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Chapter 6: The Language of Love

"Oh Dr. Cullen I need you to-…" Our kinky little scene was interrupted by theding dongof the gate's doorbell.

"OH SHIT!MERDE! MERDE!"the half naked Edward cursed under his breath.

A few seconds pass by but I am still frozen in disbelief…. Were we just cock blocked by Edward's parents?

I just standing here watching as my partially naked husband is muttering his complains - well more like curses - in French while recollecting some of our clothes that were now sprawled out on the floor around the couch area, where our little scene was taking place.

"Bella move it! Let's go get changed" He spats.

"Rawr honey! Chill okay? It's not like they saw what we were doing, but I guess that if your dad takes a look at you from head to toe, he'll find evidence," I said eyeing his pretty obvious hard on, "and then he'll know."

He rolls his eyes at me. "Isabella you're not helping the situation."

I wink at him. "Sorry." I whisper, not really meaning it. "You're really annoying when you get cocked blocked Edward." I murmur to myself, saying it a little too loud so that certain mister could eavesdrop a little.

The unzipped top of my dress is hanging on my waist and my white see-through lacy bra is the only thing on my upper body. Edward follows behind me and I can feel his x-rays eyes examining my body as I slowly climb the stairs to our room to re dress myself.

My dress is now re zipped thanks to the aid of my husband's skillful hands and my red lipstick was back on my lips and off my Edward's neck. We quickly made our way down stairs to attend our guests, who are now waiting in the front door, since our security guards called Edward to ask for permission to let them inside the property.

Before opening the door, Edward pulls me to his side, wraps an arm around my waist and places a forceful kiss on my forehead and I know that with that kiss all his tension is relieved. I am glad to have that calming effect on him but what makes it better is that it's a reciprocal effect, he also has that calming effect on me, whenever I need to relax or calm myself, I seek for him. It's always been like this, it goes back to college when we were still just friends.

"You look too sexy Isabella. Thankfully it's only mon père." He chuckles.

"Same thing goes for you Mister. Thankfully it's only your mother." I reply as he opens the door.

The first thing you listen are Esme's squeals as she bursts inside to hug Edward, while I greet Carlisle with a hug and a Hello.

I laugh at the momma's boy that I married waiting for their 'mother and son' moment to end to that I can welcome Esme.

Finally Esme turns to me. "Bella, darling you look stunning!" She examines me as she lifts one of my arms and motions me to do a little turn for her.

"Thank you Esme, you don't look half as bad. You never do." I tell her as we go for a hug.

"Bella touché! But thank you!" She says embarrased.

"It's been a while since we have last seen each other, hasn't it?" Esme asks.

"Yes, mother a week feels like a year without you." Edward jokes.

"I hope you mean what you're saying son." She plays along, fake offense in her voice.

"Edward, son, do you mind getting the food your mother brought from the car? The food's in the back seats." Carlisle asks Edward as we all walk towards the living room.

"Of course." Edward replies taking the car keys from Carlisle.

I turn to both Carlisle and Esme. "Please take a seat, our home is your home." I say motioning to the sofas with my hand. It takes just one look at the sofas, for the blush to reach my cheeks, as a image of what was open to happen there crosses my mind.

"So Bella, what have you been up too? How's work going? Edward told me you just finished the script for the movie he's producing." Carlisle asks me.

I am sitting on the sofa facing them. "Yeah, I just turned it in! Now we just have to wait to see how it's brought to life." I smile as I respond to Carlisle, making a mental image of what the final product of my script adapted to film will end up looking like.

"We're all excited to see the final product of both of you working together." Esme adds to the conversation.

I was about to ask them how life was treating them when my sexy husband entered the room with a with big deep aluminum pan covered in aluminum paper along the sweet smell of honey and his two lovely siblings, Alice and Emmett.

Hearing that familiar and unmistakable squeal, I close my eyes because I know what's comes next.

"BELLAAAA!" Alice joyfully screams, handing the bowl that she's carrying to Emmett before running towards me. I close my eyes and stiffen myself in preparation.

And in a matter of seconds I am lifted up and twirled around in the air by a tiny little pixie doll. This is something that happens every time we see each other and this is something I will never get used to.

"Hello Alice." I manage to say between laughs while I am still being elevated by Alice, it's surprising how someone that little can be so strong.

