Last chapter. This story is almost over. You know, when I started this story (when it was still supposed to be all light and happy; oops) I had no idea how I would end it since it wouldn't really have a central plot. Looks like that got turned around.

Anyway, here is the end. Enjoy.

It was morning, and the Titans were positioned around the kitchen table for breakfast. It had been about a week since they had gotten back from Tamaran, and things were getting back to normal. Luckily, there was no meat vs. tofu debate for everyone opted to go with cereal, not in the mood to actually cook anything.

Beast Boy's eyes lit up and he stood up, putting his bowl on the counter. "Stay tight, dudes. I need to show ya something."

They all looked up and watched him run out of the room. They all shared a look, and Starfire began giggling. Somehow, this then turned into full out laughter, causing Robin to laugh at her enthusiasm.

Cyborg snorted and began to laugh, and Raven smiled and gave a small chuckle.

Cyborg sighed. "I've missed this. Just hangin' around, eatin' breakfast."

Starfire nodded with a smile. "Yes; breaking the fast is quite a nice occurance."

Cyborg smirked at her. "I'm surprised at our energy considering how late you and Rob were up last night." He wiggled his eyebrows at Robin.

Robin rolled his eyes behind his mask. "Hey, don't be made because I'm getting some." He smirked.

Cyborg grumbled.

"All right, are you guys ready?"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "For what, exactly?"

Beast Boy scoffed. "My performance! I decided I'm gonna get into the music biz."

Robin began to laugh, but pulled it off as a cough by the look that Starfire gave him.

Beast Boy gave her an appreciative look, and then stretched out as he put one earbud of his iPod in. "Everybody, put your seatbelts on and get ready for the ride." He gave them an attempt at a lop-sided grin.

Everyone resisted the urge to roll their eyes.

Beast Boy cleared his throat, his eyes shut in concentration. It seemed like he was about to sing a soft melody, with the serene look on his face, and took a deep breath. "Nice guys finish last, that's why I treat you like trash; it's not what I really want to dooooo, ohhh. You only date bad guys so, I'll give it my best try to treat you the way you want me toooooo."

His eyes opened, and he began to bounce around, this time rap pouring out of his mouth. "I never open a door, or pull out a chair! You can tell me how your day was but I don't really care; and if you ever get cold, you'll just have to hack it 'cause I'll be cold too if I gave you my jacket. Like whoaaa!" he waved his hands out in front of Raven, making her shy away with a grimace. "you ain't sittin' up front! Front is for the homies, you can sit in the trunk – hey!" Beast Boy's eyes widened as his iPod was thrown across the room. His devastated face turned to Raven.

She stared back at him stoically. "Music's not your thing."

He gawked at her, and then turned to the other three for help. Robin and Cyborg shook their heads, both of their arms crossed.

Starfire attempted an encouraging smile. "Um…well, it was…quite interesting. Perhaps that is good! I am not familiar enough with the rap, but it sounded…" She cut herself off, feeling like she was flat out lying.

Beast Boy huffed. "Fine, fine. Just crush my dreams." He went to retrieve his iPod, and then went to pout on the couch.

Starfire looked over at him, worried. She turned to her friends. "Please, I do hope he is not too upset. Perhaps we should-"

"Don't worry about it, Starfire." Raven glanced over at him. "He'll pick something else up in 3…2…"

"Hey guys! I'm totally gonna write a book!" He ran over to them, a grin on his face. "It'll be a steamy book, too. 'Cause, ya know, I could probably write that best."

Raven glanced at Starfire. "Told you." She looked back at him. "You actually need experience in that area to do it justice, Beast Boy."

He scoffed. "Who said I'm inexperienced?"

They all stared at him.

He opened his mouth to talk, but nothing came out. He began to get frustrated, so he just shouted out the first thing that came to mind. "Yeah, well then Robin and Starfire should write one!" He pointed over to them.

Robin gave him a bland look, and then looked at Starfire to share a small laugh…only to see her actually contemplating it.

Her brow furrowed and she pressed a finger to her chin. "Perhaps we shall even make the 'bank' from this!" She giggled.

They all stared at her, both because she considered it, and because she just used slang; not just any slang, gangsta slang. Cyborg scratched his head. "Uh, well, if you want to Star."

She clapped and flew out of her spot next to Robin. "I believe I shall begin a draft that is rough!" She turned to Robin. "I shall base it off of the one time when we were at-"

"Training, everyone! Move out, now!" He ushered everyone out of their seats quickly, glancing over at his perplexed girlfriend.

