Spirit Binding

Chapter 15

You weren't chosen for your personalities.

She resided in a room, in her old home. A secret passage way led from the front room to this chamber that she laid in right now, as her children ravished her home. It had been over run by humans, and although they didn't kill women or children, those who fought them were killed. Her hands ran over the cold cement of the coffin underneath her, lath she laid on almost completely naked. She let out an erratic breath. Coffins- 8 of them- all in a large circle in the room. She had her children dig up their fathers and put them in such nice dwellings. She had loved all of them…her heart ached for them.

In her sleep, they had waited for her patiently, before passing to the after life. When she got her eyes back, she'd cry rivers for the loss of each of them. The coffins and the cold floor, the ceiling, the walls, all were unforgiving towards her. She panted, gripping her chest, before she sat up on the coffin and bayed loudly, enough to shake the building. Her children shuddered, before going into over drive. Women and their children were taken outside by her children, before they ran back inside. When it was purged and cleaned, the women and children were allowed inside- if they dared. She, herself, stood up, walking to the staircase leading out,

"Good bye, my darlings." she murmured to the coffins softly, before walking off.

"What of your eyes, Mother?" One of her children asked, and she thought about it, standing there.

"…I will collect my wings, first. Let her keep my eyes for a little longer…let's see if she can handle the nightmares they've witnessed." She said bluntly, "Find my wings. I want to hear the girl beg for me to take my eyes back before they consume her."

~O~ Apartment of Rose and Ed ~O~

"I think…I've fallen in love." Rose murmured, and Edward jumped with a yell, dropping the plates he was holding, "My word!" She gasped, and helped him clean up the shattered bits,

"Wh…What'd you say?"

"I said 'I think I've fallen in love'." She repeated, and Edward's hair pricked on end. The broken plate pieces were thrown away, and she left the room to grab the vacuum to get the tinier pieces so Alan wouldn't hurt himself. Edward panicked. She was in love? FUCCCCCCCK! Name! He needed a name! He'd kill the fucker before she saw him again and play if off like he just didn't want to see her.

"So, uh, who's this guy?" Edward asked, and she blushed,

"Mommy, I wanna go see Crow! I wanna see Crow!" Alan called, running over, and she stopped him,

"Stay out of the kitchen honey, Daddy dropped some plates." Alan hid behind a part of the door frame to the kitchen.

"Who's the guy?" Edward asked, plugging the vacuum in,

"Well…uh…I'm kind of embarrassed to say, but…" She put her hands on her cheeks, "C…Chrona." Edward put the plug in wrong, and accidentally electrocuted himself, "ED!" She yelled, and pulled the plug out, a charred Edward falling to the floor. He coughed up soot, and stared at the ceiling.

"B…Beaten out for my Meister's love…by a pessimistic little wuss…" He said in disbelief, as Rose pushed him out of the kitchen and vacuumed up, pushing Edward into the bathroom,

"Run the water and get in the bath." She told Edward, and Alan followed his 'daddy' to the bathroom. Rose put the vacuum away, and went into the Japanese-styled bathroom,

"Mommy, come take a bath with us!" Alan begged, and she laughed, letting him pull her into the bathroom by her hand. She undressed and folded her clothes in a neat pile, Edward washing himself off with the shower head as she and Alan took the tub. Alan snuggled into her, using her breasts as a pillow.

"So…What brought this whole thing about?" Edward asked, as she bathed Alan, scrubbing shampoo into his curly locks,

"Well, when I was there, he stood up for me from Ragnarok and Medusa. I thought it was so…brave, so manly. Do I seem like a hypocrite because I told him he should marry Maka instead of me?"

"TOTAL HYPOCRISY!" Edward shouted angrily, "Drop any feelings you have for him and let him be with Maka."

"Mommy, who are you talking about?" Alan asked, as she carefully dumped water into his hair to rinse out the shampoo, "Are you talking bout Crow and Raga?"

"Yes, Mommy is talking about Crow and Raga." She answered and Alan giggled as she tickled him while washing him with soap.

"Raga likes mommy. Crow likes Mommy. Mommy should make Crow Alan's new daddy!" Alan said childishly, and his mom laughed nervously,

"WAH! The kid I've helped raise isn't even on my side!"