"I've missed you so so much Belly!" Alice says in her fairly like voice as she lowers me to the ground.

"I've missed you as well Ali!" I say as I reach for her hands to take a glimpse at her always glamorous self.

Alice is my best friend if not my sister. She came along with meeting Edward. Ironically we all went to college together even though Alice was two years behind us, studying fashion design. Alice quickly became that true friend I never really had and the best friend I needed. There was something with these Cullen's that made them win my trust so fast, something that seemed impossible back in those days. What was it? I'm still not quite sure, but maybe it was the sincerity I felt in their intentions to befriend me, something really difficult to find or feel in most people out there, since we are surrounded by fakes and traitors.

That's basically how are friendship started, ever since that day Edward introduced us we have been inseparable.

"Wow Bella! Why so sexy?" she says seductively as she dramatically fans herself with one hand and spanking my ass with the other.

"You look stunning!" she adds.

I shrug shyly and give her a thankful smile and say, "I don't know, I just felt like it."

"Well that's the attitude; I fucking love this flirty and sexy Bella!" I try hard not to blush, not that you can control such nature.

"Okay enough with the lesbo comments, it's my turn with her." Emmett says pulling Alice way from me.

"SISTAH! Where have you been? You've abandon me!" Emmett hugs me so tight in his very strong arms.

"I..Can't..Breath Em," I manage to say while being crushed in Emmett's strong bear hug.

"Oops. Sorry I always forget." He doesn't, he does this intentionally. Always.

"Well I've been here and there…working you know."

"How did working with my lovely brother go?"

"Excellent." I replied as a huge smile started to form on my lips.


I slap him playfully on his chest, knowing it will only feel like if I were tickling him. "Emmett, we are professionals, please. Now if you'll follow me to the kitchen with that food, I need to arrange dinner."

Esme out did herself with the cooking, this is just a simple dinner with a bit of a news to report, but there's no need to cook a honey glazed ham. Isn't this the type of food people cook for special occasions like Christmas or New Year's Eve? Oh Esme.

"Edward honey," I shout form the kitchen, "I need your help."

"Coming!" he shouts as he settles his family in our living room.

"Mind helping me by taking the food to the dining room?" I ask sweetly.

"Of course baby." He kisses my hair and his arms embrace me from behind.

I rest my head on his chest, taking a few minutes to relax.

"So are just going to tell them?" I ask.

"Yeah, after we eat I guess. Once we are back in the living room."

"You're telling them right?"

"Yes, but only if you're by my side." He hugs me tighter.

I turn around to face him, trying carefully not to break our embrace. "Where else would I be dummy?" I knock on his skull playfully. He chuckles placing a couple of soft kisses on my lips.

"Ahem." Emmett's fake throat clearing interrupts us.

"I am hungry, so I came to see what was taking so along and yeah you too can't be left alone because you're all over each other."

"Emmett shut up and help me serve the food." Edward defends us.


Dinner was delicious. With Alice's Italian salad, better than an Olive Gardens salad and with Emmet's delicious cheesecake better than a The Cheesecake…- yeah not! Emmet actually bought aWhite Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Wow, that's a long ass name for such a delicious dessert especially one that will only last for 5 minutes before everyone starts to devour it.

So we are satisfied and back in our living room, just giving updates on what we've been doing in our lives.

Edward is sitting beside me with his left arm over my shoulders. I can feel that his eyes are fixed on me, so I turn to meet his bright green eyes.

All it takes is this silent interaction to understand that this is it.

Edward clears his throat and we both sit up straight.

"Well, Bella and I still have surprising news to share with you guys. Let me warn you that this is breaking news, if not exclusive and fresh out of the oven, even for us."

We both giggle.

"Oh no, please don't tell me that you're moving!" Esme panics.

Edward sighs and rolls his eyes at his mother's reaction. "No, mom, please settle down and stop assuming things. That's not what we're trying to tell you."

"Then what is it son?" Carlisle asks in concern.

The always very intuitive Alice is already bouncing up and down. Her hands are covering her mouth, in what I guess is an attempt to stop herself from blurting out the news for us.

"Bella and I are expecting. We are going to be parents." Edward drops the bomb, reaching for my face with his hand and stealing a delicate kiss from me.

A wave of relief washes over me.

