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Chapter 7: More Questions

Rosemary raised an eyebrow as she saw her friend working with two familiar men.

"Hello, Mr. Holmes, Dr. Watson," she greeted.

Both men raised their heads. Holmes shot her an almost bored look. Dr. Watson flashed her a smile and stood. "We wanted to ask you something."

"Okay. What?"

Sherlock stood in front of her and narrowed his eyes slightly. "Did Loren have any other family beside her husband?"

Rosemary blinked once. "Uh, yes. Her brother, Peter Stirling."

"Do you remember his reaction after learning about his sister's death?" John asked, coming to stand beside his colleague.

Rosemary slightly raised an eyebrow. "No, not particularly. Why?"

Sherlock just smiled and said, "No reason." He, then, turned and walked away.

"Thank you for you time, Ms. Boxer," John said, then followed Sherlock.

When he caught up with Sherlock, John asked, "What was the point about asking about the brother's reaction?"

Sherlock shrugged. "Maybe nothing. We will see."

"Where were you?"

"The DI wanted to see me. Did you find anything interesting?"

Laura straightened up and said, "No, nothing, really. Have you?" She bent down again and pulled the rocks back from the rhododendron. "About Loren's death, I had talked to Jack after we had taken the job. He had let slip that the company wasn't doing well anymore and that he had been planning to sell, something Loren hadn't approved of."

Laura looked at her friend and raised an eyebrow. "Do you think-?"

Rosemary cut her off, shaking her head. "No, of course not. Jack loved Loren dearly."

Laura looked at her slightly disbelievingly, "Men have killed their wives that they 'loved' before."

"Laura, now is not the time to be telling one of your ghasly stories," Rosemary said, rolling her eyes.

"They are not ghastly stories, they are ghastly facts," Laura countered, as she watched Holmes and Watson approach Peter. "What do you make of those them?"

Rosemary followed Laura's gaze. "I find Holmes to be a bit arrogant, but his friend is decent."

Laura nodded her head in agreement. "At least he tries to control his friend."

"Why does it seem to me that controlling Sherlock is a nearly impossible task?" Rosemary asked, turning her head to look at her friend.

At he same time, Laura met Rosemary's gaze with her own pointed look. In the distance, a fight had broken out between Peter and Sherlock with the Yarders and John attempting to break it up.

End of Chapter 7

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