"Honey, it's not like that…" Rose said softly, and Alan turned around in her lap,

"I want a lot of daddies! Daddies are fun and nice!" Alan squeaked as his mother poked his side, doubling over and giggling like the Pillsbury dough boy. "Can I, Mommy? Can I have lots of daddies?"

"Well, you'll always have Edward as a daddy…" she said, and Alan frowned,

"Only ONE daddy!" He questioned, sniffing, "But Allie wants lots of daddies!"

"Honey, some boys out there don't like me- if there's a boy out there that I like and they like me, then you get another Daddie, ok? I like Daddy numero uno y papi numbero uno le gusta ami." She smiled and Alan stared at her in awe, (Translation for the non-bilingual: number one and daddy (slang version) number one likes me)

"I like it when mommy speaks differently!" He cheered, and he hugged her, Rose hugging back, "I wanna help mommy wash her front!"

"Hahaha, why not help me wash my back first?" She suggested and sat forward, letting Alan wash her back and Edward spitefully turned on the cold water and sprayed Rose with it, making her jump. "Ed!" Edward sullenly turned the hot water back on and continued washing himself.

"I don't understand!" Ed said loudly, "Chrona is about the most unmanly person in existence! I have more manliness in my pinky than he does in his entire body, god damn it!" Rose covered Alan's ears,

"Not in front of Alan!" Rose hissed, uncovering her son's ears, "I thought it was manly…"

"One night with Death the Kidd, and you'll probably thing he's manly too." Edward said sullenly, and Rose snapped 'what?', "I'm just saying with the say you're acting recently. You sure you don't want to be a polygamist? You having the hots for Ragnarok too? The three of us and you and Alan would be a great family."

"What's gotten into you?" She asked, and Alan cried,

"Mommy and Daddy are fighting!" Alan sobbed and they stopped,

"Daddy's being a jerk is all, Alan." Rosanna said, turning away from Edward and ignoring him, "Let's finish up washing and then I'll go to the store and get us all some ice cream." Alan cheered,

"Mommy, Can I have Crow as a daddy?" Alan asked, as she wrapped herself up in a towel, and dried Alan off, "I'll be a good boy, and I'll do all my chores and I'll clean my room- Please, mommy, please?" She stared at Alan, before ruffling his hair, "Please?" He looked up at her with big, blue eyes. "Mommy, I want Crow for a daddy." Edward exchanged a concern look with his Meister, a towel around his waist. "Will you ask him?"

"I'll go ask, ok?" She pulled on a baggy shirt and some shorts, "What type of ice cream you want, Ed? Alan?"

"Bubble gum!" Alan cheered, and Edward answered, "Strawberry." She nodded, slipping a few dollars from Edward's wallet into her back pocket, and Edward smiled as she walked out the door and down to the street. So- who had helped watch Alan the most while she and Edward were gone? She'd have to repay them some how…not sexually, maybe take them out to dinner or something. She sighed, going into the little grocery store and getting her ice creams,

"Welcome back, Rose." She blinked and looked back, Kidd standing there with his weapons, the Thompson sisters. She smiled,

"Thank you, Kidd. Out for ice cream too?" She asked, un wrapping hers,

"Yep!" Patty cheered, "You know, we watched Alan while you were gone. He's a cute kid." Liz complimented, "Very symmetrical, despite his curls." Kidd complimented, and she smiled warmly,

"Thank you- here, let me pay for your guy's stuff, it's the least I can do for watching the most precious person in my life." She said, paying the cashier, "Here, keep the change." She waved to them, before walking off. One thing solved.

I am turning you into something I regret.

Rose held her head at the voice, the grey eyes having accumulated a faint body in her mind, the grey eyes still there. She shook it off, and kept walking towards her apartment. The eyes watched with an emotion she didn't know, but the voice spoke no more.


She flexed her wings, the tips brushing her skins faintly and her cheeks, making her shiver. The other people stared at her, sitting in front of her, admiring her wings as she taught herself to feel them again. "Mmm, oh, how I've missed you." She purred softly to her wings, and with a mind of their own, wrapped around their mistress. "I must tell you all something." Her children perked to the utmost attention. "As you know, each object of mine carried my blood and personality. Well, my eyes are contaminating their host, twisting her tied of fate into mine and making her what she is not meant to be. We must hurry and find her. This fate is mine and mine alone."

"Yes Great Mother." They answered, and she twirled a small trinket in her fingers, back and forth between the gaps in them.

