Title: Your Creature of the Night
Author: sneaky_robot (lps_record)
Rating: M
Length: 4727
Spoilers: Rocky Horror Glee Show
Summary: A Glee Kink Meme Fill: Non established Faberry. Quinn, with a boner after watching Rachel's incredibly sexy performance of Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me, grabs her and does everything the lyrics says against a wall and more. (Except they do it in the auditorium floor in my version, so sorry prompter!) So, warning g!p.

A/N: Hi this is sneaky-robot from . I must admit that I was the originator of the g!p craze where the amazing TheLennoxFan here on and LJ was crazy and awesome enough to fill it. So this is dedicated to her. For those people who got insulted or annoyed because of so many g!p prompts, it wasn't my intention to offend anyone. It was all for shits and giggles mixed in with a healthy dose of curiosity. So for the original glee kink meme prompt and fill go here: .com/glee_kink_

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This much raw sensuality had to be illegal, Quinn thought as she watched Rachel Berry rub herself against an overly cocky Sam Evans who was in his gold short shorts. It was awkward, because he was the only one in costume, while everybody else was rehearsing in their regular clothes or Cheerios uniform. Quinn rolled her eyes when he started flexing his muscles, showing off for her while standing there trying to play his role. They were rehearsing Rocky Horror's "Touch-a Touch Me" number in the auditorium. It was annoying that Sam was there because he was obscuring Rachel's tantalizing ass that was swaying to the rhythm of the song. I wonder how it would feel to hold that ass and have those sexy legs wrapped around my waist, kissing those luscious lips while I pound away...agh! Stop it Fabray!

Rachel was doing her moves extra dirty for Finn and putting Sam's hands on her body since he wasn't paying any attention into the performance.

All of glee club, except for Sam and Rachel, were sitting on the floor waiting for the couple to finish their part and go home. Nobody was paying much attention as much as one Quinn Fabray, her not so tiny friend hidden in her tight spankies and Finn.

It was the time of the month and like every month since puberty her dick made her presence known, especially when Rachel Berry was around. Her dick was not a lady at all and was more like a freaking magnetic compass, standing erect and pointing at the obnoxious diva when she was around. It literally felt the brunettes presence before even Quinn,herself, physically saw her. Hiding such girth was a bitch too. Hell no was she gonna let anyone know about her not so tiny friend.

But it was hard to hide such an appendage in a tiny spanks and cheeleading outfit. She currently was fighting a blush and hiding her arousal with her Letterman jacket. Finn was sitting next to her also trying to conceal his manhood from sneaking out of his pants. She just smirked. Like any person with a cock, she compared herself to others. And she was pretty sure she was bigger than any boy toy in glee club and could probably last way longer in the act too. She was a total stud, at least she believed she was. She was still a virgin both with and without her little Quinnie.

Her unladylike erection was throbbing painfully against her spankies and jacket. Watching Rachel wasn't making it any easier. Arousal and hints of jealousy were swirling in her blood. Rachel please, your giant baboon of a boyfriend probably can't thrill, chill and least of all fulfill you, Quinn thought. Come over here, straddle me and I'll...

"Mr. Shue, I really gotta go! Sorry Rach!" a reddening Finn Hudson screamed while mumbling "mailman" under his breath and running away. Both Quinn and Rachel rolled their eyes while everyone else ignored him.

With a sigh and a "good job Rachel" Mr. Shue dismissed everyone saying it was enough for today.

Everyone quickly picked their stuff and hurried out towards the exit.

"Quinn, you wanna come over for a little somethin' somethin' at my place?" Sam "tiny gold shorts" Evans asked with a smirk.

Quinn scoffed. "No Sam, just go home" she replied feeling her erection diminish slightly at Sam's sight. She couldn't stand anyway if she wanted to without revealing her not so lady bits.

Sam left dragging his feet and bowed head like a depressed Charlie Brown.

The auditorium was now empty except for Quinn and Rachel who was bent over her bag putting away sheet music.
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Quinn bit her lip and grabbed her lady dick over her jacket to calm it down.

Rachel was quietly humming Touch-a Touch Me and about to leave when she noticed Quinn still sitting on the floor having a pained expression on her face.

She cautiously approached the blond.

