Spirit Binding

The first time they met- it was as if Fate has smiled upon him for the very first time. He was a technician less monster that no one wished to know, so he hid in the shadows until she found him. He had gotten into another fight, and lay for dead in an alley, seeing his pitiful life flash in front of his eye lids. The rain was merciless, and so was the wind, carrying the drops down like icicles on his wounds and skin. It was over- everything was over for him. "You're hurt!" He opened his eyes and looked up, lying on his back in a puddle as it slowly changed colors from his blood. She stood over him, "Oh, oh, oh, we have to get you to a hospital! I- I don't know if there's one around here…" She crouched down and helped him up, "Please hold on."

"Don't touch me. I'm a weapon- I'll die alone like I've been since I was born." He hissed moodily.

"But…Weapon-sempai, I don't think you were always alone." She responded with a smile.

That single smile saved his life. Or did it give purpose to his life?

"Little one… you took me to the hospital. What is your name?" He asked, and she smiled at him,

"My mother named me 'Rosanna.' But everyone calls me 'witch'." She said, smiling and tucking some hair behind her ear, "What's your name?"

"…Edward…Are you- a witch?" She shook her head, "I have no way to repay you, Rosanna. If there is anything I can do…tell me." She smiled sadly,

"It's ok. You don't need to pay me back. Not like I have any time." She looked at him, "Will you- be my friend until I die?" She asked casually, as if she asked him a smile favor.

"You are-" She nodded, "Yes. It would bring me no greater pleasure than to be your friend." She smiled happily.

Hah, hah, hah

Edward panted, carrying her on his back, looking around. The Gates of Death City- maybe someone could help him there? Tonight, it was raining too. His feet touched puddles but didn't slip. He couldn't. If he lost anytime, then she would too. He paused, panting, looking at her, "Please, hold on a little longer- I'll find somewhere." He promised, seeing a huge building. "There- it looks like a building of importance- maybe there." He started running again, pounding on the doors. They slowly cracked open, a blue-skinned male in front of him.

"Hello? What business do you have here?" He asked. A Zombie. Edward fell to his knees.

"I am Edward Von Rudick-" He said, looking at the blue-skinned male. "Do you- have any medical staff? Please, my Meister, she isn't waking up. The other hospitals- they turn us away." Edward pleaded, and the man hesitated, "I'm no spy, and I mean you no harm, just- please- help my Meister."

"…We have medical staff…come in…" They said, "My name is Sid."

"Thank very much, Sid-Sempai!" Edward said, slipping in, Forgive me if I make a puddle or a mess…" Sid shook his head.

"It's ok."

-Next Day~

"Edward-Kun?" Someone asked, and he opened his eyes slowly, looking up, seeing a nurse in bandages on the other side of the bed, "You're Edward-kun, right?" He bolted up,

"Yes, I am Edward; please tell me the condition of my Meister!" He asked, and the nurse jolted when he bolted up. She looked at the clipboard in her hand.

"Your Meister- she's been very, very sick for a long time." The skin-skinned, dreadlock woman, responded. Edward looked at his Meister sadly, "Right now, she's sleeping, but we'll give her some medicine when she wakes up." He nodded,

"Thank you for your hospitality and help."

"You were in the rain and didn't properly dry off- you could have ammonia." She informed him, and he looked at her, a student entering the room.

"I don't care as long as my Meister is perfectly healthy." Edward told the nurse, "I just want to see her smile again." The girl opened her mouth slightly, "R-Rosanna!" She turned her head to her right at Edward,

"Edward? Where are we…?" She murmured, and he shook his head.

"You- you got sick. Every hospital I took you to thought you were a witch! I brought you here and this kind lady helped you." She reached up and touched his forehead, "I-I wanted to help, don't be so cruel!" He snapped, getting up and leaving the room. She looked hurt, but lowered her hand and looked at the nurse.

"Thank you- for helping me, Nurse-San." She murmured,

"The Founder of this school would like to speak to you, but I'd like to give you some medicine before you go see him." The Nurse responded, and the girl, Rosanna, looked down.

