Let´s get hitched

"I heard through the grapevine that they will only promote someone who´s married." Quinn said depressed and took another big gulp of her beer.

It was Friday night and she was sitting in her favorite bar just a few blocks away from the office she was working at and her apartment.

"Well, you still have two months. Find someone to marry and you´ll get the job." Tina replied like it was the easiest task ever.

Quinn just looked at her friend as if she was crazy. "Who in their right mind would marry me after such a short time?"

"Mhm, true. Then you´ll have to find someone who you already know. What about Steven? He wanted to marry you."

She had dated Steven for not even three months and had dumped him when he started talking about marriage and kids and a house in the suburbs.

"And I didn´t want him. That hasn´t changed." Quinn said, quickly dismissing the idea.

"Well considering you haven´t really dated much during the last years, you don´t exactly have a wide choice."

Unfortunately Tina was right.

Quinn could count the people she had dated after high school on one hand, and the three people she had one night stands with weren´t exactly marriage-material either.

"There has to be someone, otherwise that suck-up Landon will become junior partner." She said, going through all the people she knew or had been with in her mind.

A moment later they both looked towards the entrance of the bar where Santana had just entered.

"It doesn´t have to be a guy, right?" Tina asked, her thoughts already running wild.

"Don´t think so," her blonde friend mumbled, not really liking where this was going.

"Well you do hook up with her on a regular basis," Tina mused. "She´s not bad on the eyes, you´ve known her for years, and somehow she can charm every person living on this planet if she wants to. Plus she´s financially independent, doesn´t think of marriage as something holy and she´s single."

"And a fucking goddess in bed," Quinn added while still staring at the ex-Cheerio.

Tina chuckled. "Well, then I think we found our candidate."

"Did you know that she´s a really good cook too?"

The Asian mustered Quinn for a moment. "Okay, is it possible that you are in love with her or something?"

Quinn scoffed. "Please, who would fall in love with Santana-I-don´t-say-no-Lopez?"

"Well, if you ask me like that I´d say you." Tina answered honestly.

They stopped talking for a moment when Santana walked up to their table to say hello.

"Yo, Fabray, you coming over later?" She asked with a cocky grin. "Hey Tee."

"Hi Santana." Tina said and waved back.

Despite the fact that Santana still seemed to be unable to go a week without sex, she had turned out to be a good friend and rather fun to hang out with.

Quinn just nodded and then watched Santana walk over to the pool table to start a game with one of her friends; she leaned over the table to take her first shot-

"Hey, you still with me?"

"Huh, yeah, yeah." Quinn said, not taking her eyes of Santana´s behind.

Tina just rolled her eyes and ordered another beer for herself and her very busy friend.

"So, mine or yours?" Santana asked two hours later when she joined Quinn and Tina at their table.

"Your place." Quinn answered automatically. "You want another drink before we leave?"

"No, you know I don´t like to be buzzed when we have sex. You´re too special for that." The Latina said with a wink. "Plus, I have to be at work tomorrow morning at seven."

"Well, unlike workaholics like you, I have Saturdays off, so I´ll get another drink." Quinn replied and got up to walk over to the bar. "Don´t you leave without me." She threw back over her shoulder.

"Never!" The Latina called back with a smile. "So, Tee, you wanna check out this new club next Friday? I could get us in for free." She said and handed Tina a bright flyer.

"Sure, if you´re paying."

"Somehow I end up spending all that hard earned money on my friends."

"That´s ´cause you love us." Tina said nonchalantly.

"Sorry, Tee, but I only love the blonde ones."

Twenty minutes later Santana and Quinn left the bar hand in hand, and when the blonde looked back her old friend gave her two thumps up and a wide grin.

Tina was obviously having way too much fun with this.

"The worst thing that can happen is you don´t get the job and get a divorce." Tina told her during lunch a few days later. "Wouldn´t be the end of the world and who knows maybe you´d even end up being happy together," she continued. "That would actually be kind of romantic."

It was another week later when Quinn found herself once again in Santana´s bed.

She heard the Latina in the bathroom, singing to whatever song was playing on the radio and probably even dancing to the music (she had first-hand knowledge), while showering.

There were only six weeks left till it would be decided who got the job and as Tina had told her very clearly the night before, she had to finally make a move. After all she had to get married and introduce Santana to her boss before the deadline.

She was lost in her thoughts as she lay on the comfortable mattress on a Wednesday morning and stared at the ceiling of Santana´s bedroom.

Quinn had never told Santana that she was the only woman she had ever slept with, and she didn´t know whether the Latina knew or even cared.

It was kind of crazy, wanting to marry her simply to get a job, but it wasn´t like she didn´t like Santana. She wouldn´t be sleeping with her if that was the case.

It was quite the opposite actually.