Quinn became even more rosy as Rachel got closer to her. She didn't want to make eye contact just in case she could see her blown out pupils due to her arousal. She sneakily pressed down on her lady wood to hide it and whimpered at the slight pain.

"Quinn, are you alright? You seem like you're in pain" Rachel stated eyeing Quinn wearily and kneeling beside the blond

"Yeah, I'm alright Rach. Just got a bit of...feminine issues." She quickly recovered.

"Are you sure?" Rachel asked, putting her hand on Quinn's warming forehead. "You feel very warm to the touch. I've got some Midol in my bag if you want me to retrieve it. I'm always prepared for emergencies such as these."

"No, it's OK Rachel, I'll just...man it out" Quinn told Rachel keeping up a front and not letting Rachel know how much "in pain" she really was.

"You don't have to put a brave front for me Quinn Fabray. If you're suffering, let me help." Rachel said, unknowingly putting her hand in sympathy over Quinn's, exactly over her raging hard-on.

Quinn just whimpered. Such torture having her hand so close, yet so far.

Rachel gasped retrieving her hand. "I hurt you! I'm so sorry, Quinn. You obviously are sensitive right there" She pointed at Quinn's general crotch area. "I'm also prepared in general medical examinations and I would like to check your abdominal area for bloating or internal bleeding"

"That's really not necessary" Quinn said, feeling her blush rapidly dissipate and leaving her pale.

"Nonsense Quinn. Please remove your jacket from your lap and lay down" Rachel demanded.

"No Rachel, its OK. You know what? I'm actually starting to feel better" Quinn smiled an unsure smile.

Rachel saw right through the fake smile.

"You will do as I say Quinn. For your own benefit" Rachel said, not understanding why Quinn wasn't cooperating.

"Its truly not necessary"

"Quinn, please."

"Rachel, no"

They went back and forth arguing until Rachel, in a move unprecedented by Quinn, removed the jacket from her lap.

What came next was an audible gasp from both girls.

Quinn, because she was utterly surprised by this sneaky move, and Rachel because she just uncovered a formidable bulge formed in between the cheerleaders legs.

In awe, and without even warning Quinn, she brought her index finger to caress the bulge, gasping again as it twitched under her touch and heard an unmistakable moan from Quinn.

"What is that, Quinn?" Rachel wondered, wide eyed and not at all alarmed. She kind of had an idea as to what it was, but why did Quinn have one?

"Rachel, I can explain. Please don't tell anyone! I beg you!" Quinn pleaded bringing her hands to protect her bits from Rachel's gaze.

"That's not what I asked Quinn" Rachel said, furrowing her brows sort of disappointed that the bulge was hidden from her sight.

"Um, its, well, you know, a lady cock" Quinn said looking at the ground beside her, feeling herself blush all over again.

"Lady cock" Rachel whispered, making Quinn's dick twitch at the word. "Oh, is there a reason as to why you have this extra appendage?"

"Well, once I started puberty, instead of having my period, this shows up" Quinn explained

Rachel just nodded rapidly along like it made total sense.

"I see, and is it safe to assume that at this moment you are aroused? Because, I may not have no sexual experience, but I know penile arousal when I see one" Rachel added matter of factly.

Quinn felt like she was on fire by the way her body kept flushing up, the question catching her by surprise.

"Um, no?" Quinn answered looking at diva's face.

Rachel just gave her a stern look. "You're lying."

"Ok fine! Yes! I am! Happy?" Quinn admitted.

"And what caused you're arousal that has left you incapable of moving off the floor?" Rachel asked, genuinely curious.

Goddamn Rachel and her stupid questions. God she looks so cute right now. Look at those lips. Damn. That's not helping Fabray!

"I don't want to tell you" Quinn said.

"And why not"

"Its embarrassing"

Rachel was going through her head to try and decipher at what point in the recent past was there a moment that could have been visually stimulating and all she could think of was her and Sam's performance of "Touch-a Touch Me". She was well aware of her audience. She was trying to be extra sexy for Finn, which apparently worked, but she was also aware that Kurt and Quinn were also intently watching. Probably both looking at Sam's muscles and short shorts.

"Did watching Sam in his short shorts leave you aroused?" Rachel tried to guess.

