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Chapter 7

The ride home from the restaurant was over before she realized it. Brennan had spent most of the trip in a haze, and if pressed she wouldn't have been able to tell you what she was thinking about or where they were. Booth hadn't told her where they were going – he simply drove on in silence, and Brennan sat in the passenger seat looking out the window at nothing. Her mind was reeling. As if putting her memories in a movie player and clicking the 'play' button, she went through the night from start to finish – not missing a single kiss or caress in her encore presentation of their evening.

The kisses they'd shared outside of the car had left both of them breathless, and a bit light-headed. Brennan was so engrossed in reliving the kisses that she hadn't noticed the rain and wind. The next thing she knew, Booth had parked the car at her apartment building and opened the door for her. A gust of wind threatened to pull the door from out of his hand, and he had to hold on tight with one hand while reaching for Bones with the other. "Here Bones, give me your hand. It's pretty windy out."

Of course he half-expected Brennan to give him a lecture on his alpha male tendencies; in fact he was a bit surprised when she quietly acquiesced and gave him her right hand. As she got out of the car the weather seemed to snap her out of her reverie a bit, and she looked around a bit as if taking in the conditions for the first time. The harsh conditions seemed to wake her up and she grabbed his hand and held tightly. Thoughts of lips crashing together were put on hold until the got inside the warmth of her apartment building, and with a slight tug of her hand Booth and Bones were jogging over to the security of the brick structure.

Soon they were in Brennan's apartment, the weather temporarily putting their libidos on hold. Even though they'd run from the car to the building, they'd gotten fairly soaked and once inside the door Brennan had walked straight towards the linen closet and grabbed a big fluffy towel for Booth to dry himself off with. "I'll be right back Booth" she had told him. "I just want to get into something more comfortable." She'd made the comment after giving him the towel and while he was attempting to dry his head. Booth couldn't help the chuckle that came out of him at her comment. She'd come a long way in understanding current phrases and pop culture references, but there was still so much that went over her head and at times like these, all he could do was shake his head and smile at her. He knew that her naiveté was one of the traits that drew him to her; at first it was irritating, but through the years Booth had come to find it just so 'Brennan-like' that he found himself a little disappointed when she now got little phrases like that right.

And so, while his partner (girlfriend?) went in to change, Booth toweled off his damp hair, took his wet suit coat off, and thought about the things that made Temperance Brennan unique. As he ran through a checklist in his mind, he came up with words like brilliant, focused, determined… moving on to generous, big-hearted, sincere… and then his heart turned in a different direction and he came up with descriptors such as gorgeous, sexy, luscious… and Booth found his breathing had turned into short pants, almost gasping for air as he saw Brennan in his mind, with all her luscious curves.

Of course it was at this precise moment that the object of his desires walked back into her living room, now dressed in a pair of yoga pants and low-cut top. It was that top that drew his eyes in, because of the way it curved and dipped just so, allowing him a glimpse of her cleavage and what lay underneath the garment. His eyes were glued to her chest, and if a bomb had exploded it is doubtful that Booth would have heard it – so focused on the sight before him. "Like what you see?" she asked. Booth finally broke out of his reverie at the sound of Bones' voice, and bringing his eyes up to hers, all he could do was gulp in a breath of air and feel his cheeks flame.

"Bones, I'm… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" was all he got out, because once he finally looked into her eyes and saw the laughter there, he snapped out of the fog he had just been in. In fact, seeing the joy in her eyes, and the fact that she wasn't upset or about to spout some kind of feminist tirade, made Booth revert back to the alpha male that he was – and that meant telling her what he really wanted to say. "Bones, I really didn't mean to ogle you" he spoke the words as he walked towards her. There was now a glint in his eyes as he looked her over.

"Booth, I beg to differ, but that is exactly what you were doing. But…" she put her hand out, palming his chest, as Booth had now stopped less than a step away from her, "I have to admit that the look in your eye has certain appeal to me." And with that, Brennan's other hand came up to lightly cup the back of his neck. They moved closer together, their lips barely an inch apart. As Booth breathed out, Brennan took in his breath. She looked into his eyes and he bore down into her blue pools.