She probably liked the Latina a little too much to consider her just a regular hook-up, and it wasn´t like she was sleeping or even dating other people anyways.

Tina, nowadays her best friend, got along well with Santana, which was important for her since she didn´t want to be with someone her friends didn´t like.

And the Latina still had the figure of a cheerleader, though unfortunately she was just as promiscuous, at least as far as Quinn knew.

But even though she knew that Santana was far from perfect, she could still see her as her wife, introducing her to her boss who would surely be charmed by her, which would give her an advantage over that Landon guy and his boring wife Kelly.

Though only marrying her to get a job did sound kind of cruel or immoral… then again, if she was honest with herself, it wasn´t the only reason. She always had a thing for the Latina, something she hadn´t figure out until she was twenty-seven. But she knew that the feelings had always been there; she thought it might even be love.

However, why would someone like Santana marry her? She didn´t need the money, she wasn´t hopelessly in love with Quinn, she didn´t need a residence permit… in fact she could only hope that Santana was a good person, who would be okay with a marriage of convenience to help out an old friend, who she happened to have sex with several times a month.

Even in her head it sounded like a stupid idea.

She was startled when Santana suddenly jumped back into bed with her and rolled over to lie on her side.

"Hey." She grinned, freshly showered and with her hair still wet. "You want some coffee?"

Quinn shook her head.

"Breakfast? I could make pancakes." Santana continued, sneakily pulling down the comforter to reveal Quinn´s naked chest.

"I should get dressed. I have to be at work in an hour."

The Latina pouted at her and leaned down to place a soft kiss right above Quinn´s left breast.

"Fine, be a spoilsport."

She watched the blonde get out of bed and search the room for her things.

"Do you mind me borrowing some of your clothes?" Quinn asked her, already standing in front of the wardrobe.

"Take whatever you need." Santana replied nonchalantly and stretched on her bed. "Want me to pick you up from work today? I could cook us some dinner and we could have some more fun."


"Q, are you alright? Normally you´re not this distracted while we have sex."

It almost scared her how much the thought of having Santana hover over her like that for years to come appealed to her.

"Yeah, I´m fine. Just thinking… sorry."

"Do you… like want to talk about it?" Santana asked awkwardly and got off of Quinn to lie beside her. "`Cause I could listen. I mean, I know I´m not the best when it comes to feelings and stuff, but if something´s bothering you… I´m here."

"It´s okay, but do you mind if we just sleep tonight?" Quinn asked, almost afraid of the answer.

Santana wouldn´t throw her out of her bed just because for once she wasn´t in the mood for sex, right?

"Okay, babe."

Santana kissed her softly on the lips, several times, and then turned over to turn off the lights, before she put an arm around Quinn, spooning her. "Good night."

Yep, Quinn could definitely see herself sleeping in these arms for the rest of her life.

It was another Saturday when Quinn decided to finally ask Santana to marry her. Tina was over for coffee and she hoped that her best friend would somehow support her or at least make sure she didn´t make a total ass out of herself.

She had slept over at Santana´s four days in a row, which meant that according to lesbian law they were engaged anyways, right?

"I want to propose something to you." Quinn started, nervously fidgeting with her coffee cup.

"Quite literally." Tina mumbled amused.

This was the first proposal she ever got to witness and from what she could tell it would be a fun one.

Santana groaned. "Last time I heard that I ended up having a threesome," she said and eyed both Quinn and Tina suspiciously. "So what is it?"

After she shook the thought of Santana and two other people out of her head, Quinn began her not really well prepared speech. "I want a better job and I can only get it if I´m married. So, would you, I mean, will you, are you okay with being, like, my wife?"

Quinn and Tina both looked at Santana expectantly after Quinn had finished her very, very short explanation and stuttered something similar to a proposal.

"She means as in officially married." Tina tried to help out, but she only got a glare from her friend.

The Latina had a scowl on her face and seemed to be thinking about what she´d just heard.

She didn´t look particularly ecstatic.

After another minute she finally took a deep breath.

"I´m not wearing a ring, a tux, or a big white dress; but yeah, I'll marry you, Fabray." She said more or less unfazed and took another sip of her coffee. Obviously agreeing to a spontaneous marriage, wasn´t something that could shock Santana.

"And what do you want in return?" The blonde asked suspiciously, this was too easy.

It wasn´t like Santana to help someone out without getting a reward.

"Nothing, I mean I get you and you will continue having sex with me, right?" Santana asked and started eating a cookie.

Quinn nodded blushing.

"Well, then the deal is sealed, but just so you know, once you stop putting out I´ll fill for divorce." She said. "And now come on; give me a kiss,[i] fiancé[/i]."

"Aw, that´s so cute." Tina gushed from her seat on the kitchen counter, shamelessly watching her two friends make out.

