Title: Craving Coffee
Author: rose_malmaison

Rating: FRAO
Warnings: M/M, sex, language, kink, piercings, abusive parent, serial killer, talk about rape/non-con. Violence. Secondary character death (bad guys).
Genre: Slash, romance, first time, angst, h/c, case fic, pre-show AU
Pairing: DiNozzo/Gibbs
Length: 79 chapters, 322k words

Summary: When he is first at NCIS, and is a probie under Special Agent Mike Franks, Gibbs investigates a case involving young military men who have gone missing. Gibbs meets Tony in NY, and immediately falls for him. A few months later, college-age Tony turns to Gibbs when he's in a bind, and Gibbs takes Tony home with him for the weekend. It soon becomes apparent that both Tony and his father are deeply involved in the case, and Gibbs sets out to help Tony.

Time span: The story starts in late summer 1991 when Gibbs goes to the DiNozzo estate and first meets Tony by the pool. Tony is about start college in the first scene. About 6 months later, around March 1992, Tony phones Gibbs and asks for help. This story takes place in the following two weeks.

Betas: I had several betas at different times over the long period I posted this story, including Ehllenalin, Vicky, gibbsgirlabby - and Combatcrazy, who betaed and helped me whenever I wanted to talk about plot ideas. Thanks to everyone who helped me out along the way.

A/N: This was written as a WIP over a nearly-two-year period, but hopefully by now I have cleared up any inconsistencies. I hope that you enjoy my story, and please leave me a comment - I love to hear from you!

Craving Coffee
Chapter 1 - Poolside

Gibbs stood poolside, within sight of the enormous DiNozzo house. His attention was focused solely on the young man relaxing on a cushioned chaise lounge chair in the sun. The whole back yard spoke of money, from the huge Roman pool with a waterfall at the far end, to the luxurious cabana that sported its own bar.

"How old are you, kid?" He knew how old Anthony DiNozzo, Jr. was. Hell, he knew just about everything there was to know about the DiNozzo family. And from the young man's slow, seductive smile, it was obvious he knew that Gibbs was interested in more than asking questions about a missing Naval seaman.

Gibbs told himself that Anthony DiNozzo, Jr. was just another witness to interview. He was the last in a long line of people who had come in contact with a young Navy seaman who had disappeared while on leave in New York the previous weekend. The seaman, Jacobs, had attended a private party in the city thrown by DiNozzo, Sr., and had then gone missing.

As a result of a growing list of similar young Navy personnel disappearing, and with foul play being suspected, Gibbs and his team were sent to investigate. They had a lot of people to interview and being short of manpower, they had split up. Gibbs got the short straw and ended up on this sunny afternoon all the way out on Long Island at the DiNozzo estate.

Gibbs had spent the previous five minutes asking questions and taking notes. Anthony ("call me Tony") had a look at the military ID picture of Seaman Carl Jacobs and nodded to show he recognized the young man. "There was a huge crowd that night," Tony said openly. "Employees, stockholders, hangers-on. It was private but word got out and everybody and anybody joined in the party. I only said hello to him, didn't ask his name. He went over to the bar and talked to an older man for a while." Gibbs only had to raise his eyebrows for Tony to add, "Five-foot-six, two-hundred pounds, gray hair, mid-fifties, executive type. Not employed by my father. I know them all by sight. Possibly a banker but not a corner-office man. Well-groomed but wearing a Saks' suit from last year's line."

Tony was helpful yet occasionally glanced in the direction of the mansion. Gibbs could feel eyes on his back and knew it was Senior, behind the glass French doors, far enough away he couldn't hear anything that was being said. What Gibbs didn't know was why the father was so interested, or why Gibbs had been allowed to talk to the son alone.

Gibbs waited, pencil poised, for Tony to continue. "The suit drank bourbon on the rocks, the object of his attention had two gimlets in the short time he was standing at the bar. The suit paid for both drinks."

It only took a look from Gibbs for Tony to say, "Yeah, I know, kids shouldn't be drinking, but Dad turns a blind eye. He figures he isn't responsible for anyone else's actions. I figure if you're old enough to go to war you're old enough to drink. Besides, it was a party…and the seaman was looking to get laid. They left the room together and I didn't see the suit again but I remember seeing Jacobs heading for the door a while later, at oh-one-hundred. Alone." He shrugged although appeared genuinely concerned about the missing seaman. "You'll have to ask my dad about the banker in the suit, Special Agent Gibbs."

