The winds of Beluslan were howling down the canyon path, the snow felt like rocks beating against the skin. Karandras looked at the scene. He knew this would be a perfect place for an ambush, but he also under estimated his prey, Dagveans. He surveyed the area and started walking down the path, he eye constantly scanning the area looking for any movement.

He saw nothing until a rock fell from top of the canyon. Karandras looked up and was amazed at what he saw. The tops were covered in men and women. All Dagveans, their eyes glowed a eerie red a sign of their drana use. Karandras smiled and licked his lips, he was finally happy to see these things stand up for once instead of running. Nothing was said between the groups, they started their assult.

Karandras managed to shoot down a few before the majority of them landing on the ground pulling out their weapons. Devilish grins overcame the Dagveans faces. Looks of confidence started to show. This interested Karandras, but also made him cautious. Something was a mist here, but he couldn't put his finger on what. The Dagveans started to attack again and once again Karandras was able to dodge and weave the various onslaughts of the Dagveans. Wave after wave of them came, Karandras employed his Eladrin like abilities, teleporting he and there to avoid being struck.

A ways from the battlefield in the shadows stood a few silhouettes. Each of them watched the battle ensue. One spoke up.

"Amazing, I didn't know Daeva can move like that. So it is true these Eladrins do exist as you said." The man said.

Another man replied with a light chuckle.

"I was not lying when I told you Kalphar, but this man is just a mere foot soldier. What we are after is much stronger."

Kalphar quickly turned his head to the man that replied.

"Just a foot soldier, how are my men suppose to overcome a adversary like that if that is just a foot soldier?"

The mysterious man chuckled lightly again.

"Because dear Kalphar after what I do to your men, there is no force on this world going to stop the Dagveans, not even the Eladrin."

Before Kalphar said anything in reply, the man disappeared, Kalphar turned his head to the other that was with them. He didn't know who she was she was in a heavy cloak with her face hidden in the hood. Kalphar didn't say anything to her he just turned his head back to the battle. Most of his men were lying on the ground. This made Kalphar upset.

"You better know what you are doing, Lord Kruven. I swear I will have your head if you fail." He thought to himself.

The Dagveans pushed Karandras back to the end of the path. It was a cliff overlooking the frozen lake below. Karandras managed defeat all the Dagveans. He stood there with a devilish smile himself.

"Obviously you don't know who you were messing with." He said.

Karandras eyes widen as he felt a thud hit him. He looked down at himself and saw a sword coming from his chest. Then he felt extreme pain throughout his system. He knew he just been poisoned. He tried to look to his assailant, but was in too much pain to turn his head. The mysterious assailant spoke.

"Aww does that hurt the Phantom Lord? Do not worry, you will be dead soon enough." The assailant said. The assassin licked Karandras's ear lustfully before kick Karandras forward off the cliff into the Frozen Lake.