The Broker

By tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville.

Summary: AU What if Chloe never moved to Smallville? Starts S6: Chloe visits Lois during Thanksgiving at the Kents and meets Oliver Queen and Clark Kent.

A/N- What's this? An update? Over a year later! I know, folks, I'm sorry. I have the summary for this all written out, I just need to write it. I had a dream/epiphany about one of the future characters which helped get my butt in gear for this chapter. Thanks for waiting.

Chapter 7:

Chloe sighed as she lazed around her apartment. She hadn't heard from Oliver in three days. Not since their almost kiss…

Chloe plopped down on the couch and spread out, slinging one leg over the arm rest and the other splaying out to rest on her coffee table. She also wondered about the guys who were chasing her that night. Who were they? Who did they work for? Why were they interested in her?

She vaguely heard the sound of a key in the lock and realized that it must be one already. Lois had wanted to come by to see Chloe's new apartment and said she would be bringing lunch that afternoon.

"Nice, cuz," Lois commented, walking into Chloe place. It was a simple one bedroom apartment with hardwood floors, an updated stainless steel kitchen with marble counters and a balcony. Lois walked over to sit in the large comfy chair diagonal to where Chloe was spread out. The brunette set down the Chinese food she had picked up on the coffee table and began setting the food up. "So word on the street is the Green Arrow broke into another home last night."

"Oh?" Chloe asked, sitting up. "Another rich guy?" she questioned, mindlessly taking one of the cartons Lois handed to her as she scoured the take out bag for a pair of chopsticks.

"Robbing the rich to give to the poor is still a crime," Lois answered instead, having already had this conversation with Chloe. Chloe liked the green vigilante. She said he had style. Lois thought he was a menace who should be unmasked for all of the world to see. "What happens if he robs Ollie?"

Chloe snorted in amusement but quickly tried to cover it up when Lois glared. "I think Oliver can take care of himself," she said instead.

"Well if this Green Arrow guy tries anything on our date this Saturday, I'll knock his lights out," Lois threatened, waving her chopsticks around.

Chloe paused, the smile slipping off her face. "You have a date with Oliver this Saturday?"

"Mmm," Lois responded around a mouthful of lo mein, "He's taking me to some fancy French restaurant. And then back to his place for some dessert." Lois wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Chloe felt sick to her stomach. Even after their shared moment, Oliver was still going out with Lois. Okay, maybe it had been self-absorbed to assume he'd break things off with Lois in favor of Chloe, but to act like there was no difference in his relationship with her cousin when he had almost kissed Chloe! That was just… cruel.

"No details necessary," Chloe replied with a forced grin on her face. Fine, if that was how Oliver wanted to play it, then that was how they would play it. Oliver had hurt Chloe. It was time for Chloe to hurt him back.

A sharp ring echoed in the air, distracting Chloe. Lois reached into her purse and grimaced at the name on the phone. "Smallville," she explained before she picked up her cell. "What do you want?" she barked.

As Lois argued with the small town boy, a small smile began to make its way across Chloe's lips. This had to be some sort of sign; God, Fate or just coincidence, it didn't matter. Either way… this could work.

"So, what's up with you and Clark?" Chloe asked innocently once Lois hung up. There was no way that two people could fight that often and that fiercely without some underlying sexual tension. Lois wanted to jump that boy, no question. Now all Chloe had to do was show that to her.

The brunette looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Chloe looked up at her as though the answer was obvious. "I mean, you two fight like an old married couple. Did you two used to date or something?"

Lois looked horrified. "Me? And Smallville?" she asked in disgust. "You have got to be kidding! No!"

"So… bad break up," the blonde stated resolutely.

"NO!" Lois practically shrieked. "I have never and will never date that farm boy!"

Chloe smirked. "So… not yet." Now she was just teasing her cousin. Sensing this, Lois crossed her arms over her body and scowled at the blonde. Chloe held up her hands in surrender, a smile still on her lips. "Seriously though, there's nothing going on?"

"Nothing," Lois replied resolutely.

"Good," Chloe replied, going back to her food.

Lois paused for a moment, hesitating between letting it go and letting her curiosity get the better of her. Ultimately her curiosity won out. "Good how?"

Chloe shrugged innocently. "I just felt a thing, that's all."

"A thing?" Lois repeated.

Again, Chloe shrugged. "You know. Like a spark."

"A spark?" This time the words were said incredulously.

Chloe hummed around a bit of food in response.

Lois opened her mouth before slowly shutting it again. There wasn't anything she could really say to that. Chloe was her own person and so was Smallville. If the two wanted to have a… thing… then that was there business. It had nothing to do with Lois. "Your funeral," she muttered instead, angrily chomping on her fortune cookie.

Chloe almost felt bad for how worked up she was getting her cousin, but she had to make Lois see that Oliver wasn't the one she wanted. In the long run, Chloe was helping Lo.

"Of course you realize that he's still not over Lana, right?" Lois asked bitterly.

The blonde looked at her cousin carefully. "I don't think he can get over her without dating other people. If he doesn't date, he'll just end up wallowing in their past relationship."

Lois pouted lightly at her logic but kept her mouth shut.

Once more Chloe looked at the woman speculatively. "Are you sure there's nothing going on between you two?"

The brunette half flinched. "No. Nothing. He's Smallville," she snorted in derision, though her eyes trailed to the side as if she were lying.

Chloe allowed a small smirk to play on her lips. This might be easier than she realized. At the rate Lois was going, Oliver would be Chloe's by the end of the month. "So you wouldn't mind if I…"

Lois blinked, a weird expression crossed her face. "Go ahead. But like I said, he's still head over heels for Lana and I don't think a date with someone else will help," she spoke with a large, fake grin on her face.

Chloe smirked, realizing that her cousin was absolutely, one hundred percent jealous. "I'll take my chances."