Esme and Alice let out what sounds like celebratory squeals while Carlisle and Emmet are perplex trying to swallow the news.

Five seconds later. I am trapped by 4 tentacles. That being Esme's and Alice's arms. Both of them are talking, well shouting at the same time. I can only make out: "I can´t believe I'm going to be a grandmother! Oh my God! I am so spoiling this baby." I had to laugh at that one, It's not every day that you hear Esme screaming Oh my God. Okay Bella, that sounded so wrong…. Yeah that's the perverted side of me speaking...Shut it Marie, that's what I call her. She's really sick.

Then there's Alice, after releasing me from the hug, she started to jump all over the living room, like a bouncy ball gone out of control, clapping her hands and chanting: "I knew it! I knew it I knew it!" "Belly we are SO going shopping!"

I roll my eyes. Even though I really like the idea of going shopping for my baby! Yes, sue me I like shopping, not as much and as obsessive like Ali but yeah I love it.

"Enough, you'll suffocate my wife. Shoo shoo." My hubby says trying to rescue me.

"Edward, Bella…" Carlisle walks over to where we both stand.

"I have no other words to express how wonderful this news is. We are so happy to hear this, and I am please to say, in behalf of everyone that's present here tonight, that we are more than thrilled to receive this child with open arms and warm hearts full of love."

I don't know if it is the pregnancy hormones or just the fact that the words Carlisle just spoke were so meaningful to me but either way, tears are rolling down my cheeks, some ending on my lips others getting a bit father, vanishing on my jaw, but they are running.

I am too overwhelmed to speak or thank, so Edward does it for both of us.

He explains to our family the few details of the pregnancy that we know so far.

This is amazing! Everyone is so welcoming towards our baby! Not that I expected them to reject him or her but this feeling of acceptance towards our little bean, miracle and creation will never get to old. I guess my momma bear instincts are starting to kick in.


An hour later they finally left. I know that sounds bitchy but please, let me explain. Sitting with your always horny and blue balled husband on the exact same couch in which a few hours ago you were about to bring to life a delicious fantasy is not easy.

Especially when he looks so hot in his button up and you're so close you're getting high with the fumes of his unique fragrance, and his arms have you trapped into him while he softly caresses you with his thumbs through the fabric of your little black dress, sending arousing chills to your whole body.

Wouldn't you want them out of your house? No matter how sweet they are towards you and your baby? Because all you have on your mind right now, is this scene of a beautiful green eyed and coppered hair doctor who is offering you all services given that fact you're a pregnant woman and you need to be checked up by a skill full and hot doctor.

Do you understand me know? Yeah it thought so.

Once we are done with the good-byes, I slouch myself on the sofa, carefully taking my babies – my Louboutins – off.

Dishes. I don't want to do dishes. That's such a turn off.

"Baby, I am not in the mood to clean." I pout.

"Not even if I give you a hand?" he says as he slumps on the same sofa.

"Nah-ah." I sing. "I rather have you give me a hand for something else… somewhere else." I purr as crawl my way to straddle him, my tight little black dress getting in the way as I manage to straddle myself closer to him.

He only observes. "So I'll just call Juanita tomorrow." I inform him as my finger explores the planes of his chest.

"Spoiled much?" he mocks me as he places his hands on each side of my waist.

"Oui, mon amour adores to spoil me." I lean closer to whisper to his ear. Making emphasis on the few French mots I manage to speak.

I leaned forward to kiss him on the lips and what started like a slow kiss, quickly began to intensify, adding tongue and a bit of lip sucking now and then.

My hands ran freely through his soft hair, my dress was unzipped for the second time in this night and his hands traveled up and down my back and sides, receiving a little butt squeeze when his hands went to lower areas.

If we keep this going on, I don't think we'll ever make it to our room, much less get to role play, which I really wanted to do.

Carefully I started to pull away, but with every separation attempt I made, Edward followed me trying to close the gap. This man was on a roll, I mean after being blue balled – by his own will - and cocked blocked by his parents, I guess he has had enough, but I rather make this worthy and fun than just a fuck for the sake of getting off.

"Ed..ward," I said in between kisses, "baby let's take this to the room."

Edward stopped with the desperate kissing, lets a sigh escape from his lips but other than that he spoke no words.

With one smooth move, he scoops me in his arms and leads us to our room.