"We will both keep our names and I won´t start calling you honey or some shit, okay?" Santana said and stepped away from her new fiancé to get some more sweets.

"That´s fine… cookie." Quinn replied with a grin.

Santana just glared at her while hitting a laughing Tina repeatedly on the arm.

They got married two weeks later, on a Monday during their lunch breaks.

Santana was wearing some old jeans and flip flops, but at least had the decency to wear a really nice top for her own wedding and after Quinn had hit her on the head she even took of her sunglasses, mumbling about domestic abuse and getting a lawyer.

The only guest was Tina and she like Quinn wore a pretty little dress, which she might or might not have kept from one of their old Glee numbers. (She was overjoyed when she realized it still fit.)

After the ceremony they had lunch together and Tina couldn´t stop calling them Misses and Misses.

She told everybody who wanted to hear that her two friends had just gotten married after having known each other since pre-school and how romantic it was that they finally got it right and got married. The fact that it was more for business related reasons than anything else she kept to herself.

The ring Quinn had gotten despite Santana´s protest stayed on her finger for exactly twelve hours before she took it off and put it on her necklace, where she promised her [i]wife[/i] to always keep it.

Santana for her part still didn´t know what all the commotion was about when it came to weddings and marriage.

Sure, she was legally married now, but she still flirted with other people, she insisted on keeping her apartment (even though as she noticed months later, they mostly spent their free time together at Quinn´s place), despite all of her wife´s pleading and begging she refused to get a pet (the spiders she sometimes had to kill were enough for her and she had conveniently gotten rid of Quinn´s fish), and when people asked her who Quinn was she still introduced her as [i]the best fuck I´ve ever had[/i], only now she added [i]and my wife[/i] (for some reason that always made people laugh).

Her mamí on the other hand… she did care and after she had gotten over the initial shock of not having been invited to her own daughter's wedding, she made them come back to Lima for a few days and gave them a proper reception, where Santana got so drunk she almost slept with the bar tender instead of her wife. ("What? She was blonde and fucking hot, how was I supposed to tell the difference?")

Quinn thought she´d made a pretty good deal.

Her paycheck had doubled over night when she got the promotion, she finally had the job she always wanted, could afford the car she´d dreamed about for years… and she had a wife who looked pretty fucking hot in a bikini, which was a nice bonus since they spend their vacation (Santana refused to call it their –much delayed– honeymoon) on Barbados.

"Okay, so we´ve spend exactly three hours and forty-seven minutes at the beach, can we go back to our room now and have some more sex? Seeing you half-naked without being able to touch you is torture." Santana complained from the deck chair closest to her.

"We haven´t even eaten yet." Quinn replied without opening her eyes. She wanted to pretend they were a normal couple for at least a few hours before Santana once again had her way with her.

"Room Service," was all Santana said and the blonde knew her wife was pouting like a five year old. "We´re not even married for a year and I already don´t get enough sex." Santana huffed and puffed next to her, when Quinn didn´t react. "I have needs you know. And right now I need you between my legs or the other way around, I actually don´t care as long as we´re both naked."

"Fine, come here," Quinn said with an eye roll and lazily lifted one of her arms.

Santana was half on top of her within a second. "Sex in public?" She asked excited.

"No, but cuddling in public."

Santana´s face fell. "At least some making out? Por favor, cariño."

"It´s unfair if you start talking in Spanish and all sultry… but I´ll think about it… cookie." Quinn replied, basking in the feeling of Santana´s warm skin against her own.

"Stop calling me cookie." The Latina told her mildly annoyed and probably for the millionth time since they got married.

"But you are my cookie."

Santana made another displeased noise. "I hate you."

"No, you don´t… on some days I even think you love me."

"Keep dreaming, Fabray."

"You can´t fool me." Quinn sing sang amused and Santana didn´t even try to hide her smile.

For a few minutes the Latina seemed to be content with just cuddling her wife and the soft caresses on her back.

But of course that wasn´t enough.

Trying to be sneaky Santana started to kiss down Quinn´s jaw, occasionally licking and sucking the soft skin.

"I love you, cookie." Quinn moaned with a teasing smile on her lips.

"Will you shut up, mud pie?" Santana said, pulling back a little.

"If you´re a cookie and I`m a mud pie then what would that make our kids?"

"Thankfully I can´t get you pregnant, so we will never have to find out." Before the blonde could say anything else, Santana decided that being sneaky wasn´t the way to go and started a more direct approach; which meant she would just kiss her wife till she gave in.

Quinn kept up her resistance for exactly seven minutes, something she considered to be a record, before she cave in to Santana.

"Okay, you win, let´s get back to the room."

As Quinn watched Santana skip back towards the hotel in her tiny bikini (actually she was only staring at her ass), she couldn´t help but think that marrying this woman must´ve been the best idea she´s ever had.

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