Chapter 2-

Albatros yawned as she pulled on her shirt, "Off to class then, Anastasia?" She looked at him and smiled, nodding. "Hmm…Shall I accompany you?"

"No, it's ok Albatros, I'll be fine." She assured him, and he laid his head back down on his coiled up body,

"I see, well, have a good day, Ana." Alabtros wished her well, as she left the room. He glanced over, seeing her books on the desk. "What an air-headed girl, she forgot her books. I suppose I can take them to her." He slithered over and grabbed them with his front arms, flicking his serpentine tongue. "How adorable." He looked around, no girls in the chamber, and opened her wardrobe. "Her baggiest clothe will fit me well if I change." He changed forms, pulling on a baggy sweatshirt and some of her large sweat pants. "Hm…I don't look too bad…"

~O~ Potions Making Class ~O~

Once again, Anastasia wanted to cry her eyes out, as the Professor used her as an object of ridicule, and Malfoy said nothing, sitting next to there for some reason. She wanted him to go away- boys were sickening and so were men! "What's wrong? You look like you're on the verge of tears!" The Professor mocked and she sniffed, "That's what you get for forgetting your book, stupid girl!" The door opened slightly, and a dark-skinned male entered the room. His skin was the color of tar, a contrast to his silvery hair and glittering opal eyes. "Who are you?" Snape snapped, irritated his degrading of Anastasia was interrupted. The male said nothing, wearing a baggy grey sweater and baggy grey sweat pants; her went over to her and gave her the books. Then, he made a quick escape, casting a single met glance at Anastasia.

"I have my book- please stop yelling at me…" She asked, and Snape scoffed, continuing with lesson. She opened to the page and tried to pay closer attention to class- taking uneasy notice of Draco scooting closer and closer to her. Thankfully, the bell rang and she grabbed her things and ran out of the classroom and to the bathroom. Albatros sat up as she exited,

"Um- uh!" He muttered, before running after her, waiting outside the bathroom until she was done. "Y…Your teacher got mad at you…huh?" He asked, and she nodded. "I apologize- I didn't mean to draw attention, but if I came in as my normal form, that would draw more attention, and I would be attacked by your Professor…" She shook her head,

"It's fine- I don't feel well." She put her hands on his hands, "Albatros…a male classmate of mine got too close to me. I'll trust you to help me find someplace where I can recover." She murmured, and he blinked, before narrowing his eyes and picking her up,

"I see- your trust is well placed then." He responded, and walked down the corridors, other classmates looking at him, "Please excuse us, I'm taking the student ot the infirmary." He explained, and they let him be.


"Anastasia." She looked up at her mother, "You are the first daughter I've given birth to. A part of me has been passed down to you because of your gender. This can be both a curse and a blessing. You can't transform because you're too young, but you must listen to me, my child." Anastasia nodded at her mother's words. "I beg you- do not try to be like me. I am a product of pain, hatred, war, and bloodlust. You must be your own person, for yourself, not for me. I told you of your ancestor's history, of my history, of the bloodline you come from. Be proud, hold your head up high, but don't take after my example. Please."

"But mama, you're so cool." She responded, and her mother chuckled,

"To you, I am, my daughter, and to your brothers I am. Though there are others that think I am their devil incarnated, and that the only solution to me, is that I must die, along with my offspring. I will not force you into whatever path you choice, though I was forced into the path I had. Your father is a Wizard, but I am not. You are a hybrid- a mix of two magical realms that should never have touched."

"…But…I want to be like you…"

"LISTEN, YOU STUPID CHILD!" Her mother snapped angrily, "I won't allow you to be like me! No one should have to live the life I lived, that is why I left my homeland to come here, and make a life that my children could live freely, though ignorant of what the price had to be paid for such ignorance!" Her mother growled and she frowned.

"Mama, you're being a hypocrite." She said, speaking against her mother, who listened to her, "You- You tell me, I may choose my path, but you block a path from me, so I am forced down another, like you say you will not do."

"I say this- because it seems that, even though you are the age to take your natural form, you have not. You are my child, and I know not whether you are one of my kin or one of your fathers'." Her Mother responded. "You may choose to intertwine your story with my own, but it will bring you only to madness and destruction. I oblige you- tie your fate with your father's story, not mine. I have taken a whole human year, to raise you, though you are still a fledging. As our people's tradition, I will leave. You will engrave your own name into the story of history."


