfully comeback with." Snape observed, "You're right- you're two different people. Your Mother would have a comeback so quick I couldn't respond, but you stumble over your own words." She wondered how her stating a point, turned into a lecture. Snape turned and used his scolding to teach a lesson to the other students, and Malfoy looked at her for her reaction. She sat there, looking down. Her and her mother WERE two different people. Mama- would always be a 'black' slate and she would always be a 'white' slate until she came of age. She paid attention to the rest of her lessons, not returning to her dorm when the masters called for lights out. She had to wait for Albatros. Last night, it was hard to sleep without him- without Albatros- everything seemed harder.

"Anastasia." She looked around, "Something ails your mind?" Albatros was so hard to coax back at night, where he liked it most.

"Professor Snape said that I'm nothing like mama and compared me to her…" She looked down, "Albatros- when will I be a 'Black slate'?" There was a dark chuckle, and something slithered up her leg slowly,

"Your mother has told you before- once you learn more about life, you will become a black slate. For now, you can be colored by anyone and anything. Don't worry, my Anastasia, at the end of the day, I will make your slate white once more." Albatros said, kissing her cheek, as she held him, "Come- take me to bed. I'm tired."

"Do you love me, Albatros?" She asked shyly, and he hugged her neck,

"Of course I love you, Anastasia. I was born to love you and only you. Do you love me?" She blushes brightly, averting her gaze from his glowing yellow eyes,

"Of…Of course I do, Albatros…" She murmured, and walked to the Gryffindor dorms. "I Hope Professor Snape is nicer to me tomorrow." She murmured, walking into the lobby of the dorm, a long, black, python-sized, black cobra. On his black scales, were golden scales in the shape of the Ancient Egyptian symbol for 'rebirth', the ankh. On his hood, on either side of his high neck, was the symbol, as well as on the back of his head and along the back of his head down to where his hood started. "Did you have dinner, Albatros?" She asked, and the snake nodded, flicking his tongue out.

"Indeed I did. Oh- and the presents on your bed are from me. I spoiled it, didn't I?" Albatros hissed gently, flicking his tongue as she entered the room, "The air tastes good. Muggles…delicious." He said softly, just above a whisper,and she blushed, a large stuffed animal on her bed, and a box of chocolates. "Will you share whatever cherry chocolates you have with me?" She frowned,

"All you do is live off sweets."

"Indeed, but you've had a bad day." She blushed and hugged him,

"You're so sweet!" She whispered, sitting on the desk to write another letter to her parents.

"If I was made of sweets, I would have eaten myself- or tried to, anyways." Albatros said smoothly, before coiling up and going to sleep.