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"Tofu eggs and bacon from everyone!"

All of the Titans groaned.

Cyborg stood up quickly and grabbed the pan out of Beast Boy's hands. "Man, no one wants to eat this shit! Now ya'll, I'll make some real food." Cyborg glared at Beast Boy, whom returned it just as vehemently.

Raven rolled her eyes and sighed, taking a sip of her tea. "Boys."

Beast Boy turned to her and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. "What about us, huh? You know we're irresistible," He glanced at Cyborg. "Well, we know I'mirresistible."

Raven rose an eyebrow and Cyborg's 'hey!' could be heard from a mile away.

"Friends! I ask you to stop the arguing please!" Robin pulled Starfire gently back down in her seat next to him, giving her a small smile. Starfire turned her attention to him.

"You know they aren't going to stop, Star."

Starfire sighed and leaned against Robin's shoulder. "Yes, I admit this. But I would still greatly enjoy breaking the fast with our friends in peace."

Robin laughed and ran a hand up and down her shoulder. "I'd like to see that day."

"Hey! No lovey-dovey at my table!" Both of the teens turned their attention to Cyborg, whom currently had a finger pointed in their direction.

Robin turned slightly red and scoffed. "We weren't."

Beast Boy chuckled and jumped over to his seat. He clasped his hands in front of him and batted his eyelashes. "Oh Starfire! Let me rub your arm!" Robin glared at the shape-shifter, but let it go. He figured that if they couldn't get a rise out of him the teasing would eventually stop.

Cyborg went over and took a seat next to Beast Boy and across from Robin. "So Rob, taken your girl on a date yet?"

Robin rubbed the back of his neck and smiled sheepishly. "Well..ya know..it never really crossed my mind."

Both Beast Boy and Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "Dude, you suck at being a boyfriend."

Robin looked about ready to pounce on the boy, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him in his place. He turned to see Starfire, who was currently smiling innocently.

"Robin, I would very much enjoy a date. May we..?"

Robin instantly calmed and smiled boyishly at her. "Uh, yeah that would be..fun. Sure. How about tonight? We could ya know, go see a movie or something. Or go out to eat. Ya know, whatever you want to do."

Starfire beamed and nodded. "I would greatly enjoy going out to dinner with you Robin!"

He let out a relieved laugh and nodded. "All right, it's a date."

Beast Boy made an 'awww' noise, but Raven smacked him upside the head mid-aw. He rubbed his head and glared. "Hey! What was that for?"

Raven merely looked over at him in a bored fashion. "Because you're too immature for your own good."

Beast Boy stuck out his tongue.

"My point exactly."

He quickly retracted his tongue and crossed his arms, moving down in his seat and murmuring angrily to himself. Starfire giggled and Robin sighed.

He stood up slowly and crossed his arms, his expression turning serious. "All right team, time for training."

Beast Boy and Cyborg groaned loudly in protest, to which Raven rolled her eyes.

"Come on boys, time to exercise." She pulled the two along and Robin gave her an appreciative smile.

He then turned to Starfire and took her hand, having her stand up. "Come on, let's get to it."

She nodded and walked with Robin to meet up with their friends in the training room. When they made it to the hallway, all three were already clear from it, most likely almost to the training room.

"Well they're quick."

Starfire nodded and started to slightly swing their intertwined hands. "Yes, they are quite rapid. Let us make with the haste, Robin!" She began to drag him along to the training room, Robin making a yelp of surprise. He thought he felt his shoulder move out of its socket; he was already getting sore and the training hadn't even started yet.

"Uhh, Star? Mind..giving me my arm back? This kinda hurts."

Starfire instantly dropped his arm, her eyes widening. "Oh! I vehemently apologize Robin."

Robin sent a strained laugh in her direction, trying to play it off as he rubbed his shoulder. "It's fine Star. No harm done." Starfire bit her lip and looked uncertain, but left it alone.

Soon enough they were at the training room with the others waiting. Beast Boy jumped out and flung his arms up in annoyance. "Dudes! Could you be any slower?"

Robin glared at the boy, but then slowly turned his mouth up into a smirk. "Well since you're so excited to train, how about you do first? And you really need to work off all that energy, so let's put you up a level from normal."

Beast Boy stared at his leader. "Dude, so uncool." Robin shrugged and Beast Boy made his way to the platform, readying himself for the bell.

Robin's voice came over the speaker. "All right Beast Boy, ready?"

He nodded dramatically, so Robin could see. A second after that the bell rang, and Beast Boy was off.

"So, how do ya think the little grass stain will do?" Cyborg leaned back in his chair, his arms behind his head. Robin shrugged and kept an eye on the boy.

Starfire smiled a bit uncertainly. "I am sure Beast Boy will succeed. Do you not agree, Robin?"