Anastasia opened her eyes from the flashback. She hadn't seen her mother once, since that day that her mother changed in front of her, and left her father and her both. Her vision cleared, and she was looking at the underside of Albatros's lower jaw. He blinked, and looked down at her, "Feeling better? Look, I found a nice spot for you to recover- no one comes up here. I believe they call it the 'observatory tower'. Not sure." He smiled, in his natural form. She sat up, envious of him being able to change when she can't. "You seemed at unrest- were you remembering when your mother left you?" She nodded slightly, and he looked at the horizon. "I can feel her…your mother." She looked at him with surprise.

"You- you can feel her? Where?" She asked, and Albatros looked at the horizon.

"Over there," He said, nodding at the horizon, "Can you see her?" Anastasia strained her eyes, seeing a small, tiny, black dot. Then, it vanished in the blink of an eye. "She left…"

"…She must still be mad, since I talked back to her and I was so disrespectful…" Anastasia murmured sorrowfully, and Albatros flicked his tongue lamely. He shamefully hid a cringe,

"I know little of her, but, I feel her at night outsidethe campus. The Teachers- I feel their unease. Then, as soon as she appears, my ears are filled with a painful buzzing noise, and she vanished when I recover." Albatros responded honestly, "If you want, I will confront her for you." She reached up and touched his chin, stroking the top of his head,

"Albatros, why do you think I can touch you, because you're a guy, but no one else?" She asked.

"Maybe…because I am your familiar? Or maybe because I was 2nd person you met before the incident."

"Mama told me, that I can be close to Papa, because he's my Papa. That I can be close to my brothers, because they're my brothers and my step-Papas too. She told me, I can be close to you, because you were born with only half a soul- and you had the other half of my soul." Albatros smirked and rubbed her muzzle against her neck and neck, smiling. "Albatros, please have the type of relationship with me like my Papa and his familiar have." Albatros chuckled,

"Don't be coy, Ana, you know we have a better relationship than those two. It's like a love triangle between your Papa, your Mama, and your Papa's Familiar." They both laughed as she stood up, and turned around- Professor Snape at the top of the winding staircase to the tower they were on. "My bad, Ana- I didn't sense him…" Albatros apologized, and Snape narrowed his eyes,

"It seems…that we have…a Parseltongue in our midst..." The Professor said, carefully choosing his words. "What an odd familiar you have." She bravely side stepped in front of Albatros, who hissed, 'don't be foolish!' but his words fell on deft ears. "Ah- I see that. I know that look. That defiance and rebellion in your eyes. Who's your friend over there? He looks awfully…Familiar…to another snake I've seen before."

"Master Teacher, He's just a snake I found here. He was hungry and I've been feeding him. Have I done wrong by feeding a hungry animal?" She asked, and Snape smirked, as if he had the upper hand.

"What an awful lie." Snape purred darkly, and Anastasia frowned, Albatros looking at her, "Now…you seem to be fond of ditching your classes. I don't know what makes you think you can." Anastasia looked down,

"What an ignorant Human!" Albatros hissed crossly, flicking his tongue angrily, "Anastasia, I will divert him from the staircase, and you run for it and the dorms. Males cannot enter the female dorms." He said, slowly slithering around her ankles with anxiety. Anastasia looked at the teacher- the Headmaster of the school- then looked at Albatros. "I see. Then I will let you make the first move, Master." He said submissively, but smirked and withdrew, "He's a wizard, and at this stage, you can't fight with anything other than your wand, fists, wits, or me. Pick your Poison, Mistress."

"Professor Snape, is there a way we can just- look at this as a misunderstanding?" Se asked,a nd he chuckled, wrapping himself up in his black robes,

"Unfortunately not." He said, Albatros flinching, looking at Anastasia as she focused on her teacher,

"Ana- I feel three other strong people close by." He reported, and she frowned. Four people at once? She hadn't fought so many before.

"Professor, I'm sick- I can't be near any boys aside from my Papa and this snake…" She murmured, "If you could please move my male classmate away from me, then I will stop ditching my classes, I promise."

"What type of teacher would I be if I gave special privileges to one student and none to the rest? I won't treat you differently." The Professor said firmly, and she nodded,

"It makes me sad…to know that I couldn't reason with you, Professor." Anastasia said in a heavy-hearted tone, putting her right hand down to Albatros, who slithered up her leg and up her offered arm, her left hand level with her shoulder. Albatros warmly draped himself around her shoulders and around her torso, sneering at the Professor. "You got it right…Albatros is my Familiar." She said, a pair of bright, green eyes, shone in the dark behind the Professor.