Just as Brennan thought he was about to kiss her, Booth began to talk. "As I was trying to say, I didn't mean to stare at your body," he had to raise a finger to her lips to keep her from talking, "but it is such perfection, that I can't help myself." As Brennan smiled at his platitudes, Booth closed the gap and finally kissed her. It was a kiss that conveyed all his desires, his joy at finally being able to hold her and kiss her, and know that she wanted to do the same.

It was this thought – that they were both finally feeling the same and not afraid to express it, that hit him like a thunderbolt. Booth broke free of their kiss and wrapped Bones in a huge embrace. At first Brennan was confused – she had been enjoying the kiss and wasn't ready to stop; but when he began to hug her, she hugged him back. That is, until he picked her up and swung her around and around. The joy that Booth was feeling was almost too big to contain, and he was behaving like she'd never seen him act before. When he finally put her down, Brennan had to ask "what was that for?"

"Bones, I'm just so happy. I've waited for us to be on the same page, at the same time, for so long now. I thought we'd missed our chance last year, when you went to Maluku and I went to the desert. I'm just… I don't know how to say it, but… I had almost given up… oh hell" and instead of talking, Booth crushed Brennan to him and began kissing her again. As his mouth ravaged hers, his hands were roaming all over her body. One hand in her hair, running his fingers through her damp tresses; the other moving up and down her back until he finally stopped at the base of her back and snuck his fingers underneath the cotton top. As he caressed her skin, he could feel both their desires spike. He pressed his pelvis forward and Brennan could feel him against her lower abdomen. As she arched into his touch and his kisses, Booth could feel her hardened nipples press into his chest.

As they deepened the kiss, Booth thought he must b getting light-headed from a lack of oxygen because he was sure he was hearing bells and alarms going off all around him. When Bones broke off the kiss and started to move away from him, he gently grabbed her arms. "Bones, don't go…"

"Booth, our phones are going off."

As reality sunk in, he implored "let them ring. I don't want to stop this."

"Booth, we have to answer. What if it's a case?"

"So what. I've waited too long to have you in my arms. I don't want anything to interfere with us now" he said in all seriousness. And as if to prove his point, the phones had stopped ringing. The cocky smile he wore told her that he was right to have disregarded the call, and he started to lean in to resume their battle of tongues. As a pair of phones started to chime once again, it was Brennan's turn to look smug.

"I knew it. It must be a case. Booth, we really have to answer that." Booth's only reply was to rest his forehead against hers for a brief moment before they both reached for their respective cell phones.

It had been a long three days. Brennan was tired, and once again she was coming into her apartment after being out in wet weather. As cases went, this one hadn't been as difficult as some they'd worked on through the years. The victim had been easily identified as Dr. Lauren Eames, a bright, gifted surgeon at a DC hospital. One of Dr. Eames colleagues' had brought by a box of her belongings to the FBI, hoping that records and transcription cd's might help the team to determine what had happened based on 'getting a feel for her' through listening to her voice. While Brennan had initially balked at the notion, she ended up listening to the doctor's audio files and felt like she came to know the victim better through this approach.

Booth and Brennan interviewed the father of one of her patients, eventually determining that Mr. Dworsky was simply a concerned father wanting any help he could get for his ailing son – but not someone who would have killed the doctor because she'd refused a possible heart transplant for the boy. When they talked to Chris Markham, the Transplant Services pilot and the one rumored to have affections for Dr. Eames, Brennan had come away with a feeling of sorrow for the man and for the doctor; sorrow for what they both missed out on.

It had been the feeling that the couple had let an opportunity slip away, that had eaten at Brennan for the remainder of her time on the case. She split her focus between the case they were working, and the romantic relationship just beginning between her and Booth. Brennan didn't feel pressure with Booth about it, because he was the one who had seen how much the death of the prominent surgeon had initially affected Bones. He'd stopped by her office late the first full day on the case, and told her that he knew she was throwing herself into this one, and they would 'pick up where they left off the other night, once they weren't so deeply involved in the case.' As a reply for his thoughtfulness, Brennan had squeezed his hand, looked him in the eyes and said "thank you, Booth. I swear I'm not running from us… this case seems to be affecting me very much, and I just want to find out what happened to her. I haven't forgotten about the other night, and I'm anxious to resume what we'd started. Please, just, let's finish this case first." Booth had then kissed her (rather possessively) and said he would give her the time she needed to complete the case – but then they had unfinished business that would take priority!

