Red steel drabbles

Author's Note: I do not own Red Steel 2! These drabbles will be a mix of funny and serious stuff.

1. Puppy

" Hey Kusagari, look what I found!"

The hero looked up at Tamiko and saw that she was holding what looked to be a small, black ball of fluff.

" It's a puppy! I found the little guy near an abandoned warehouse!" she said excitedly. The puppy started to squirm in Tamiko's arms and she put it down. Kusagari got up from the couch he was sitting on and went over to the puppy, who started sniffing his boots.

"I think he likes you." Tamiko smiled. Kusagari was just about to bend down to pet the puppy when he felt something wet on his foot. The puppy had just peed on his boot.

2. Target

Our silent hero woke up one morning to hear the sound of gunfire and explosions, which were the sounds commonly heard in Caldera. He went downstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee and saw Tamiko making some pancakes. She turned around to greet him.

"Morning Kusa-" She started laughing. He looked at the hacker confused.

"Oh, it''s nothing." He nodded and went back to his coffee. Later on, he was sent to take out a pack of jackals that was seen around town. He tried to sneak up on them, but stepped on a stick. The jackals heard it break and turned to fight. Kusagari got out his Sora Katana and rushed into battle. Before he could do anything, he heard the jackals laughing.

" Guys, I guess it's time for target practice." One of the jackals announced. They were laughing so hard they couldnt really do anything.

"This is the last Kusagari? He looks ridiculous!" Kusagari checked himself. He didn't see anything wrong with what he was wearing. He looked again and saw a big bright red target on the front of his trenchcoat. He walked away from the jackals and hoped that they died of laughter.

3. Reconstruction

Things have been going well since Shinjiro was defeated. There were still jackals causing trouble in the city, though not as much. Kusagari decided to stay and help with things. More people have come to live in Caldera and help to rebuild it. Communication lines were back up, so trade was possible once again. The future looked bright.