"I will." He was impressed with Tony's observation and recall skills, especially when it had been a crowded, noisy party atmosphere. The one a.m. time had obviously been translated to 'oh-one-hundred' for Gibbs' benefit. He wondered how Tony would describe him. 'Navy cop, Sears' best sports jacket, old grouch,' most likely. "Where'd you learn to give a description like that?" Gibbs couldn't help but be curious.

"I watch a lot of TV," Tony said simply.

Gibbs had a feeling Tony watched a lot more than just television.

Tony hesitated, then said in a quiet voice, "You could also ask Dad about inviting very young men to private parties, but I doubt you'll get an answer."

Earlier, Senior had answered all of Gibbs' questions. On the surface his answers were upfront and they seemed to hold water, but Gibbs never took anything at face value. There was something about DiNozzo (the elder) that he did not like, smooth ways and slippery smile aside. When DiNozzo had sent Gibbs out to question his son, his eyes had been calculating and, if Gibbs was not mistaken, excited. It was an odd look, one that left a bad feeling in the agent's mouth. Gibbs' gut said that the old man was willing and eager to hand-deliver his own son to the Feds, perhaps to throw them off his own scent.

The kid, Tony, did not look more than sixteen, though Gibbs knew he was older. He wore only tight swim trunks, sunglasses and two small nipple rings. His skin, smooth and tanned from a summer spent lounging around by the family pool, was slathered in what appeared to be a ridiculously expensive suntan lotion; the tube sat on the small glass table next to his lounge chair. Gibbs picked up the lotion and sneered at the label. It had a highfalutin' French name, Plumes Jolies de Polynésie, and had ingredients like shea butter, ginseng and…Polynesian coffee. "Coffee?" The word slipped out before he even realized it.

"You like coffee?" Tony slid his sunglasses off his face and perched them on top of his head. Wisps of his sun-lightened hair stuck up around the designer frames, adding to the aura of youthfulness. He was smiling with his entire face, including his eyes, as if enjoying discovering something personal about Gibbs.

Gibbs was immediately taken with the color of those eyes. They weren't gray-blue like his father's, but more of a green. Probably just from the reflection of the pool, he thought dismissively. Tony's expression was of interest, and amusement, which annoyed Gibbs at first. But on closer inspection there was no hint of cruelty or superiority in them, which, after meeting the father, was what Gibbs had expected. His mistake. It appeared that the son was nothing like his father. Gibbs reprimanded himself for taking the younger DiNozzo at face value.

DiNozzo, Sr. was a piece of work, all titanium-coated steel covered by a smooth, luxurious pelt. His grin was reminiscent of an animal baring its teeth. Gibbs knew his type and was not impressed nor was he cowed.

"There's something about coffee that makes me feel so good," Tony said, making every word soft and full of hidden meaning. He licked his lips, tongue moistening them and leaving them damp and shiny. "It's rich, tastes so bold, strong, mature, and keeps me up for hours." He held out his arm, close to Gibbs' face. "Here, smell me," he demanded.

Without thinking, Gibbs leaned over and took a whiff of Tony's forearm. Damn, he did smell like coffee - one of those exotic imports that cost five times as much as his usual store brand. There were other aromas, too, of the oily base of the lotion as well as something elusive and musky that had to be Tony's own personal scent. Gibbs felt his cock twitch. Shit, he was getting a hard-on over the smell of coffee. Correction - of coffee and Tony. Man, what a combination. Coffee had certainly never been a turn-on for him before and he hoped to hell it wasn't gonna affect him like this when he was back at the office. He'd never been much for men, of any age, believing in looking but not touching. Tastes can change, though.

He could just see himself saying, 'Stan, get me a coffee so I can inhale it on my break while I jerk off.' Jesus, what was happening to him? Pushing his very dark and, thankfully, concealing sunglasses more firmly onto his nose, Gibbs stepped back and cleared his throat. "Spoiled rich kids," he muttered, not caring if this particular rich kid overheard him.

