Red eye: the final encounter

Old friends

I knew it was a long shot. It's been several years since we spoke but Michael and I have history that goes back to the days when Lincoln was falsely accused and condemned of murder. Its so weird how our paths had crossed and for once I had done something that wasn't entirely for my own gratification. I hoped to god he would remember that and help me help my brother.

If it had been arkham I wouldn't have the slightest qualm. I was more than enough to terrorize a few ill paid orderlies and from what I heard some crazed doctors but barmouth was different. It was maximum security and noone had access to the inmates. Noone.

With my career in crime gone, I had also lost valuable assets and contacts. So Michael scofield was my only hope.

He was supposed to have died many years ago, in his attempt to save sarah. But somehow the man survived. How he did it was beyond me. But he seemed to have more than nine lives. A contact of mine who operated from the Latin soils had informed me of this. There was a nagging doubt. The man has created a life for himself and his family. Would he risk it all for a career criminal like me? I wouldn't. But then that was Michael scofield. He would stand by his friends. Was I his friend? , Probably not. But he would remember what I did for him. I prayed to god I was right.

I can't begin to imagine what they must have done to Jon by now. Arkham couldn't keep him or return him back to sanity. And no court would make him stand trial. They did what anyone else would to a nuisance, shoved him in the darkest corner of the city, hoping he would rot in there. End of the story.

I knew I was being a coward back then, when I let the bat drag him away right in front me eyes. I just stood there, petrified. If Jon had been sane I sure would have seen the reproof in his eyes. He would have silently screamed asking and accusing me …

Why didn't I save him….

And I see the same reproof and same loathing in lisa's eyes these days. Somehow my brother had been able to connect with my wife. She saw something beyond his obvious insanity and antisocial psychopathic behavior. She was almost empathetic which was new to us both.

She sees the guilt in me but at the same time she expects me to do something about it. What she doesn't realize it isn't easy. But difficult as it may, one thing was sure. I wasn't going to let Jonathan rot in the hellhole. I was going to break him out with or without Michael.

This wasn't over.

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