A few years back

Damon was drinking alone, once again. How many times had his heart been broken? He had lost count. But today, the pain was particularly excruciating. He had finally reconciled to the fact, that Elena would never be his, his alone. There always will be Stefan. He could still claim her blood, her affection, even her love perhaps. But her heart belonged with Stefan; he was the brother she had chosen to spend the life, eternity with. He new he ought to feel particularly venomous, almost homicidal. But unlike everything he had felt previously, he felt a sense of calm. A sense of utter emptiness washed over him , as it engulfed his soul. He new in his undead heart , this was it , the end had come , there was no point in denying it anymore. He slammed down his glass of wine, looked about his dark room and grimaced. It was past midnight. wasn't there any way he could possibly end it all ?

He picked up his jacket with utter disgust, took his car keys off his table and left the room noiselessly , without so much a second glance. He was done there. He was done with fell's church and its humanity and he was done with Elena and most importantly he was done with life. Slightly swaying, he made his way to his car. He tried to get and put the key in the ignition. But the damn car just wouldn't start. Frustrated , he got out and kicked the front tire , bursting it open. Then he began to walk slowly into the darkness.

He had no idea how long he had walked, his vampire senses not working at all. He looked about, and an strange vibe gripped him. he was in unfamiliar territory. The soil , the forests , the sky , everything looked different, most importantly smelt different. He knew , he hadn't walked too fast , but he could hear the ocean and smell the salty odor of , the sea waves. There wasn't a sea near fell's church. He had come far enough from that god wretched place. He was still wondering what to do, when a strong delicious smell ticked his nose. Blood. Human blood. He instantly followed the trail , allowing his predatory instincts to take over. He stalked his way through the trees, into the woods. Soon he found himself near the shore. Something was bundled up there, something huge , wet , and bloody. He stumbled his way down there. There it was , a human being , all covered in blood , probably in his own , barely moving , and barely breathing. The smell of the blood of this dying man was too overwhelming; it took Damon a village focus. His canines automatically fanged out, but something about the man , with his bald head , and body covered with tattoos , looked so pathetic even to Damon , that he stopped himself in time. He looked at him once again, his hunger too powerful to be controlled any longer. He could do one of the two things a vampire could do to a bloody, dying man. He looked at him once again, fanged out, and bit his wrists. Blood began to ooze out , as he forced the liquid into the mouth of the man , wondering why hadn't he kill him .