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much love

His eyes raked my body and his hands gripped me tightly. Much tighter than needed. He didn't even notice my new underwear I got specifically to surprise him with.

He opened my bra while kissing my neck and then swiftly took off my panties. He settled me on the bed and entered me without much preparation. I cringed as he pushed through, as I always did. It's not that I didn't find him attractive, but he never worked me and I never got the courage to bring it up to him. I was rarely wet enough.

He grunted and moaned throughout the entire three minutes before crushing me with his weight after he came. I put my hands around his back and glanced at the ring on my left one.

Bill rolled off of me and was asleep within a minute.

Guess I'll have to take care of myself again. I sighed. This was getting old. I hadn't had an orgasm with him in years. Yes, years.

We have been together for three years now and last autumn he proposed. He got on one knee, popped up the light blue box and promised me the world. The whole nine yards. I said "yes". Why wouldn't I? There were a number of reasons, but I put them away and convinced myself that we loved each other enough to get over them in time.

Now I wasn't so sure.

It wasn't because of the bad sex. It was because he didn't look at me the way he used to. He didn't kiss me or hold me as much, and the office hours just kept getting longer and longer with each passing month.

I didn't think he'd cheat on me, but the signs were clear that I should at least be getting suspicious.

We'd started out back when I was in uni. He was such a gentleman and he always treated me right. Even my Gran used to like him, but she was easy to conquer with pretty manners. She had told me once that I'll know when I've met the one when my heart will do a double flip when he kissed me for the first time.

My heart certainly didn't do any double flips when Bill had first kissed me. Or even a flip. Maybe a jump and an excited clap, but certainly no flip. I kept hoping that flip would happen eventually. I told myself that almost every day.

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