"Understood. I thank you for your hospitality." The Nurse handed her a small cup of water and medicine, and she drank every last drop, before leaving. "Student-kun, have you seen which way down the hall my friend ran?" She asked the white-haired boy, who pointed to the right, "Thank you."

Edward stood in a classroom, everyone looking at him, strangers eyes on him. "I-I-I'm so-sorry for in-interrupting yo-your class session!" He stammered in embarrassment, the teacher looking at him. He pulled down his hood and blushed under it, "I-I got lo-lost and…" The door opened slightly, "My-my me-meister, she- she's mad at me…"

"Excuse me for the interruption, Sensei, Sempais." The girl said, bowing, taking Edward's hand, "This way, you silly thing." She said, bowing deeply in apology to everyone in the room, before pulling Edward out of it. "What are you thinking?" Edward pulled his mask down,

"I…I yelled at you…because I was scared and worried. Please don't be mad at me." He whimpered, "Y-You are my first and only Meister, I don't want to be hated by you…" She hugged him, "Rosa…your perfume is gone."

"Silly...I'm not mad at you. Don't worry about my perfume. We have to go thank the master of this castle for the hospitality, so come with me." She said, and he looked at her,

"Of-Of course, Rosanna. You know I'd like nothing better." He said, the blue zombie who let them in, appearing. "AH! Rosanna, this is the friendly zombie who opened the door for me last night!" Edward offered his hand to Sid, "Sid-San, thank you very much for helping me. Look- my meister- she's all better. She can walk again." Sid laughed,

"I see. Rosanna, right? I'm Sid." They shook hands, "This way…"

~O~ Shinigami's chambers ~O~

As they walked down the road to a mirror, Edward adjusted his skull helmet, and pulled out a small vial, "Rosanna…I know it's not much, but, I saved some of your perfume." She looked at him, "May I?" She nodded, and opened her arms, and he sprayed her with it, before picking her up, "Your still sick, and shouldn't be up and around too much- allow me to carry you from now on, please."

"That's unnecessary." She told him, "Just- be my eyes, Edward." He nodded obediently as they came to the mirror, a black image appeared, and Edward flinched. "Ed?"

"Yo, yo, yo, so you two are the ones who wanted help?" The black, cloak-wrapped figure asked, wearing a skeletal mask with three prongs. Edward set his Meister down, and knelt, lowering his head,

"I Am Edward Von Rudick, and this is my Meister, Rosanna Dumont. I brought my Meister here last night, and I thank you for your hospitality by opening the doors and helping my Meister." Edward said, and Rosanna stood there,

"Thank you for your hospitality, Castle Master-Dono. We have little to offer, but please think of something so that we may repay you for your kindness."

"You can call me Shinigami." They responded, "You two are an odd combination- could I get a little background information?" Edward stood, holding his Meister's hand.

"I told you our names-" Edward started, but Rosanna put a hand on his chest, "I'm sorry."

"I met Edward in an alley and took him to the hospital. I was- a technician and couldn't find a weapon in my small village, and he became my weapon." Edward blushed, looking up, "I am of lowly status, but I know little about Edward's background. I'm sorry, Shinigami-san." Rosanna said, and Edward reached up, releasing her hand, and took off the bleached ram's skull he worse over his hood, and pulled his hood back, long black hair falling out.

"I- am a lowly ruffian who was taken in by Rosanna. I'd be dead." Edward said, and Rosanna reached up, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Revealing her eyelid to be sewn shut. "I obey only my Meister. When- she told me she no longer wanted to see the world, I obeyed her command to sew her eyes shut. Rosanna- she wouldn't wake up- she was breathing really shallow- and I brought her here after every hospital rejected us because she was a witch-" He wiped his eyes with a long sleeve, "I, I live to serve Rosanna."