Once in our bedroom, Edward wastes no time in placing me on the ground, no, he throws me into the bed.

"Wow, Chill Mister." I say giggling.

"Mrs. Cullen you have no idea how much I want you right now. I need you." Edward says as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

"Wow, how un professional of you Dr. Cullen, I think I might have to change of Doctor because my husband will not approve my doctor making sexual innuendos to me." I say propping myself up on my arms.

He had forgotten about our little game, because when I called him Doctor Cullen I could see that everything clicked for him. Seriously men really think with their cocks.

"Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Cullen, please forgive me." Doctor Cullen pleaded.

"I will let you proceed but I'll have to tell my husband about your slip, I don't hide anything from him."

"Okay, I'll worry about that later on. Let's proceed with you check up. I'll ask you to please remove that dress and to slip under the "examination blanket" Mrs. Cullen."

I giggled at his improvisation.

"Would you please turn around Doctor? I'd like some privacy." I request.


He turns around and I hop out of bed, dropping my unzipped dress and panties to the ground, leaving my lacy white bra on. I quickly jump back into the bed and under the bed sheets, covering the areas from my breast to my cooter with it. "I'm ready Doctor." I inform Dr. Cullen.

He turns around and I see that his belt is now off and his pale blue shirt is completely unbuttoned but he still has it on, I guess it is resembling the doctor's coat. This man knows how to improvise.

"Okay I will begin the examination. Would you please bend your knees up and spread them apart?"

"Sure." I say, doing what is being requested.

I can tell he is nervous, we've never actually role played, so this is new to both of us.

"If you don't mind that I will need to move the covers a little, since I need to inspect your abdomen."

"Okay." I say smiling smugly at him. I will let him do all the work after all, this is his job.

Once my abdominal area was exposed, he took hold of my waist with his hands and started to work on me, placing really soft and delicate kisses all over my belly. "You see," he spoke in between kisses, "this is how I examine," kiss "this is a new kind of treatment." Kiss kiss "My lips are my stethoscope." He kept on kissing every spot on my belly, humming along with some kisses, the vibrations made me giggle. He's so cute.

"Hmm" He started to carefully lick the area where my womb should be underneath.

After each lick a kiss would come afterwards. "I think there's something inside."

"Really?" I asked excitedly.

"That's what my lips are feeling. They are never wrong."

"Well my husband and I are trying to get pregnant! So if that's the case, we'd be really happy!"

"Well let me know for sure."

His hands started to massage my abdomen, somehow those movements felt really good against me.

After a few more touches his magic hands moved slower. He pushed my legs farther apart and once he was satisfied with the area of his "work space" he continued his examination.

His pointer finger began to trace my opening, stroking it up and down. I closed my eyes shut and rolled them with every touch his finger made on my slick slit.

"I'm just examining." He explained.

"Umm." Was all I could formulated.

I was getting wetter with each movement he did. From just brushing his finger up and down my pussy he began to start circling my clit. Moans escaped from my mouth as he added a second finger. My legs started shivering as the rubbing intensified. My clit was throbbing and my legs were shaking a little more, I couldn't control them.

"Do you like my technique Mrs. Cullen?" Dr. Cullen said glancing at me through his eyes.

"Mmm yes." I moaned.

He continued his actions for a little longer and the he proceeded the teasing by one of his fingers being inserted in my opening.

"I can feel that you're very wet Mrs. Cullen. Am I doing this to you?" The cock bastard asked.

"Yes but please don't tell my husband."

His other hand started working on my bundle of nerves again, but it was two fingers circling my magic button now.

I started to push against his hands needing more friction and roughness. I could feel that my vagina was soaking wet with all the stimulation.

"Ohhh Edward!" I moaned, when he curled and uncurled his fingers inside of me. "Aahh" I shouted as I threw my arms back to first the headboard for support.

"Please it's Dr. Cullen, your husband wouldn't like you calling me by my first name wouldn't he?"

"Doctor Cullen, I want more." I pleaded and he responded to it immediately adding a third finger inside of me. "Mmmmmmm" I moaned to the feeling of my walls adjusting to the sum of another finger.

As if having two finger rubbing my clit and three fingers thrusting in and out of me wasn't enough, I hand palm the hand Dr. Cullen had over my clit creating more pressure. My legs began to close involuntary, I couldn't control it. It won't be long before I start twisting around in pleasure.

