Raj slowly sipped at his cocktail, uncomfortably pulling at his sweater vest wishing he had stayed with Sheldon, who was probably finishing a quest right now. Instead he sat at a dirty booth at some weird club listening to some purple haired punk prattle on.

He regretted playing Lenard's wingman tonight as he always ended up with the weird ones. He glanced over to Lenard out on the dance floor making a fool of himself trying to impress the hotter female friend of the girl sitting in front of him. After a few dismal attempts at conversation she had taken to texting on her phone while simultaneously eying up any guy who happened to glance in her direction. Not that any of them were insane enough to actually approach the pierced princess.

His drink empty, Raj had been about to get another when a tattooed arm placed a strange looking drink down in front of him. Surprised he glanced up "A Jedi mind trick for a delicious piece of caramel" said a guy in black. What's-her-name lent over to take the drink from the brunette, but he pushed the drink closer to Raj instead. Sighing she got up and left, presumably to try her luck elsewhere. Maybe tonight wouldn't be so bad after all Raj thought, glancing at the Goth. The guy sat down. Taking a sip of the cocktail, Raj smiled, it wasn't often he got hit on by anyone. "So I'm Howard" the mysterious man divulged with a creepily cute grin.

Light gently trickled in through the gap in the curtain waking a hung-over Raj. Rolling over he noticed a small white arm poking out of the covers, apparently Zazzles his cat had crawled into bed with him again. He sighed and went to go shave. Glancing in the mirror mid stroke he noticed a bruise on the side of his neck, he turned to get a better view and discovered more of them trailing down his neck towards his collar bone. Apparently last night had gone better than he remembered. Suddenly his hangover didn't seem so bad.

It was only when his phone rang that he returned to reality. Sighing he picked up the receiver and was instantly hit by a torrid of abuse from a very pissed of Lenard.

"What the hell happened to you last night?"


"You got smashed and left with some dude last night, remember?" Raj's head span as he struggled to recall the night before, him with some guy? impossible.

"Uh listen I'll call you back I have to get to work, Sheldon will kill me if I'm late" He slammed the door shut.