"Shinigami-san has a deep voice- like he's been through so much pain and war, but he's got a sort of 'parent' feel…" Rosanna said, "Do you have a son, Sempai? His name is death, right?" Edward pulled his hood back up and replaced his mask, "He must be really strong, like Shinigami-san." Edward smiled,

"He's wearing a great big, black cloak, like the Grim Reaper." Edward explained to her, and she smiled,

"OOOWWWAAAHHH!" Rosanna smiled, "Shinigami-Sama sounds so cool."

"I have a question for Edward." Shinigami said, and Edward perked, "Why would someone like you- choose her as a technician?" Edward sneered and picked up Rosanna,

"Because- someone like Rosanna is the type of person I'd like to marry some day." Edward laughed, "You know the feeling, right, Shinigami-sama?"

"Yep, yep." Shinigami said, and Edward held her,

"Thank you for your hospitality, but we will be going now. Come on, Rosanna, let's go."

"But where will we 'go' Ed-kun?" Rosanna asked and she shrugged,

"We'll go somewhere- maybe we'll play in the amazon. You said you wanted to go to America, right? Let's go to America then, ok?" Edward smiled and she fidgeted,

"We haven't repaid our debt to Shinigami-San though…"

"Can we ask for you to keep it on our tab?" Edward asked, and Shinigami shook his head. "…Oh dear. This won't be good."


"Meister, I'm hungry, so feed me please!" Edward wined, and she blushed, "Come ooooon, feed me! It makes you feel good too, right?" He licked the side of her neck with feral instincts, "Come on, come on, Rosanna, and feed me." She shivered and put distance between them, as they sat on a wall. "Do you need privacy? I'll find someplace for the intimacy of my feeding- I know you're not fond of public displays of affection…"

"Edward, please, you're acting like a beast." She said and he chuckled, pulling her closer,

" 'beast', huh? Are we talking about my sexual reputation? A lot of girls were happy with me in bed before I met you, Rosanna. They called me the 'breath taker'. A bit classless, but I can rock your world if that's what you want in exchange for feeding me." He laughed and she laughed too,

"You're such a perv, Ed-Kun! Knock it off." He chuckled, nuzzling her neck,

"On a serious note, I really am super hungry." Edward groaned, his stomach grumbling softly, and she laughed.

"Ok-take me somewhere where it's just you and me and shadows." She agreed, Edward jumping down, and she jumped down, letting him catch her. The top floor of an abandoned building that had a fluffy mattress. Probably used for a party place by teenagers at night. "Ed…" She murmured, as he towered over her, "Can you…untie the threads for my eye lids?"

"B…but Rosanna, you told me-!"

"Edward…I know what I told you…but I'd rather see a world with only you and me than any other world." Edward blushed violently at her words, and he tenderly undid them, and she opened her eyes, staring at him as her vision adjusted. "Ed-Kun, are you still hungry?"

"Yes." He smiled gently, kissing her neck gently. She slipped her hands under the skull and pulled it off, setting it down on the floor, helping out of his black cloak and setting it down too. He pushed up her skirt to her dress,

"Ow!" She yipped softly, and he snapped his head up, her finger bleeding. "T-The bones of your skull helmet are sharp." Edward seductively licked his lips,

"P-Please smear the blood on yourself so I may eat, Rosanna." He asked and she smiled, sitting up, "I'll turn around." He said, turning, as her bloody finger glided along her skin, and she discarded her dress on the floor,

"Ok, Ed-kun," He turned around and his entire face went beet red, as she laid on her back. His name in kanji and blood, on her thighs, and 'property of Edward' was in English across her chest. "Eat up."

"You spoil me too much, Rosanna." He said, licking the blood on her thighs, smearing his name, and she shivered as he sucked blood from the tip of her finger, letting out a small moan. "I want to be Rosanna's only weapon and her only 'precious thing'. She giggled, running her hands through his hair,

"You are. OW! S-stop pulling on my hair, Edward-san, you're getting ahead of yourself." His gloved hands left her rosy locks, instead, rested o her thighs to keep his legs up as he drank his fill of sexual pleasure. She moaned, "Y-You promised you'd stop doing this-" She said, pushing on his head, trying to make him stop without hitting him, the lose of so much blood made her dizzy. He lifted his head up, sneering, showing off glistening white fangs.