Quinn laughed and motioned with her head no.

"But his your boyfriend"

"He is, and the performance was hot but he wasn't the one to leave me with a massive erection" Quinn said now looking at Rachel expectantly. Wondering what Rachel's reaction would be at that clue.

"But only Sam and I were perfor...oh" Sudden realization came over her, a sudden flush arising in her body, and slow throb settling between her thighs. "You m-mean me?"

Quinn bit her lower lip, looked down shyly, and nodded.

"You mean to tell me that my performance left you hot and bothered?" Rachel asked, noticing that her voice was taking on a huskier tone.

Quinn looked up at Rachel noticing her rosy cheeks and slightly dilated pupils.

"It did. You did. I know you're a great performer, but this was something else." Quinn added, her arousal escalating again.

"Move your hands."


"I said move. your. hands."

Quinn slowly lifted her hands off her erection, rubbing her sweaty palms to against her Cheerios skirt and placing them on the floor. She felt vulnerable under Rachel's unwavering gave.

Rachel just starred at Quinn's cock, awed that she had inspired such a reaction on not only Finn, but also on her frenemie. Her ego was well stroked not to say the least, but Quinn's admission had left her aroused and wet. She rarely reacted so rapidly to Finn's advances and was only disappointed that he left running with dark spot on the front of his jeans just minutes into a make-out session.

Quinn had been erect and aroused for at least an hour without cuming in her skirt, and that turned Rachel on.

Rachel was ready to have sex with Finn by 25 but with Quinn, she better have friction between her legs now, or she would spontaneously combust with sexual frustration. She squirmed uncomfortably as the delicious ache between her thighs increased and her clit began thrumming, seeking for attention. Her panties were sticky and wet and she really needed to remove them.

Quinn watched the diva's face and watched her squirm around in place, she rose her eyebrow in wonderment as to what was going through the diva's mind.

Rachel looked up from Quinn's lap to her face. Watching those pouty lips for a second and then moved her gaze to the dilated hazel eyes. Her eyes took turns shifting from her lips to her eyes.

"Would you mind if I kissed you right now" Rachel asked her voice low, but loud enough for Quinn to hear.

Quinn bit her lip and responded, "No, I don't"

She inhaled as she watched Rachel slowly lick her lips, close her eyes and move in towards her face.

The soft pressure of lips on lips was euphoric. It was the most clich├ęd of things. Fireworks, rainbows and singing angels appeared in their minds eye.

They kissed languidly and without any purpose but to feel each others lips, the texture, the taste.

Rachel brought her hand into play as she set one hand to cup Quinn's cheek and the other to cup her throbbing erection.

Quinn slightly thrusted her hips once , gasped and moaned into Rachel's mouth as she felt her grasp and slightly squeeze her "little lady" and began to message her erection.

The kiss began to become more heated and passionate. Quinn licked Rachel's bottom lip, asking her permission to thrust in her tongue. Rachel let her and an erotic slow, play of tongues ensued.

Quinn shifted her position slightly as she leaned forward setting her weight on her crossed legs. She brought her left hand and placed it on Rachel's thigh a little bit under her skirt and tarting to message the muscles there and brought her right hand over Rachel's on her cock and encouraged her to grip much more firmly, causing both of them to moan simultaneously.

They broke away from the kiss, not stopping the motion of their hands, and parted just enough to look at each others eyes, swollen lips curving into small smiles. Dark brown eyes looked into swirling hazel.

"You really did like that performance, huh?" Rachel asked with mirth in her eyes and a squeeze for emphasis.

"Mmmmm" Quinn moaned, "I did, I really, really did"

"Would you like it if I gave you a private performance of the song?" Rachel inquired, bringing the hand holding Quinn's face to scratch lightly over her chest, and feeling Quinn twitch once again at the question below her hand.

They both leaned in to share a kiss and then parted briefly.

"I would really like that" Quinn whispered, smiling and leaned in again to kiss Rachel"s swollen lips, slightly thrusting her hips up into her and Rachel's hands.

Rachel broke the kiss, and kissed Quinn's cheek, then her chin, then she worked her way up kissing her jaw until reaching her ear.

Quinn's breath was labored and was enjoying the sensation of those pouty, wet, lips kissing her face.