"Anastasia, brace yourself! Another stronger person is here- two of them- I can't tell if they're friend or foe." Albatros said warningly, and she nodded, "Where's the third one?" She asked, and Albatros slithered around the coils of his body that already hung loosely around her neck, to look over her shoulder as the sun vanished and the darkness of night over came them. "I see the third- but they're far off- just outside the barrier of the school I think- I'm not sure, my senses are making them harder to see. Focus on the ones here, I'll in form you of any movement from the third body." She nodded again

The eyes raised high above the Headmaster, and glared down at him, "I see you're having a nice conversation with your Familiar." Anastasia stepped to her left, at the Professor's words, "Did you…inherit…that snake tongue of yours?"

"Are you jealous, Master Teacher, because you cannot hear the soft words of snakes, nor wish them their good byes back to them?" She asked sharply, "Professor Snape, I do not wish to fight with you…"

"Hm…" The Professor replied thoughtfully, before she pointed upwards,

"But, Master Teacher, they seem like they do." At Anastasia's words, Snape whipped around, just as another snake erupted from the shadows and wrapped around Snape, constricting him and binding him. Anastasia jumped back, making sure her and her Familiar weren't harmed,

"Nh!" She murmured softly, skidding back on her landing, almost losing her footing completely. The only thing saving her was her leaning forward in time to counter act and rebalance herself. "Please do not carry me if you plan on moving fast." Albatros told her, "I can move myself." He dropped from her completely, and slithered around her in a large circle, rearing himself up to her torso level. The tip of a wand was put to Snape's neck, a pair of yellow eyes opening in the darkness, just above them,

"HM. So you're the Head Master now? Who knew yje head master would go to such lows to attack a student? You can't fool me- Your wand was in your palm this entire time." Anastasia blinked, as a vulpine sneer glowed in the darkness, just below the eyes. "She's just a freshman, unable to defend herself. Why- If she didn't have that loyal Familiar of hers and a few spells in mind from her father, then she's be completely helpless." The stranger said smoothly, and Albatros shivered.

"The third body is moving!" He alerted her, before a scream ripped through the air of the school, catching the attention of all 5 in the room. Snape squirmed feebly in the Snake's hold, which tightened, making him drop his wand to the floor.

"Be a dear and move that wand away from him, won't you?" The Cheshire cat grin asked of her, and she hesitated. Anastasia stepped forward, watching the eyes watch her like a hawk, kneeling down and grabbing the wand. Then pointed it at the grin, which turned to a scowl, "You think you can take me?" Another scream, followed by a yell, ripped through the night air. The eyes glanced towards the sound, down the stairs, an inhuman growl sounding, "Your move little witch. Save your classmates or your teacher."

"I was raised to save lived, sir. The man in black has no quarrel with you," She said, "If he has committed treason against you, then by killing him, don't you create treason against him?"

"A paradox? Amusing way of convincing me to release him, but not good enough."

"The third body- is almost here." Albatros told her, shaking, "I-It's so strong! I can feel it's hatred on my tongue." He whined, "Ana, we're trapped. It's coming up the staircase. The only ways we can leave, is if we go over, or go out the window, but the chances of success are so slim-" Anastasia hesitated. That's when she heard it.

The squealing of metal stairs, as it gave way to something heavier than it, on the verge of snapping. Metal scrapping against metal, the soft clicking of something metallic in the darkness. She shivered a dark aura in the room. Albatros threw out his hood, puffed himself up, and blocked his master from view. "Ana, stay behind me at all times, got it?" He snapped at her, backing up, and she listened, as the aura drew closer, he struck out threateningly, always rearing back, "Don't you come this way, if you do, I'll fight you to the death!" He threatened, and Anastasia clutched her wand. Two dim lights, glowed in the darkness, looking at them, stepping closer, and Anastasia's lower back brushed against the cold metal of the railing behind her. If she went back any further- she glanced over her shoulder, not even able to see the ground in the dark.

"Albatros, I can't go back any further!" She informed him, and the Snake holding her Professor, swept away from the darkness over the stairs. In the darkness, symbols glowed neon colors of all sorts, and Albatros lowered his head. He slithered forward a bit and bared his fangs, the creature in the darkness looked at him. She couldn't see its eyes- but she could feel them, bearing down. Something in the dark reached out and swiped Albatros, sending him sailing through the air and to a crumpled pile of flesh at her feet. "AAALLL!" She screamed in horror, five long claw marks in his body, revealed soft pink insides. Albatros struggled to rear himself back up, and slithered in front of Anastasia, repeating whatever he had said to the darkness where the creature was.