So I finally decided to venture on writing my first fanfic, this is something I've always wanted to do. I'm really REALLY scared! So I ask for your comprehension! *please*

So this is a little introduction of what the story will be about.

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I'm hereā€¦It's here! The chapter of my life that I've been waiting to live since I was just a naive sixteen year old girl, it's finally here. What's gone are the days where I wished time would go by faster. Now I've stopped counting for the years to pass by. I don't want this chapter of my life to end, I want to stay in this moment now and forever. Sadly everything comes to and end; seconds become minutes which turn into hours making a morning become a night, marking the end of a day, a full glass becomes an empty one, a song becomes silent, i can keep on listing things that have an end, even life has one, for some people their end comes quick, for others it's comes slowly, for others it takes forever, some are expect others are not, but we all have expiring days.

I guess if I enjoy every little moment that life has to offer me, no matter how insignificant it might seem to others, then this part of my life will stay with me eternally, it will live in me for as long as my heart beats no matter if that memory is from the past... it will be present with me.

The reason I've longed for this moment so much is not because I had a horrible childhood, because I didn't or that I was unhappy with my life because I wasn't. My teenage years weren't even bad although they were far from perfect, because I did something that will chase me forever and there's nothing I can do to avoid it, to erase it, to make them disappear or to just delete them. Nothing. They'll come and go, like waves hitting the sandcastle so hard they'll completely destroy it, sometimes they'll come as soft foam that will only soak the sand and there will be time with no waves, peaceful times. However, there's no way of predicting when they'll come. I need to be prepared and know how to swim because if not they'll drown me, along with everything else I love. And I won't permit that.

The sandcastle would be my life and the waves are the products of what I did.

The problem is that I am not prepared.

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