With my other hand I began to stroke my tender nipples, which soon became hard as nails. This, plus the rubbing going on on my clit and the three fingers inside of me was the perfect combination. My walls started to tighten around Dr. Cullen's fingers and my body couldn't stay in place any longer.

"Doctor please make me come now!" "Agghhhhh" I pushed closer every time his fingers thrusted inwardly.

"Is that what you really want Mrs. Cullen?"

"Mmmhhhmm" I moaned. My breath was labored and ragged. I couldn't hold any longer. As soon as Edward began to twirl his three fingers inside my vagina, which was possible due to how wet I was, and with that I came.

"Edwaaaaardd uungg" My walls tightened around his fingers as the orgasmic waves washed over my body.

All I could listen to was my quick and heaving panting and….is that Edward's laughter?

Before I can fully recover from my orgasm, I feel something slick and hot on my worn out pussy. What the fuck why is he licking me now? After licking my wetness dry, he placed a quick kiss on top of my folds, and that was the cherry on the top.

"I clean up after myself." He said.

With the little energy I had recovered I shook my head and rolled my eyes a him. "Come up here baby, but please take all you clothes off… I would gladly do it but I am so tired."

"Okay honey, just give me a second." He started to take off his already unbuttoned shirt and then he proceeded to unzip his pants. I use this moment to discard my bra as well.

Once was he is completely naked he joins me in bed. Eager to feel the warmth of his skin on mine I wrap a leg around his thighs pulling him and his very prominent erection closer to me. I take a deep breath absorbing this moment, for a moment I had forgotten about the radical change that our lives will be going through. I couldn't be happier. I snuggle myself closer to him as if it were humanly possible to be connected any closer when you're like this. I place my head on top of his chest and I am able to hear the beautiful melody of his heart. I am immediately reminded of today's recent events. Today proved me it's the beginning of new life, for Edward and for me, for us together as a family, one that I am more than thrilled to start to live.

Tears start pouring from my eyes, landing on Edward's chest. As soon as he realizes he sits up bringing me along with him.

"Bella, love what's wrong? I hurt you right! See this is why I was worried about having sex! We didn't even do the real thing." Edward started to blame himself.

"No," I say in between sniffs "I was just thinking about everything that has happened today. Today was amazing and the start of something new. Wow it sounds so cheesy but it's true." I wipe the tears with the back of my hands as I feel Edward relax beside me.

"Mon amour." He kisses my hair. "You scared the living shit out of me but you're right I was thinking the exact same thing." He said holding me tighter, his hands feeling like feathers caressing my arms.

"Are you excited?" I ask

"Oui oui mon amour." I let out a heartfelt laugh at this because he just spoke his French in a Pepé Le Pew tone. You know, the French skunk from The Looney Tunes.

"Are you trying to impress me Mr. Edward Le French?" I joke.

"Maybe…" He started to plant quick kisses all over my face."

I laugh out loud. "Stop it!" I plea but the kisses don't stop, instead he adds tickles to the mix.

"Nah ah." He sings.

In between giggles I manage to say, "Is this what you call impressing?"

"No, there's no need to impresses you anymore, you already fell for me."

I start kicking the mattress in response to his kissing and tickling attack. "Edward please stop! I'm going to pee myself and you'll have to clean the mess."

"What was that? I can't hear you?"

"Stop please! I surrender."

He climbs on top of me and with a final kiss on my lips he stops.

"You have problems honey." I say as my hand traces the outlines of his face.

"No I don't. You have problems."

"Sure." I roll my eyes at him.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Anything." Edward lays back on bed and spoons me but we are facing each other.

"I recall you telling me you decided you wanted to learn French when you were 15…"

"Aha?" he prompts.

"But I never asked you why… so why such interest in the French language?"

He looks deep into my eyes, making this moment more intimate than it already is, since we are spooning completely naked.

"I guess I had never told you this, when Alice was sixteen, she decided she didn't want the typical Sweet Sixteen traditional party, so she asked mom and dad for a trip to Paris, because Paris is the capital of fashion and Alice claimed that how could someone so "fashionable" like her not been to Paris, so all five of us ended going to Paris as her birthday present."

"Typical Alice." I murmured.