"I was feeling done in, couldn't win/I'd only ever kissed before./I thought there's no use getting into heavy petting/It only leads to trouble and seat wetting..." Rachel softly sang into Quinn's ear, fully intending on seducing the blond to give her what she desperately wanted between her thighs.

She let her free hand grasp Quinn's hand on her thigh, that had her thigh in an iron grip, pried it form her leg and slid it up her skirt, taking Quinn's fingertips to graze over the wet patch in her panties, evidence of her arousal.

Rachel moaned and Quinn groaned as her fingers brushed over a protruding clit. Quinn kept her fingers moving over the wet patch and let her head fall on Rachel's shoulder. She then saw her neck and proceeded to kiss it, nipping away at tan, salty skin until it bruised.

Rachel breathless and tilting her head for Quinn to have more access, was trying to gain enough breath to continue singing.

"Now all I want to know is how to go/I've tasted blood and I want more/I'll put up no resistance,/ I want to stay the distance/I've got an itch to scratch/I need assistance" Rachel sang without mistake and without letting moans escape between notes and words.

Quinn's fingers were drawing even more wetness out of her soaking clasped the back of Quinn's neck with her hands as she slowly laid on the floor, bringing Quinn down with her.

Quinn left Rachel's center as she felt herself be pulled forward and half on top of Rachel. She placed her shaky hands beside her head and lifted her lower body and comfortably settled between Rachel's now spread legs.

They both moaned as their groins bumped together in a promise of what was to come.

They fused their lips together in a passionate embrace, tongues dueling for dominance. Teeth nipping at lips. Tongues exploring deep.

Releasing each others mouth's to regain their breath, Rachel's head connected with the auditorium floor with a dull thud.

"Oh my god, are you ok?" Quinn breathlessly asked, worried.

"Yeah" Rachel replied wincing just a tad.

Quinn then started to get up but her process was stopped by Rachel's hand on her arm.

"Don't worry I'm just getting my jacket" Quinn said, reaching to the side to grab her letterman's jacket.

She got on her knees between Rachel's thighs, folded the jacket neatly and placed it below Rachel's head and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.

Rachel's heart swelled and smiled with adoration because of the sweet gesture. If it was anybody else they wouldn't have cared and just got on with it.

Rising again to her knees, she watched Rachel to see if she seemed at least a bit comfortable. She looked that she was fine and got a bit distracted by her heaving chest.

"Can I see you?" Rachel suddenly asked.

"What?" Quinn replied.

"I want to see you, all of you" Rachel responded.

Quinn kneeled there dumbfounded for a bit. She watched as Rachel got up on her elbows to watch her, but seeing the short dress riding up the brunettes thighs spurred her on.

She brought her hand to her side and unzipped her Cheerios' top throwing it to the side.

Rachel licked her lips at the sight. The glimmering shine of Quinn's gold cross caught her attention briefly, then the small, perky bra encased breasts and finally to the defined abdominal muscled that where slightly rippling with the blond's movements.

"Your turn" Quinn said, liking the brunettes expression on looking at her almost naked torso.

Rachel smirked fully getting up close to Quinn.

"Help me with the zipper?" She asked innocently.

Quinn visibly swallowed as she reached behind Rachel and lowly brought the zipper down. She then she removed the dress straps of her tan shoulders and watched as the dress pooled around her waist.

The blond was almost drooling at the sight of Rachel's gorgeous breast that were sustained by a white strapless bra and her flat stomach.

Rachel laid down again but not before reaching behind herself and unclasping her bra. Having settled her head again on Quinn's jacket, she lifted her hips to remove her soaking panties and tease the blond by spreading her thighs just a bit to tempt.

Quinn watched as a set of sexy panties made their appearance down the brunettes thighs. She watched as Rachel toed off her ballerina styled shoes and flung her undies across the auditorium.

She let out a whimper as she watch them sail across the air knowing that the brunette was completely naked except for the dress still pooled at her waist.

Her eyes had never seen something so beautiful and sensual in her entire life and probably never will.

"Your turn Quinnie" Rachel said, almost giggling at Quinn's open-jawed, dumbfounded expression and getting on her elbows again to admire.