"I'm not exactly a kid, Mr. Gibbs." Tony reclined, stretching his long, nicely muscled limbs in the chair. "I'm legal." Tony made a sound like a contented cat and looked up at Gibbs.

He'd offered the agent a seat as soon as he'd arrived at the pool area, but Gibbs had remained standing. Whether he stood to retain an advantage over the young man he was questioning, or because the view from where he stood was so damned good, Gibbs didn't know. He wasn't even sure at that moment if he was in control of the situation, but he knew that he sure as hell was not in control of his dick. The sight of Tony exhibiting himself in the lounge chair was making Gibbs visibly hard.

He couldn't help but look over and admire Tony DiNozzo - half-naked, wearing close-fitting swim trunks that Gibbs recognized as being from the James Bond collection, though how the hell he knew that was beyond him. The young man was nicely built, handsome, appealing, sumptuous enough to feast upon, undeniably male despite the jewelry penetrating his nipples, and he was way out of Gibbs' league. Gibbs pulled down his sunglasses and peered over them, quirking a skeptical eyebrow at Tony. "Legal, huh?"

Tony actually blushed, bringing an attractive tinge to his tanned cheeks. "I think I know more than any of the kids I met at my college orientation." He grinned, exhibiting strong white teeth. Gibbs pictured those teeth nipping at his neck, marking him, tongue and lips sucking at his soft flesh, and he felt heat rise up his neck. Tony added, "You cannot measure experience by years alone." He waggled his eyebrows and Gibbs had a hard time keeping his laughter under lock and key.

Damn it, he really liked this young man. "Jailbait," Gibbs muttered.

"You going to take me in? I'll go willingly but only if you cuff me," Tony said playfully. He slid one hand across his belly and then lower, fingers dangerously close to his dick, brushing across his swimwear. Gibbs watched, fascinated, as Tony's cock moved beneath the fabric, pushing, trying valiantly to escape its confines.

Then Tony's other hand skimmed up his abdomen to his chest, to flick at one rosy nipple. He then tugged - hard - on a small gold nipple ring.

Gibbs swallowed, wanting more than anything for it to be his mouth on that nipple, his lips sucking and pulling at it. Shit, the sight made Gibbs horny and he wasn't even into piercing or any fetish or addiction, unless you call coffee-drinking an addiction. He couldn't stand seeing that delicate nipple being tortured like that, so he leaned over and laid his hand over Tony's, stilling the masochistic tweaking. "Don't," he ordered gruffly.

Tony, never missing a beat, reached up, slid a hand around the back Gibbs' neck, and pulled him down. Without knowing how he got there Gibbs found himself sitting on the edge of the lounge chair, facing Tony, their mouths meeting in a wet kiss, heads angling, tongues playing and lips and teeth teasing. It was the moan that really got to him. He'd always been turned on by the sounds of lovemaking but to hear another male's voice quiver and whimper when his fingers gently rubbed circles around one nipple, and then the other, was almost too much.

They broke apart, but not far, foreheads resting against each other, both of them panting. Tony's hand reached out to caress Gibbs' cloth-covered erection, and he whispered, "Father likes to watch." It took a few seconds for Gibbs' mind to get back into gear. He tensed but didn't pull away. Tony's eyes were indeed a beautiful earthy green, their natural shade having nothing to do with the reflection of the pool water, after all.

Tony smiled, and Gibbs felt his heart twinge with something that felt like it was a sight more than mere attraction. He whispered regretfully, "Sorry, kid. So sorry." The disappointment in Tony's eyes was almost enough to break his heart, but Gibbs knew he had no choice.

"Oh…me, too." Tony stroked Gibbs' cheek in what seemed to be a gesture of farewell.

Gibbs stood and adjusted himself. "No more questions." He started to leave, then turned back. "Here," he said, withdrawing his business card. "In case…in case you need anything. Call me."

Tony smiled again, a slow, from-the-heart smile. "I'm sure I can come up with some excuse to call."

Gibbs walked away, saying over his shoulder, "Don't need no excuses, DiNozzo." As he headed for his car he was followed by Tony's laughter. Then, to himself, Gibbs said, "Damn it, now I've gotta get me some of that fancy Polynesian coffee."

***–***end chapter 1***–***