"I won't let another suffer. Find her, my children, but be swift and silent. Tell me her location, but do not bring her to me." She ordered, and the beasts showed her jagged, jack-o'-lantern smiles, before vanishing, aside from the seven around her throne. They stayed close in their human forms, lying close to her. "Now, my remaining children," they looked up at her, attentive and devoted, "Your fathers, those who I loved the most, are gone. I need new mates, and since I have no eyes, I'm afraid I must rely on yours. Go… find me some promising candidates. Some of your fathers must have been revived in my sleep." They slipped into the shadows and left her.

She sighed, "Medusa…you're quite strong, but I am stronger. You can't hide my eyes from me, Medusa Gorgon. Your magic varies from mine, but you can't hold me at bay for too long. I'll rip you in half the next time I see you." She vowed, throwing the trinket up in the air and catching it in her hand, clutching it until blood began to drip. "I've waited too long…for you to ruin this for me." Her leather wings folded and loomed over her as she smiled. "Heehee. Medusa, this game you're trying to play with me, "She licked her lips tantalizingly slow, "Its turning me on." She giggled darkly, touching her lips.

~O~ Baba Yaga's Castle~O~

"Arachne-Sama, are you hungry?" A small man, dressed like a butler with an elderly mustache, asked patiently to a woman who sat in the middle of a large web.

"Not really. I could go for a drink though. Thank you for asking, Mosquito." The woman said, and he bowed, leaving the room, two shadows quivering behind him as the doors shut, to the Spider Queen room. He whipped around, but there was nothing there- if there had been, then it wasn't there anymore. A single pair of eyes watched him closely, and followed him silently as Mosquito got something to drink for his beloved Mistress.

"You can change…You're strong, I smell it on your skin." Mosquito looked around, "Mother will be happy."

Mosquito jumped back, and something froze him in place, encasing him in ice.

"Don't fight me…This shadow I borrow won't last much longer. Come- I will take you to her. I will take your place and watch your mistress while you speak to Her. I will not harm her."

They grabbed the ice block and pulled it into the shadow, a duplicate of Mosquito standing there. They hesitated. "Drink…for…Arachne-Sama." The duplicate said, pouring her drink and putting it on a tray, before walking back and offering it to Arachne.

The other shadow was taken another resident of the base, and the two duplicates met in person. "…Long live the all-mighty mother?" The Mosquito duplicate asked cautiously to the other duplicate, who nodded, "For the Mother." They both said, and continued on their ways.

~O~ Death City ~O~

Three of the closer shadows that clung to Her throne, sniffed around. Death Scythes were gathered at the school. One grabbed a figure with blond hair; another grabbed a red-haired male, as lesser shadows searched for Rose. If the lesser bloods crossed their paths, the bigger shadows would hiss lowly and growl, snapping at them to send them off. They needed a third candidate…The larger one left looked around anxiously as the smaller ones searched the city. The larger one opened its jaws, slinking towards the school. Something made it cringe, before it slinked away into the shadows.

~O~ Medusa's Lair ~O~

"Ra-Ragnarok, stop!" Chrona sobbed, Ragnarok over powering him,

"Relax. Let the pleasure take you over, Chrona." Ragnarok whispered in Chrona's ear as Chrona arched his back, panting. "You're clamping around my finger so tightly, Chrona. Are you thinking about Rose?" Chrona whimpered,

"St-stop-!" Chrona sobbed, struggling against Ragnarok's right hand, that held him loosely, "Ragnarok, please!" Ragnarok chuckled and moved his left middle finger around in a circle, making the smaller boy yelp,

"Hehe- you're such a slut, Chrona. Your ass is loose." Ragnarok mused, the shadow of the both of them growing and looming over them, watching. "You know, when I mentioned Rose, you got a lot tighter. Do you miss her? Don't worry; we'll do the same to her when she comes back. Ah-! There you go again, getting tight. You're so lewd."

"N-No…Le-leave her out of t-t-this!" Chrona sobbed, Ragnarok pushed his finger deeper into him and Chrona squeaked.

"Can you imagine it? Think about her, Chrona. Moaning. 'Oh, Chrona, Chrona, Chrona!'" Ragnarok moaned girlishly in his ear, and Chrona cried harder. "Do you miss her? Is that why you want me to do this all the time?" Chrona hiccupped sobs caught in his throat. The shadow left and found another male- trying to swat a fly with a cat tail. This one was obviously slow, but the shadow pulled him into itself anyways, vanishing as Chrona cried, Ragnarok no longer pleasuring him.

