The Broker

By tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville.

Summary: AU What if Chloe never moved to Smallville? Starts S6: Chloe visits Lois during Thanksgiving at the Kents and meets Oliver Queen and Clark Kent.

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Chapter One:

Lois eagerly rocked back and forth on her heels. She felt like a little kid; she hadn't felt this excited in years. Nervously biting her lip, a large grin spread over her lips. Lois let out a small squeal of joy before rocking back and forth once more.

"Gosh, Lois. Who knew you were capable of acting like such a girl," Clark stated in amusement from where he and Oliver were sitting on the whicker couch on the Kent Farm porch.

"Shut up, Smallville. I haven't seen my Baby Cuz in years. God, I wonder what she looks like," Her eyes glazed over in thought before a smirk came over her lips, "Probably smokin' hot. She is a Lane, after all."

Oliver snickered at his girlfriend's comment, "I've never heard you mention a cousin before. What's she like?" He asked.

Lois whirled around, grinning from ear to ear, "Oh, you'd love her. Trust me. From her emails, it sounds like the two of you are a lot alike. My uncle Gabe used to work for LuthorCorp back in the day. You know how his mighty baldness got sent here all those years ago? Uncle Gabe was supposed to go with him, but Chloe refused to give up the city life and Wayne Enterprise offered him a better deal. They moved to Gotham for a few years, but after that they moved all over the world for Uncle Gabe's work," Lois' eyes glazed over as she began to think out loud, "We both grew up traveling to different cities, different countries… Never staying in one place, never setting down…" Her eyes held a vulnerability, "It's a tough life," Suddenly, as if realizing what she was saying, she put up a cheery smile and continued her story, "Anyway, after dad got transferred to Metropolis and I settled into Smallville, I asked her to come visit me, but we were never able to make time. Chloe was always jetting off to some new place or going to some big hoity toity gala and after dad got transferred again, I had to balance school and a job to pay my rent so that I could stay here and things just never worked out. I haven't really seen her since high school," a huge grin and a sparkle in her eye appeared, "And now she's coming for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see her!"

Oliver raised an eyebrow in surprise, "Well, I think I see her right now," He said nodding his head toward a shiny black Lamborghini racing down the road. His eyebrow inched higher as the car took a sharp turn into the Kent driveway, kicking up dust and rocks as it raced up toward the house before skidding into a half-turn stop.

Clark's eyes widened at the display of reckless driving, worrying already at the prospect of two Lanes.

Now that the car was closer, Oliver could see that he was mistaken about the car. Instead of black, it was a dark forest green. He gave a smirk, his girlfriend's cousin had good taste.

Suddenly the door flew open vertically allowing for one shapely leg to emerge and then another. Suddenly a hot blonde appeared, a cool look on her sunglass covered face as she scanned the property. Oliver choked on his own spit in surprise at the same time a wide grin overtook the girl's face when she heard a scream and immediately noticed the tall brunette running straight for her, "Lois!"

"Chloe!" Lois screeched, throwing her arms around her little cousin, "How are you! Dig the car."

Chloe laughed, taking off her sunglasses and linking arms with the other girl as she was led up a few steps to a porch, "Thanks. I just bought it."

"Okay, here we go. Guys, this is my cousin. Chloe this is my best friend slash mortal enemy Clark Kent," Lois introduced as Clark rolled his eyes. Chloe grinned and shook his hand as Lois continued, "And this is my boyfriend, Oliver Queen," Lois finished."

Chloe smiled, "Actually, you may not remember, but we've already met at the-"

"New York Governor's Party," Oliver finished, causing Chloe's smile to widen, "I remember."

Lois grinned, "Well, would you look at that. Small world. Now let's get inside, I smell pie."

Clark rolled his eyes at the typical Lois Lane response as she dragged Chloe inside the warm farmhouse.

"Senator Kent, Mr. Luthor, this is my cousin Chloe Sullivan. Chloe, this is Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor," Lois introduced proudly.

Amusement entered Chloe's eyes at Lois' contagious happiness as she warmly shook Martha's hand, but the happiness quickly faded as she reluctantly grasped Lionel's hand in greeting, "Mr. Luthor."

"Ms. Sullivan. It has been quite sometime. How are you, my dear?" Lionel asked, placing his other hand on top of their connected hands, forcing her to keep holding on.