"But Rosanna, this is how I eat. You know this. You knew before our partnership started." He responded, slowly rolling his tongue along his sharp teeth, "That's the price you pay for me, Rosanna. If I don't make you happy- then tell me and I'll correct myself." She blushed and looked away, and he chuckled before lapping up what he had missed during their short conversation.

"Ed- Shinigami-San," She started and he tutted her, "Thinking of another man while with one? What a naughty girl. Aren't you satisfied by me?" Edward purred and she arched her back, "I-It's not like that! He sounded like he knew you- more than I did." "I knew him once upon a time. Now hush, my darling Meister." Edwad spoke, and another well aimed attack on her, making her yell out in surprise and bliss.

"Hehe." He withdrew, and she laid there, panting. Edward pulled her into his lap, her back against his, "Ever since you got sick, you haven't been very friendly with me- I'm glad you're getting better." His hand slipped between her thighs and her leaned back,

"E…Edward…I don't feel so good…" She murmured, and he pulled his hands away from her, all lust gone, only concern and worry on his features, as she vomited off the side of the bed. Blood was mixed in with her stomach contents, and he panicked.

"Aaah!" He yelled in shock and disgust, "Do you want me to bring you back to the school? Or should I bring them here?"

"We've been stalking you two, so don't worry." Someone said, and Edward bared his teeth, whipping towards the doorway of the abandoned hotel room, letting Rosanna hide herself against his back. "You two are awfully friendly."

"Our relationship has nothing to do with you!" Edward hissed angrily, slowly leaning over and grabbing his cloak, and tossing it over his head to his technician. She pulled it over herself and covered herself, "Leave us be."

"Shinigami-Sama has thought of a way for you two to repay us for the debt you keep insisting you have to us." Edward clenched his teeth as Rosanna shyly peeked around his shoulder. "Your Technician is young- she needs training and medical help. If you attend our school, you'll be helping her, repaying your debt, and getting her the help she needs." A man in a white lab coat said, stepping into view. He had a large bolt in his head- a mechanical bolt- and worse large, circle-rimmed glasses. He looked as if he'd been pieced together, several mix-matched plates of skin and other materials, sewn together to make his chest.

"We didn't mean to repay him in such a way-" Edward said defensively, before the man cut him off, "Look at her!" Edward looked back at Rosanna, who panted heavily against his chest, looking as if she's faint any second now.

"She's very sick, Edward. We can help her- she'll get better over time. As she gets better, you'll get stronger and she wont get sick again, ok?" The man said, "I, Franken Stein, swear to you we'll help her get better." Edward hesitated, looking at Rosanna,

"She- won't get sick anymore?" Edward asked Stein feebly, who nodded, and Edward sighed in defeat. "Rosanna, are you ok with this? You're supposed ot be the decision maker…"

"I want to know Edward better…and if I can fight with him properly…I will…" Rosanna panted, "My chest hurts really bad, Edward, and my head hurts too."

"Ok, Rosanna, you're the boss, Stein-San, can you leave the room for a minute so she can get dressed?" Edward asked and Stein nodded , Edward helping her slip back into her dress. "Can I- still lick up the blood that's already on you?" He asked shyly, and she laughed weakly.

"Of course you can. You still need to eat, don't you?" She asked, and he chuckled. They followed the Professor and were asked ot change into uniforms.

"You feel it too, Right, Rosanna?" Edward asked, stepping out from behind the curtain in the nursed office, "That- these uniforms are a bit too tight?" He asked, adjusting the tie he worse, and gasped,

"I-It doesn't fit, and it's the biggest size they have right now…" Rosanna murmured, pushing the back of her skirt down that barely covered her panties, the shirt she wore having to be unbuttoned because it was too tight on her. "The uniform doesn't fit, but my knee-highs doo and my shoes do…" Edward covered his bleeding nose.

"We'll get a bigger size, hopefully. You can always wear something else, I think." The Nurse said, as Edward fainted. This would probably be a rough time- for the both of them.