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Chapter 1: The Case

Texts received: (1)
Sherlock, need ur help- G. L.

"What is it, Sherlock?" John asked.

"Finally a case," Sherlock answered, as he texted Lestrade back: Where?

It had been three weeks since the last case. During those three weeks, it actually seemed like a year to John, Sherlock had managed to put new bullet holes in the walls, nearly burned down the flat twice in one day, almost broke up John and Sarah's relationship, managed to cut sections out of the sitting room carpet with a butter knife- spoon combination, and almost succeeded in getting John fired. Understandably, John was on the verge of leaving his friend and finding a new flat.

John sighed, relieved. "Thank goodness. Where?"

Sherlock was already reaching for his coat and scarf. "Near Kent."

John stood and reached for his own coat. He opened his mouth to ask for specifics, but instead asked, "Do you know who's with him?"

"Anderson and Sgt. Donovan are most likely with him," Sherlock answered.

He headed out of the sitting room with John on his heels. Once on the ground floor, Sherlock stopped outside Mrs. Hudson's flat and, to John's surprise, knocked. When Mrs. Hudson opened the door, Sherlock informed her, without preamble, that he and John were leaving for the country. Then without waiting for a response, Sherlock breezed out the door. John gave Mrs. Hudson an apologetic look, then followed Sherlock just as he got in a waiting cab.

End of Chapter 1

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