What had taken the team a while to determine was how she was killed. Hodgins had identified that her head struck a reflective surface 10 centimeters in length; he'd also found traces of heroin on her clothes. Eventually they pieced together the sad life of a woman so focused on her work that she'd let life pass her by; and so upset by her world that she took risky chances. The one risk she took that was not an attempt to breathe life into her soul, was the one that had ended up killing her.

Booth and Brennan bickered over whether it was foolish or not for Dr. Eames to go to Woodland to visit the family of the brain-dead child Charlie Whaling. Brennan could understand why the surgeon would go to the family home even though it was in a bad neighborhood. Bones argued that since the doctor had been in the area before to buy heroin from the drug dealer that had stabbed her, Lauren Eames would have felt comfortable enough to go to the apartment to plead to the family to give up the boy's organs for transplant. Booth thought it was a risky and foolish move, that any number of bad things could happen there and that the doctor getting killed was his proof.

In the end, they had visited the street where the Whaling's lived and Brennan spotted the cracked road reflector. They determined the likely scenario that the doctor had been hit by a car, the driver panicking and burying her in the park under the dogwood tree that had been uprooted in the storm.

Standing in her apartment, she took off her trench coat and put it on the coat rack to dry. Brennan let out a sigh - she was relieved that they'd found COD for the doctor, but she couldn't shake the idea that up until recently, Dr. Eames' life had mirrored her own. They both were driven, successful professional women, unmarried and without children. But, Brennan told herself, she had recently allowed herself the frightening possibility of letting someone into her life. She had told Booth of her regret last year; had made the first move this time to let him know she was ready to give of herself to a relationship with him – that was where Brennan believed she was different from the surgeon. Brennan knew there was still a good chance that a romantic relationship with Booth might not work out in the end, but she had been brave enough to want to try for that. She would have no regrets even if things didn't work out for them as a couple.

As she played these thoughts over in her mind, Brennan hadn't realized that Booth had opened her front door and was standing behind her. When he gently put his hands on her shoulders from behind, and then moved the hair off her neck and gently kissed her, Brennan finally came aware of him. She meant to say something, but as he continued to suckle her neck, all she could do was lean her head away to give him more room – and moan her appreciation of his action.

After a few kisses that had both their blood beginning to boil, Brennan turned around but stayed in Booth's grasp. "Thank you for letting me finish this case without pressure from you for more from us. As the case played out, I was drawn more into it – into the life of Dr. Eames, and I felt like I got to know her. I needed to find out what happened to her. I know it wasn't fair to you, but I needed to do that first."

"Bones" Booth said adoringly, "I understand. Really, I do. At least with this case; I could see how you identified with the doctor, and as usual you wanted to find justice for her. I was willing to wait on us, because I could tell that you weren't running away from me again. My radar didn't tell me to watch for flights to the far side of the world. I knew what you were doing."

"Booth, that's ridiculous! You don't have radar – that's a physical impossibility! That would mean…" Brennan didn't have a chance to continue her rant, because Booth had pulled her close to him and started kissing her. After a half second, Brennan had given up the lecture, joined in, and kissed him back.

Later that evening as they lay in Brennan's bed covered only with each other's body, the only thought that was going through her mind was how right she felt. She was snuggled on her side next to her lover, one leg thrown over Booth's athletic, masculine leg, and all she could think about was how right it all felt. They had joined together, Booth showing her at last, what he'd meant so long ago about breaking the laws of physics. They had shared in an ecstasy that neither one had ever experienced before. Booth had even told her that making love to her was different than any other experience he'd had in the past, and he attributed it to the fact (according to Booth) that they were meant for each other. To his surprise, Brennan hadn't said a word, made a sound, or registered any kind of disbelief in what he had said. She'd simply snuggled in closer, laying her head on his pectorals, and kissed his skin. She was letting her heart take the lead, and her heart was telling her to just enjoy. On an intellectual level, they both knew there would be obstacles for them to overcome, but at the moment, they were simply lying in each others' arms, loving the moment. Tomorrow would come… tonight they had each other.