She reached behind herself getting her white tennis shoes and socks off her feet. She also removed the red bra she was wearing and watched Rachel lick her lips at the sight of Quinn's rosy nipples perk up at the touch of cool air.

Quinn, then, reached under her skirt towards the waistband of her spankies and released a sigh because finally her member wasn't going to be confined in them.

Rachel groaned as Quinn's length sprung out between the slits of her Cheerios skirt as if to take a peak at her.

Her cock was thick and long but not scary looking. It was a soft rosy, flesh colored with some veins popping out. The head of the penis had precum seeping out if its tiny slit.

"Come here stud" Rachel said, beckoning for Quinn to come forward.

Quinn made her way on top of Rachel, in a heated kiss pushing Rachel back with the ferocity of her kiss. She grasped her hips upward to take off the dress all the way leaving Rachel completely naked.

"You're beautiful Rachel, so beautiful" Quinn said between kisses. Her heart pounding in her chest.

Rachel found the zipper of the Cheerios skirt, and quickly removed the last offending article of clothing, moaning as Quinn settled between her things again, her cock sliding against her wet folds in tantalizing form.

She grasped Quinn's face to stop the kiss an see her eyes.

"You're making me feel beautiful right now" She said sincerely. They smiled at each other with affection.

"Now on with the show" she said clearing her throat as Quinn went down to capture a nipple to suckle and bite, rolling its twin with her hand.

"Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty/ Thrill me chill me fulfill me/ Creature of the night." She sang, her voice becoming breathless and moans, and gasps filling in the song. She didn't know her breasts were that sensitive to foreplay either that or Quinn was giving them the right attention. She pulled the hair band out of Quinn's messy pony tail and threaded her fingers through golden locks.

"Then if anything grows while you pose/I'll oil you up and rub you down/And that's just one small fraction of the main attraction/You need a friendly hand and I need action" Rachel breasthlessly sang, giggling when she heard Quinn chuckle at if "anything grows while you pose".

She dragged Quinn's body up to her again and captured her lips in desperate kisses as Quinn continued to fondle and explore uncharted territory with her hands.

Rachel reached between their bodies, feeling a thin layer of sweat already formed with the intense heat of their bodies. She gently took Quinn's lady cock and started stroking it up and down noticing that her hand barely covered it completely. Quinn's moan reverberated in her mouth as she started shifting her hips in tempo with her strokes. With the tip of her thumb, she gathered the pre-cum that had accumulated there and smeared it down her length to lube it up and not cause any chaffing with her hand.

Quinn broke the kiss with a groan as she kept her hips in tempo.

She let her head fall into the crook of Rachel's neck and shoulder whimpering.

"Rach..mmm.. Rach, you gotta stop. I don't wanna cum just yet" Quinn begged, not knowing how much longer she could take this pleasant torture.

"I'm just getting your...cock...ready to thrill,fill, DRILL, and fulfill me" Rachel whispered in her huskiest, sexiest voice imaginable.

She let go of Quinn, just to dip her fingers between her own legs, gather her own come and further lube up Quinn with her natural juices.

When a warm, wet hand surrounded her member, Quinn almost came at the sensation, knowing that it was Rachel's come on her cock. She was barely supporting her own weight on her arms on each side of Rachel's head.

Rachel, satisfied that she was wet and ready enough for Quinn, and that the blond was ready as well, she rubbed the cock's head against her her slit and clit, both moaning at the intimate contact. She kept the movement up for a few minutes and then placed the head of the cock at her entrance.

"Wait Rachel", Quinn managed to gasp out, barely having enough will power to stop herself from just thrusting in. " we don't have any protection"

"It's ok, I'm too aroused to stop right now" Rachel said, just a bit frustrated that Quinn wasn't in her yet, but touched that she cared about her. "Take me Quinn, just take me now."

Feeling convinced for now, she looked at Rachel's eyes as she slowly penetrated Rachel, both of them slack-jawed, as Quinn's dick was gripped tightly by Rachel's walls. Rachel was a virgin and she slightly winced as Quinn broke through her barrier and her pussy tried to stretch and accommodate Quinn's thickness.

Rachel's pussy, was hot,wet, slick and smoot hand felt 100 percent better than her own hand, having those slick walls just claiming her cock wanting it to go deeper into the hot cavern.