Her eyes had turned on her boyfriend, whom scratched the back of his neck."Well.." Her eyes turned hard. "Yeah! Totally!"

The hard look immediately turned into a smile. "I was sure that you would agree, Robin."

He heard Cyborg snicker and Robin threw a glare in his direction. "Something funny?"

Cyborg didn't lose the grin on his face. "Oh, no Robin. Nothing at all." Cyborg's voice turned low as he looked out on the field. "whipped."

Robin turned quickly in his direction, his teeth bared. "What did you-"

"Robin please, what does Cyborg mean by 'whipped'?" Robin's face went blank and Cyborg burst out into laughter; even Raven had to laugh at that one.

"Uh..it's nothing Star. I'll tell you later." She seemed unsatisfied with the answer, but took in nonetheless. Robin then turned back to Cyborg. "I am not whipped. Raven?" He turned to Raven in search of help on his case, but she simply shrugged.

"I think I'll go with Cyborg on this one."

Robin's eyes instantly narrowed. "Traitor." Her face stayed stoic as he glared at her. He finally turned around and looked for Beast Boy - he was only one decoy away from being done with the course. "Good job, Beast Boy. You're almost done." He saw Beast Boy nod quickly before turning into a T-Rex to bite off the head of one of the large robots. He broke through the rest of the robots easily, all being smaller versions of the one. He sprinted to the finish line and rose his hands up in the air, breathing heavily.

"Totally - huh - pwned - huh- that!" He turned into a hummingbird and flew over to the rest of the Titans, reverting back to his human form. "Hey Rob."

Robin raised an eyebrow.

"I think we should do duels! Also, I think you and Starfire should go first." Robin was about to object, knowing fully well that Beast Boy was just trying to get back at him, but stopped at his girlfriend's voice.

"Oh yes Robin! Let us!"

He turned slowly to her. "Star, I don't think that's a good idea. What if I hurt you?"

Starfire raised an eyebrow and an out-of-character smirk appeared on her face. "Oh no Robin, more so what if I hurt you?"

Robin's concerned demeanor instantly turned competitive and his own smirk grew on his face. "We'll see about that." Both rushed down to the platform, readying themselves.

"All right ya'll. First one down for ten seconds is the loser. Ready, set...go!"

Robin ran at Starfire and front flipped to kick her back, but she easily swept out of the way and counter-attacked with a low-powered starbolt.

Robin quickly whipped out his bo-staff to have the ball of energy bounce off and then smirked."You're going to have to do better than that, Star."

She growled and her hands lit up. "We shall see." She flew at him with immense speed, catching him off guard as he tumbled to the ground, Starfire on top of him and his bo-staff falling to the ground behind him.

"Oh no you don't.." Robin pretended to be down for the count, to which Starfire rose her eyebrows.

"I am..victorious?"

Robin sighed and feigned deflation. "I guess so..hah!" He quickly pushed her off and grabbed his bo-staff as Starfire caught herself by flying before se landed harshly on the ground.

"I did not find that humorous."

Robin shrugged, conceited grin plastered on his face. "Well, when you're in battle it won't be humorous either." She glared at him and prepared herself for another blow which was soon to come. Robin ran after her, bo-staff held ready for an attack.

The gleam of the metal to the sun as she threw a starbolt in his direction. "Agh!" Starfire squinted her eyes from the rays and spotted Robin on the ground, rubbing his head. A hand made its way up to her mouth as she gasped. "Robin! I apologize profusely, are you the all right?" She knelt down next to him and helped him slowly sit up.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." He tried to laugh, but it soon turned into a grimace. "Let's uh..try and stick below the head though, all right?"

Starfire bit her lip and nodded. "Agreed."

"Haha, nice Star!"Cyborg's voice boomed from the intercom. She smiled sheepishly as Robin groaned.

"Mind helping me up?"

She nodded and stood up, taking Robin's hand and helping him stand upright. She inspected him carefully, spotting a bump on his head. "Oh! I am truly sorry, Robin." She leaned in and kissed his head, Robin frozen in shock.

"Hah, yeah! Get some!"

Robin's shoulders moved up to hide himself.

Starfire's brow furrowed. "What are we to get, Robin? Is it not customary to kiss a wound on this planet?"

He turned to her. "Yeah, it is. Those two idiots just can't help themselves sometimes." He pointed in their general direction.

She nodded and then looked confused again. "What did they mean by 'get some'?"

Robin's eyebrows rose. "How about later St-"

"No, Robin. When you say that, later never comes."

Robin sighed and nodded. "Fine. It's like..getting intimate."

Starfire's mouth made an 'o' as she nodded. "I..see. Then Robin, perhaps tonight after our date, you shall 'get some'?" Starfire turned away from him and strutted back to the others.

Robin was frozen in shock.