Chloe bared her teeth in a vaguely smile-like gesture, "I'm fantastic. How's business?"
"LuthorCorp is doing quite well. Let's sit down," He spoke, addressing everyone as he turned and headed toward the Thanksgiving spread.

Lois saddled up to her cousin, "You know him?"

Chloe grunted an unclear response as she was unfortunately forced to sit next to Lionel and across from Lois. At the head of the table and to Chloe's left sat Clark, with Martha at the other end and Oliver to the right of Lois, across from Lionel.

After everyone had spooned some food onto their plates, Martha asked, "Chloe, I noticed you have quite a car. What is it that you do? I don't think Lois ever mentioned."

"I'm an information broker," Chloe replied easily, "Not all exciting really."

"Oh, I wouldn't say so," Lionel interrupted, "After all, your work in the corporate sector as well as within the government is certainly nothing to be scoffed at."

Martha's eyebrow raised, "Government? I'm sorry, dear, but what exactly is an information broker?"

Chloe sighed imperceptibly, cursing Lionel in her head, "I'm basically a researcher. Somebody- corporations, governments, whoever- hires me to find out about a specific topic or to find the answer to a question."

"Well, it seems to pay very well," Clark spoke, "You seem to be doing very well for yourself," He smiled pointedly at Lois.

"Yeah, yeah, Smallville. Whatever. I'm proud of my baby cuz for making so much dough," She snarked back.

Lionel took this opportunity to interrupt again, "Yes, I'm very surprised to see you here. I would have expected you off gallivanting with my son."

Everyone froze at the revelation. Chloe rolled her eyes. Luthors.

"I'm spending the holiday with my cousin. Thanksgiving is a time for family," She said pointedly.

Lionel addressed her jab, "I'm sure my son wanted some alone time with his new girlfriend. I'm sure he misses you, though. Aren't you normally the one dragging him out with you? I seem to recall having to take over several conference calls last St. Patrick's Day because you talked Lex into pub crawling with you in New York. You and Lex have always spent the holidays together."

Chloe clenched her teeth, aware of the eyes now turned to her. It was like a tennis match. Well, if Lionel wanted verbal judo, he'd get it, "Yes, it's true, we do normally holiday together. No one likes to celebrate alone," She scathed at the absentee father, "However, since I am in Metropolis, I am spending time with my family and meeting Lex for lunch tomorrow."

Lionel conveniently overlooked the insult, "Ah, I see. So you are still spending the holidays with my son. That's good. Have you met Ms. Lang yet? I'm sure Lex is quite excited for the two women in his lives to meet."

Again, eyes turned to Chloe, "Women in his life? I'm not sure what you're implying, but as far as I'm aware, the only woman in his life is Lana Lang."

Lionel smirked in victory, "I did not mean to imply anything about you, Ms. Sullivan. I merely meant that his best friend and his girlfriend are meeting each other for the first time. I'm sure Lex is hopeful that the two of you will become friends."

The blonde's hand squeezed and un-squeezed as she tried to reign in her temper, "I'm sure Lana and I will be perfectly fine," Chloe grit out, mentally acknowledging his win before forcefully turning to Lois, "Can you please pass the green beans?" She asked, a fake smile across her lips.

An equally fake smile plastered itself on the brunette's mouth as she did as asked, but the look in her eyes said her cousin had some explaining to do.

Other than the small bit of verbal judo, dinner went along quickly, the participants doing what they could to limit conversation between Lionel and Chloe. Soon enough, Lionel was saying goodbye and leaving while Mrs. Kent went to wash dishes, allowing the "young ones to talk" as she put it.

As Clark and Lois got into their third argument of the night, Chloe slipped outside to the porch for some air… And promptly started choking, "What is that?" She asked aloud as she coughed.

"I believe it's called fresh air," Oliver spoke from behind her laughingly, causing her to startle and turn around.

"Well, it's disgusting," She spoke as she took a sip from the mug filled with hot apple cider in her hand, before turning to lean on the porch railings once more.

Oliver chuckled as he moved to lean on the railing beside her, "City girl like you, I'm not surprised you think so."

"Oh, and you're some kind of country bumpkin, now?" Chloe asked skeptically.

She smiled as his face lit up in laughter, "No, not exactly," He looked over at her and their eyes locked. He reached a hand out and tucked a strand of straight blonde hair behind her ear, "It's really good to see you, Chlo."

She smiled as she automatically leaned into his hand, "You too."