Quinn stopped once she was all the way in.

"I'm ok," Rachel answered the silent question. "Just go slow for now"

Nodding her head, she braced herself to begin thrusting. She laid her head again where Rachel's head and shoulder met. She bit her shoulder as she started thrusting her hips at a slow pace between Rachel's thighs.

She moaned, feeling the friction, making her want to stay in this potion for ever.

Rachel's hand grasped the back of her shoulder blades still wincing and hissing as Quinn moved between. She felt the cock move inches at a time, feeling it slowly get in and then out completely. Hearing Quinn moan was making her feel hot.

"You can move faster now" Rachel said as the burning sensation was giving way to a much more pleasurable feeling. She gripped Quinn's shoulders much more tightly as the blond began to thrust at a faster speed.

"Is this ok?" Quinn grunted.

"*gasp* ah, yea this" she swallows quickly "this is gooooddd". Rachel moaned back.

As Quinn sped up, she lifted herself to get better leverage and access. She was licking and kissing and sucking Rachel's ever quickening pulse point that was beating almost in time with her thrusts.

Rachel wrapped her legs around Quinn, groaning at how delicious Quinn's meat was beating her, sheathing itself in and out at a perfect angle.

"Faster baby, do me harder"She groaned out, scratching Quinn's slick back as she listened to her command, dragging her nails all the way down, pass the small of her back and to hold purchase on Quinn's luscious ass cheeks, and her other hand wrapping around her neck as she made eye contact with Quinn. Both panting for air, moving and thrusting in time and in sync with each other. Quinn's gold cross was dangling between them, tickling Rachel's chest with each thrust.

Both Rachel's and Quinn's breasts rubbing together smoothly because of their shared sweat. Rachel was trying very hard not to close her eyes in rapture as Quinn fucked her with purpose. Sensing this, Quinn, caught Rachel lips between her own until they broke apart seeking and gasping for air.

"Mmm, Rachel you feel so good and tight" Quinn moaned out

"Keep going Quinn! Oh baby! Please don't stop!" Rachel almost screamed.

"Want it harder, baby? Tell me what you...need."

"Yes! Harder baby! God, this feels sooo goood!" Rachel said, unable to keep her eyes open

"Rach..rachel...I'm..getting close baby...I don't think I can last much longer" Quinn whispered..

"Me too, Quinn j-just a little bit more" Rachel rasped out.

Feeling her orgasm and Rachel's coming soon, she sped up a bit more loosing synchronization as she felt Rachel's slick walls begin to contract around her cock. Her pussy felt tighter than before making the friction even better.

Feeling her orgasm suddenly rip from within left Rachel in bliss for a long while, seeing white and tears fall from her eyes at the sheer intensity of it. She felt her walls tightly grip Quinn's cock and felt asudden burst of being filled again as ropes of hot cum shot out of Quinn's cock as she orgasmed inside Rachel.

Rachel brought both of her hands to Quinn's ass to keep there as long as possible in the throes of their orgasm.

Quinn felt that she wouldn't stop cuming inside Rachel as she filled her with her seed.

Their orgasms subsided leaving both completely spent, satisfied and fulfilled. Leaning their foreheads together, they shared small kisses as aftershocks rocked their bodies intensified just a bit because Quinn had yet to pull out of her, her cock softening inside Rachel.

Once they broke apart, they quietly laughed.

"Well that was quite a performance wouldn't you say?" Rachel asked

"I think this was your best performance yet, and I heard notes so high I didn't even know you could hit" Quinn said smirking as Rachel huffed and slapped her ass.


"That's what you get for offending my vocal range" Rachel said.

Quinn giggled, and gave her a kiss in apology while at the same she gently pulled out, making Rachel quietly moan.

"Mmm, I feel unusually empty down there" she said mournfully.

"Me too" she said, reaching to brush away Rachel's bangs from her sweaty forehead and planted kiss there, and then nuzzled her neck, Rachel wrapping her in a hug.

"So what now?" She asked sighing at the fuzzy, warm feeling in her tummy.

"Rachel Berry, will you go out on a date with me?" Quinn mumbled into her skin.

"Yes" She simply answered. "I might as well" she finished giggling making Quinn smile at the sound.