Harley and Joker sad love story with a happy end!

Harley was walking out side of the Jokers hide out just thinking of how much she loves Mr. J! Harley's face turns red as the Joker screams "HARLEY GRT IN HEAR!" Harley walks in to the room not knowing what she did to make Mr. J so angry with her, Harley says "what's the matter Mr. J?" the Joker turns to Harley and kisses he on the lips and then says " will you help me kill the batman?" Harley answers " umm ok any thing for you Mr. J!" Harley kisses him on the cheek. The Joker says " Harley go get in the car I will be there in one second!" as Harley goes to get in the car the Joker takes a small box out of his pocket and walks to the car and opens the passenger door. Harley drives to the police office where the bat signal is Joker in Harley climb up the ladder on the side of the building when they get to the top the Joker says " Harley be for you put the bat signal on I need to ask you some thing." Harley walks over to the Joker and says "what do you want to ask me?" the Joker gets down on one knee and opens the box he had in his hand and says " Harley Quinn will you marry me!" Harley takes the big sparkly diamond ring from the box and says " YES YES YES!" the both kiss and then the Joker says "turn on the bat signal my love!" Harley turns on the bat signal so it shows right a above Gotham city park. Joker and Harley go down to there car and drive super fast to the park when they get there the hide in the bushes. Batman finally arrives the Joker whispers to Harley " you kill the Batman" Harley said "ok!" she snuck up behind Batman and hit him over the head with her gun Batman turns around and hits her in the face and knocks her down to the ground as Harley is laying on the ground Batman gets away in the bat mobile Joker walks out of the bushes and helps Harley up and then says " you stupid stupid girl you let him get away!" Harley says "umm sorry!" The Joker stared to yell at her " you cant do any thing right you are worth less I don't love you I hate you!" Harley stared to cry and then she ran of the Joker fallowed her and eventually chough up to her. Harley was trapped they were on the top floor of an a banded building the Joker hit Harley in the face over and over again till she fell to the floor crying Harley said " I love you!" the Joker helped her up on her feet and then kissed her and brought her over to the big glass window and said to her "well I don't love you!" as the Joker said that to Harley he pushed her out the window Harley screamed as she was falling then thud she hit's the ground later that night she was found her body covered in cuts blood every where her face had a big bruise and her face was covered in tears she was barley alive and the last words she said be for she went in Acoma was " Mr. J I love you still!" month later she woke up at Arkham asylum and the first thing she saw was a note that said Harley I am sorry if I hurt you I still love you I hope you get better soon I still want to marry you love Joker P.S. I will get you out of Arkham asylum