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I laid in Damon's arms that night for hours feeling him loving me, feeling happier than I had in months.

"Are you okay?" He asked, a few hours later when we were both satisfied. "I've heard the first time hurts..."

"A little sore, but I'll be okay."

"Good." He smiled.

He was laying on his stomach, the moonlight causing his skin to glow slightly. I ran my fingers gently down the deep, red scratches on his back and gasped in realization.

"Did I do this?" I whispered.

"It's okay." He murmured. "I can't even feel them." He shifted over and laid his head on my chest.

"What are you doing?" I asked, blushing at how close his face was to my breast.

"I'm listening to your heartbeat." He said. A few minutes later he was asleep. I ran my fingers through his thick hair and sighed, content. I fell asleep slowly, letting Damon's breathing be my lullaby.

I woke up the next morning, groping for his body next to me, but found only empty sheets. I sat up and looked around, but didn't see him. A moment later I smelled bacon in the kitchen. I grabbed his shirt and stood, a slight pain between my legs. I walked down to the kitchen where Damon stood, still naked.

"Is that sanitary?" I asked, he looked over his shoulder and smiled at me.

"I suppose. But I'm going to put something on, bacon grease and all." He came over and kissed me, then went up stairs. He came back a minute later witha pair of soccer shorts and a t-shirt on.

"Good morning." He said, kissing me again. "How'd you sleep?"

"Great. You wore me out." He smirked.

"Last night was amazing." He agreed. "Unexpected, but amazing." I nodded and he finished breakfast.

"I thought you'd be hungry." He said, fixing a plate. I took it and sat down, then began eating. "I was thinking that after you ate maybe I could take you to the lake?" I nodded.

"I'd like that." He smiled, then disappeared into the den. I heard the TV turn on and finished eating quickly. I put the plate in the sink then went to the den and curled up in Damon's lap. He kissed my hair.

"What are you watching?"

"I don't even know. I just turned it on."

"Oh." After a little while he turned the TV off and picked me up.

"Come on. It's pretty long walk to the lake and I want get going." He carried me upstairs and set me down. I stood awkwardly as he took his clothes off again. "What?" He asked.

"It's just...Um..." He smiled understandingly.

"It's okay. You're just not used to it yet. I'll go get dressed in the bathroom." He kissed my forehead and looked for his clothes.

"Stay." I said, hesitantly.

"Are you sure?" I unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing and let it fall before I remembered I had nothing on underneath. "I'll take that as a yes." He took his shirt and shorts off, then found his clothes. "You'll want to dress warmly. It snowed again last night."

We both got dressed and he led the way through the woods down a long path. It took a little over an hour to get there, but as Damon promised, the trip was worth it.

The lake was completely frozen, and somehow had very little snow on it. The trees surrounding it were perfectly covered, and a few deer were visible through the trees.

"It's beautiful." I said.

"It's better in the summer. You can swim and everything. It's really private."

"You must have loved it when you were a kid."

"I only came down here a few time as a kid. There's pretty bad reception all around. Dad could only take it for about a day, then we'd leave. And when he saw how much I loved it here, we stopped coming at all."

"I still don't understand how you can let him in after all of that." I whispered.

"Sometimes I don't either. But he's my family, Elena. I've always wanted a family."

"Then why won't you let your mother in?"

"That's different and you know it." I could see and almost feel his walls going back up.

"I know. And I can't say anything because I've never been where you are, but I will stand behind you no matter what you decide." I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I love you."

"I love you, too." He said, then leaned down to kiss me. He licked my lips and I let his tongue slip into my mouth. I was so distracted by what he was doing to my mouth I had no idea we had ended up in the snow until he pulled my shirt up and I felt the cold on my skin.

"Damon..." I said, twisting my fingers in his hair as he kissed down my stomach. I stared up at the gray sky as he worked my jeans down my legs and his mouth continued its path down my body. More snow began to fall as he made me cry out for him.


I laid my head in Elena's lap that night while she watched a movie on TV.

"I don't get it." I said, looking up at her.

"She just found out the man she slept with also slept with her mother and grandmother."

"If he's that old, then why would she want him?"

"He seduced her. Just watch the movie."

"I'd rather watch you." She smiled and kissed my forehead. The movie went off thirty minutes and she stretched a little.

"I'm going for a shower." She said.

"Can I watch." She rolled her eyes and held out her hand.

"I'd rather you join me." I smiled, and followed her upstairs.


I poured myself a drink and took a seat in front of the fireplace. There was a knock on the door. I walked to the door and opened it. A young woman stood there.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"I'm Isobel Peirce." She said. "I'm here to get my daughter."

"I'm sorry?" She sighed in frustration.


"She's not here." I said, honestly.

"Where's your son?"

"He went out of town for the holiday. I haven't seen Elena since he left." Isobel glared at me.

"I know she was here. Tell me where she is."

"I can't."

"She's my daughter and she's a minor. I'll call the authorities." I sighed.

"They went out of town for the holiday. They'll be back next week."

"I don't think you understand, Mr. Salvatore. I'm moving away and I'm taking Elena with me."

"Does she want to go?"

"I don't care if she does or not. She is. Now, tell me where they are." I sighed again, knowing I had know choice.

"They went to our lake house outside of town. They'll be back next week, just give them some alone time." She looked at me, shocked.

"You just let them go? Alone? What if my daughter comes back pregnant?"

"My son's not that foolish. Goodnight, Mrs. Peirce." I closed the door and locked it, leaving her yelling for the directions.

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