There it was. Godric Griffindor's sword. Lying at the bottom of the freezing cold lake. Harry needed it. He dived in to he lake. The water was freezing cold. Harry swam down to the sword. He was just about to grab it when he started being pulled up. The horcrux around his neck was pulling him up. He tried to get out but the ice over the lake stopped him. He was passing out and the last thing he saw was the sword shining.

Remus ran to the lake. He dove in and grabbed Harry. He pulled him to the shore. Remus lay the lifeless young wizard on the ground. "Harry? Can you hear me?" Remus asked. He leaned down and put his ear to his mouth, he couldn't hear anything. Remus pinched Harry's nose and tilted his head up a tiny bit and opened his mouth with his other hand. He leaned forward and breathed air into the boy's lungs. "C'mon Harry," Remus said. No response. He gave two more breaths. "C'mon, breathe!" Remus urged. He gave another breath. Harry began coughing and spitting up water. He turned him on to his side. "W-what happened?" Harry asked. "You nearly drowned," Remus replied. "Thank you for saving my life," Harry thanked. "Anytime, Now lets destroy that horcrux," Remus smiled.