To:John Pritkin

From: Karen Chance Fanclub

Subject:We love you!

Dear John,
We're a book club on a website called Goodreads, and we got your email off your biographer and we find you really inspiring. We just want to tell you how romantic and touching your relationship with Cassie is, and to express our sincere condolences for that horrible incident with your wife. We know you were completely blameless in the whole affair. Also, while we love the books of your life, could you maybe give the author a little more detail? Say in the shower scenes? And what it was like to be in Cassie's body? And, if you were to feel able to give any details about your feelings about her, we'd really appreciate it.
We are your biggest fans! :D
The Karen Chance fans.
P.S. we really would love some pictures of you. Preferably naked, but we understand if you don't feel comfortable with that at this early stage in our relationship, we can totally work our way up to it.