"Indeed. Paris was amazing, such a magnificent city, there's a lot of history in it but what won my heart was the romance in which it was enchanted."

I snorted.

"Don't laugh at my manliness please, it hurts me." He said in fake offence.


"So yeah, everywhere I looked I saw couples hand in hand admiring the scenery, or snuggling while having a picnic in a garden or the most cliché making out on the Eiffel Tower. I was just an eighteen year old back then, but I wanted that and I wondered if I'd ever find the perfect woman with which I wanted to spend those moments with and apparently I did." Edward kissed my forehead and left his lips pressing there. I said nothing because I knew he wasn't done.

"So I decided to study French because for me it was the language of love, hoping that one day I would take the love of my life back to Paris and live with her what I saw other couples living."

"That's so corny but so romantic honey." I pulled back a little to see his face.

"I am taking you to Paris one day."

"That'd be wonderful." My eyes widen in excitement.

"I know." He pulled me closer and started kissing me with such passion on the lips.

As the kiss intensifies, so does our actions. One of Edward's makes its way to my swollen breast cupping in his hand while running his thumb over my dormant nipple bringing it to life. I groan into his mouth and without further thinking I hitch my leg over his making out bodies press harder against each other.

He grinds into me, and I can feel his rock hard erection just where I'm aching, I moan in response and fist his hair in my hands.

"Bella I love you so fucking much, thank you for being the mother of my baby."

"I know and I love you too, there's no need to thank, just make love to me." I ask with desire rushing through me.

Foreplay is done and our clothes are already gone, so he jumps right into it.

He runs a finger up and down my slit to check on me.

"So wet already wow." He takes the wet finger into his mouths and hums in content. "So tasty." He comments.

He kneels between my legs and I know it's his dick that's teasing me as he's sucking on one of me nipples and taunting the other with his thumb a pointer finger.

I close my eyes and throw my head back in pleasure. "Ooh Edward." I say as I run a hand in his soft hair. I'm gridding at his erection for the need to feel some friction and I scream when his erection hits my clit. "Now please." I beg.

He doesn't hesitate as he slowly enters me. This is as close as we can get. The feeling is irreplaceable. I gasp in contentment when he's completely inside of me.

Edward raises his hips and enters me again, as I wrap my legs tighter around his waist.

"That feels so so good baby." I cry in delight as we start our slow dancing consisting of slow up and downs, one meeting the other in perfect harmony.

He kisses me in reply but I can't manage to close the 'O' that my lips are forming.

This is so perfect. The first time we are making love while I am pregnant. He keeps the pace slow and sensual, full of pleasure but not enough to satisfy me. I want to feel more. So I tighten my legs even more so that then when pulls out, his cock brushes my clit.

"Do you like that baby?" He brushes my clit with his dick a little bit harder this time.

"Oh fuck yes." I let out in satisfaction.

My arms are wrapped around his neck as he pampers my own in sweet kisses. Then he turns his attention to my breast as he places sloppy kisses on each of my nipple. I roll my eyes and moan when the cold airs hits my erected nipples.

"Edward… ahh" I call when he hits the delicious spot of mine.

He notes that he has found it and hits it again. My walls are clenching around his dick and my back is arching as my climax begins to form. Soon everything is too much, it won't be long before I come.

"Aaahh Edwardd uuummm." I moan.

My legs are shaking and I start twisting around. Edward places a hand on my hips to keep me in place. "Almost there he asks?" through his labored breath.

"Yes." I say but it comes out like a whisper.

"Me too baby." He thrusts fasters but at the same time gently into me.

I start shaking even more and Edward's hand cannot keep me in place any more. I scream his name out as my orgasm hits me in delicious waves. Three seconds later Edward collapses onto me as we orgasm together.

"I…I Love you my love." I say with all the strength that's left in me.

"I love you too, and I love you too." He places a kiss on my belly, on our baby.

Slowly we come back to Earth and the ecstasy slowly wearies off but I am more than satisfied, I am famished.

Edward stays there on top of my tummy while I play with his hair, just absorbing the love making we just had.

There was something different, maybe special to it. It was like a toast for what's coming next, for the new chapter we just started in our story and with those thoughts of the new family we're about to form I somehow drift into unconsciousness.



"Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour."

(Nothing is real but dreams and love)



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