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Recap-Fuji POV

Fuji closed his eyes and smirked, "Ryoma phone." Fuji found his voicemail and began listening to the most recent message.

"Oiiiii, Chibisuukkeeeee! Ya there? Welll, Onii-san's not gonna be able to come home can you lock up my cabiinnnnnnnnnn? Hahahahahaha, Ane-san is gonna take care of me for tonight. The address is …..Byyyeee!"

Fuji scribbled the address on a small piece of paper and turned to his team. "I think I know where Ryoma is." And with that everyone ran out the door and headed to the cabin.

Third Person POV

The Seigaku regulars hurriedly called a cab and made their way to the cabin.

Momoshiro was the first out of the cab. He ran to the door, swung it open, and disappeared into the house.

"Momo wait for us!" Oishi screamed.

"Come on, let's go." Tezuka said with a stern voice, but his eyes showed a million different emotions boiling inside.

They cautiously walk to the door listening for any sign of their kouhei's presence.

"Ryoma?" Kikumaru whispered.

"Do you hear something Eiji?" Fuji asks.

"Un, it sounded like a thump over there." He said pointing to a door.

"Eh! So he's here!" Momoshiro screamed with rage, "Echizen! We're coming to get you!"

"Wait Mo-!" Fuji was cut off by the sound of the door being kicked in.

"What do you mean 'wait'? My best friend may be down here!" Momoshiro's voice was angry but tears were fighting to stream down his face, "Stop waiting and help me out here!"

"Uhn." They all replied and ran down the stairs the doorway led to.

"Wha-what is this?" Kawamura said.

The Seigaku regulars just stood there, speechless, not wanting to believe what was in front of them.

"Can you tell me anything else?" The investigator asked.

"No, that's all I know." Tezuka responded.

"Well thank you for this information." The investigator smiled. "He will be alright."

"Yes, goodbye."

The investigator watched as Tezuka's back retreated down the hospital hallway.


"Wha-what is this?" Kawamura said.

The Seigaku regulars just stood there, speechless, not wanting to believe what was in front of them.

Two bloody bodies laid on the floor.

"E-Ech-Echizen." Momoshiro whispered, "Come on, wake up, ne?" He shook the boy's body and tried to smile.

"Ne, wake up, ne!" Momoshiro cried.

"Fuji!" Eiji yelled, "What's wrong Fuji! Are you okay?"

Fuji had fallen because of the sight. "Is, is that really Ryoma? That isn't him, right? That is some other boy right?" Fuji cried.

"Fuji, it's okay, Ochibi will be just fine!" Eiji said with tears running down his face.

"I'm calling an ambulance." Tezuka said, "Oishi, try to get Echizen and woman awake and responsive. I will be back."

With that Tezuka left and phoned the police. He came back to the bloody room and found the players surrounding Ryoma's body.

Tezuka feared the worse and his lips became dry. He found he was unable to speak and watched with agony. He wanted to know but at the same time he didn't.

"How….is….Na….na…ko…" Croaked a small voice.

"She is alright but you need to stop talking." Fuji said in a calm voice but tears continued to stream down his face.

"CAPTAIN!" Eiji yelled at him.

"What is it Eiji?" The color was returning to Tezuka's face.

"You looked pale, are you alright?" Oishi asked worriedly.

"Yea, I'm fine. I think I am just a bit tired. I think I'll head home."

"Ne, Captain, we're gonna have a welcome home party for Ochibi tomorrow at his house, your coming right?" Eiji asked nervously.

"Yea, why wouldn't I?" Tezuka question.

"Oh, uh, no reason! I, uh, guess we'll see you there!" Oishi ask. He grabbed Eiji and darted toward the exit.

Everyone knew Tezuka had been a little off since the incident. No one could blame him! I mean, finding your friend brutally beaten in a cellar isn't going to brighten anyone's day.

"Okay, Ryoma, say aahhhhh," Fuji smiled with a peeled apple slice in his hand.

"I don't wanna." Ryoma said facing the other direction.

"Come one Ryoma! I want to feed you, please," Fuji pleaded with his blue eyes.

Ryoma just can't resist them! "Nnn, ahh," and with that Fuji put the apple slice in his mouth.

"Now that wasn't so hard." He smiled, oh he loved teasing his Ryoma.

With pink tinted cheeks Ryoma said "It's good."

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