"Don't cry, Chrona…She's fine. We'll see her again soon." Ragnarok assured him, and Chrona nodded.

~O~ Elsewhere ~O~

The captured men were set down in a cell together. The shadows returning to the throne, not too far away. "I see you've brought some to me. Good work, my darlings. Pad them down- I don't want them to have weapons…I'm insecure without my eyes." The shadows poked and prodded their catches here and there.

"Hey, hands off! Where's my booze!" One of them yelled, and the Shadows lined them up gently. One of the shadows taking their human form, that of a girl with waist-length brown hair and glittering green eyes. A few lanterns turned on, in the cell, and two outside to light her up. She held a clipboard and smiled, "You're HOT!"

"My name, is Anastasia. Please," She put her hand up, smiling, "Try to stay calm. We mean you no harm, and you are simply being kept in this cell until room accommodations are made for you. I would like it each and every one of you was kind enough to cooperate. The more cooperative you are, the faster this will be over with." She explained gently, and looked at every one of them. "I know I'm asking a lot, and I may be demanding, but this is how it must be. Are you all going to cooperate and behave?" The men exchanged looks amongst themselves, before nodding to her. "Thank you. I will ask each of you a few questions, and write your answers on my clip board, before I will photograph you, and you will be show to your rooms. Please answer honestly, and when I'm done, you may ask me any questions you have." She went over to the red-haired man, "Your name, sir?"

"S…Spirit Albarn." He said and she nodded, writing it down. "Rank?" "Death Scythe." "Is that your natural hair color?" "Yes." "Natural eye color?" "Yes." "Change you change into other forms?" "A…A Scythe." "Ok. Do you have any family members?" "A daughter." "Have either of you experienced a problem with anything that involved genetics?" "No." "Please describe the appearance of your daughter. You may be vague or detailed if you so wish." "Um…b-blonde hair, always in pig-tails, and dull green eyes." "Thank you. Your questionnaire is over." She opened a door behind her, and gestured him out, a large beast waiting for him, and Spirit hesitantly crossed the threshold. "Any questions for me, before you go Spirit-Sempai?"

"Y-You're not going to hurt my baby girl, are you?" Spirit yelled and Anastasia laughed,

"Of course not! Nor will we threaten you with such things." She answered, and he was lead away. She walked over to the next person, staring a blond-haired monk in the face, before slowly reaching up and tenderly removing his ear phones from his ears, "Will you answer my questionnaire?"

"Justin Law. Death Scythe. Yes. Yes. I don't wish to answer. No. No." The monk answered, and she smiled, slipping the headphones back into his ears, and gesturing to the door, another beast leading him away. She went to the next person, smiling down at them, "Hello Sempai."

"Good after noon." The smaller man greeted, "Mosquito." They introduced themselves, tipping their hat to her and she smiled and curtsied, before writing it down. "My natural hair color is black." she scribbled this down, "These are my natural eyes, I have a variety of different forms." She smiled happily,

"Wonderful, Mosquito-Sempai!" She said, smiling excitedly and writing it down, "How many?"

"4." Mosquito said, and she wrote this down as well, "I don't really have a rank- is that alright?"

"Quite alright, Sempai, don't worry." She responded,

"I see. I don't have any genetic problems, nor do I have any family- I'm loyal to Arachne-Sama." Mosquito said, and she bowed to him respectfully,

"You may leave now, Mosquito-Sempai, have a nice evening." She wished, stepping over to the man with three spikes in his hair, and he blushed, various piercing on his face brightening up.

"Giriko, this is my natural hair and eye color, I'm a golem maker and Meister-less Weapon. I can change into a chain saw. I haven't had any genetic problems, and I don't have family." He answered, and she wrote all of this down, "Will you go out with me?"

"I'm pale in comparison to who you're really here for. Please let yourself out." she said, and went to the last person,

"Free, I'm all natural. I'm a magic user; I don't think I've had genetic problems. I'm immortal and I specialize in ice and witch magic. I don't have family members and I can change into a werewolf because I'm a werewolf." She wrote this all down and clicked her pen closed.

"Ok, thank you all for cooperating." Anastasia smiled and they left.