Late Monday night my mind suddenly thought "I wonder how England would have reacted to the national anthem sung at the Super Bowl." And voila, this appeared.

It's short, stupid, not really edited and hopefully humorous. Enjoy.

Getting England to watch the Super Bowl with him had been hard, but America had done it.

The two nations sat in front of America's television as Christina Aguilera came out to sing the national anthem.

Naturally, America was quite excited to show off the amazingness of his country. Yet, as the singer let loose the first note he felt an oncoming dread.

As the last note of the anthem came about both nations cringed and America prepared himself for the scathing comment England was sure to send his way.

Said country was silent for a few moments, before he broke out into loud laughter.

"Bloody hell, America! Where did you find you find that one? She completely butchered your anthem. I hope the rest of your people at least know the entire song." England choked out between laughs.

Even though America had steeled himself for that, the comment still hurt.

America chose not to reply to the laughing nation, because he did have a point...