This was pointless in his view. Why did he have to on a diet? And why one a Bene Gesserit witch had thought up? It was perposterous this was.

At first it had started out as a bet between himself and Feyd Rautha. This is the story of what happened.

It had been a normal day for Rabban. He had gone on one of his hunts. It wasn't a difficult one. He had tortured a few servants. Which in his mind it was his right. Then had lessons with Feyd Rautha on being a ruler.

"I bet you can't go on this diet," said young Feyd holding up a newspaper bearing a picture of a smiling Jessica Atreides on it. The headline read Atreides diet does it work.

He had taken the stupid bet of course. It would go against his pride not to. And now he had a damm wheel stuck around his waist.

"Atreides diet indeed," he hissed at no one in particular. He glared at Feyd Rautha who on the floor laughing. "Will you stop laughing and get this off of me."