She was gone. We should have stayed together; I should have never agreed to let her leave my side. Why did I tell her to trust these people for a little longer? If I listened to her, she would be here, not somewhere in the now destroyed arena.

What if I walked without you? What if I ran without you?

What if I stand without you? I could not go on.

Now isn't the time to be assuming she won't come back. I know she will. She is a fighter, and is much faster than the majority of our opponents. She will be fine. But what is happening around me? Finnick just took off after her and Johanna, leaving me with a worried/aggravated looking Beetee.

What if I lived without you?

That would never happen.

What if I love without you?

She is the only one I love.

What if I died without you?

She would live, and that's all that matters.

I could not go on.

Beetee asks for my knife and I hesitate, but give it to him. He waddles over to the giant tree and wraps the knife in the wire for some reason I don't know. My mind was only on one thing right now.

You left my side tonight,

And I just don't feel right,

Something inside me is giving off that awful feeling that something terrible is going to happen. But I have never trusted my gut before, and in my head, I know she will come running out of the trees and into my arms.

But I can't let you out of sight,

Without you I'm no one, I'm nothing at all.

If she doesn't come back I will never be complete again. If she dies… I don't want to go there. I have to find her. Beetee is still working with his wire, completely zoned out. I went in the direction Finnick went as fast as I could on my prosthetic leg.

What if I lie without you?


What if I rise without you?

More nightmares.

What if I dream without you?

I don't dream anymore.

I could not go on.

As I walk through the trees, I find a second knife on the ground. I completely forgot that I came here unarmed. Finnick could have possibly dropped this knife, but now I don't have to worry about meeting an enemy. Up ahead, I can just barely make out two giant human figures.

You left my side tonight,

And I just don't feel right,

As quietly as I can, I try to make my way around Chaff and Brutus unseen. I'm behind a group of bushes behind Brutus when I see Chaff go down, with Brutus' knife wedged into him. In an instant, my knife is in Brutus' back.

But I can't let you out of sight,

The two cannons go off and I continue to look for her. No one else is here now, Finnick must be at least on the other side of the beach by the rate he was moving, but I stay off of the sand, I don't know when that lightning is going to strike.

Without you I'm no one,

I'm nothing at all.

Boom. That sound was created almost an instant after the lightning struck the tree. The whole arena was engulfed in a gigantic explosion, I ran back into the bushes and took cover, but still got my back hit by the explosion. Everything was blurry, and I was having trouble hearing. I didn't even try to fight off a giant claw that scooped me up into the sky.

I didn't find her. She was gone.

Nothing at all.