Cyborg and Beast Boy snickered, while Raven just sighed and shook her head.

Robin glanced at Starfire. "C'mon Star, we'll duel first."

She smiled and nodded, deciding to drop her earlier subject. She quickly picked up the fact that it was making him uncomfortable, and she was ashamed to admit it, but she wanted to do it. Sometimes watched her cool, collected boyfriend get flustered was just too much fun to resist. She giggled to herself and shook her head, following Robin out.


"Ack!" Robin fell down to the ground, skidding across the mat.

"Point for Starfire! Looks like Robin took a pretty good fall there, huh Cyborg?"

"Oh yes, Beast Boy, a mighty one. Now on to our providers…"

Robin glared up at them.

Starfire dropped from the air and in front of Robin. She bent down, her eyes wide with worry. "Have I injured you?"

He put on a smile. "Nah, I'm fine. Here, just let me-" He winced as he tried to get up.

Starfire gasped. "Oh X'hal, I apologize profusely Robin! Let me help you." She grabbed on of his arms, trying to help him up.

He hissed in pain when his behind slid against the ground. "Heh, I think I may have broken my tailbone." He tried to laugh it off, but winced again when he moved the wrong way.

Starfire covered her mouth with a hand, guilt surfacing. "Oh Robin, please accept my many apologies. I did not mean to throw you that hard!"

He waved it off. "It's no big deal, Star. Really. These things happen." He put his elbow on her shoulder, smiling. "It'd be nice if you could fly me over to the infirmary, though."

She nodded emphatically, immediately obliging.

The other three stared up at them from the P.A. area. Beast Boy snickered, which quickly turned into bouts of laughter. "Hah, Starfire broke Robin's butt!" He laughed harder.

Cyborg began to laugh at this proclamation. "Oh God, that's classic." He wiped a tear from his eye.

Raven rolled her eyes, but couldn't stop the smile from forming on her face.


Starfire led Robin out of the infirmary, feeling a bit better when they figured out that it was not broken, after all.

Starfire flew backward so she could look at him, and smile. "Robin, may we rent a movie tonight? We have not had the movie night in quite some time."

He raised an eyebrow. "Just before Karras came."

She opened her mouth to speak, and then chose to simply shrugged. "It feels longer…"

He chuckled and nodded. "Sounds good. Let's just go tell the rest we're heading out to get a movie, and then we'll be on our way.

She nodded with a large smile. "I shall find them and inform them at this second!" She turned and flew off, leaving dust in her path.

Robin laughed and shook his head, feeling slightly elated at her jubilance. It was nice to things back to normal. He made his way out to the common room, finding Starfire in front of their friends, explaining their small adventure.

Starfire looked up at him and smiled. "Let us go!"

He nodded and headed over to the garage with her and grabbed the keys to the R-Cycle. He saw her eye the keys and smirked. "I miss her."

Starfire raised an eyebrow. "Her?"

He twirled the keys and moved forward. "Don't judge."

Starfire rolled her eyes playfully and followed him, getting on the bike behind him.

He started up the engine. "Hold on, babe!" He revved the engine, and then shot out of the garage. He opened up the driveway across the water and practically flew over it with his speed. God, he missed his bike.

They were at the video store in no time. Both noticed many people glance their way, trying to hide their curiosity. The point was, the Titans were back in town. They ignored the stares and made it over to the action section, both sifting through.

Starfire looked up and noticed that the same boy from the last time she was there, was working. She smiled, but he quickly looked away and scurried away. Her forehead creased as she looked on in confusion, but decided to leave it alone. She went back to sifting through the DVD's, her face set in concentration. Her face lit up as she pulled out a movie. "Robin! May we get this one?"

He looked up from the movie cover that he was reading, and looked to her choice. He raised an eyebrow. "The Dark Knight?" Why did it sound so familiar?

She nodded. "Yes! It includes the Batman! And Christian Bale is the 'hunk'." She giggled.

Ah, that's why it was so familiar. A movie about his father. Which Starfire wanted to watch. Great.

He sighed. "All right Star, let's go check it out."

She smiled and nodded, flying over to the counter. She set the movie on the counter gently and the man at the register rang it up for them, accepting Robin's card. She noticed him admiring her figure, but was pleased to see that he was smart enough to look away – and stay looking away – due to Robin being with her.

Robin grabbed the bag and turned to Starfire. "Ready to go?"

She nodded and set on the ground, following him out of the store.


"We have come with the movie!" Starfire entered the tower, the bag now in her hand.

They all turned to her, already out in the common room. Cyborg came out of the kitchen with a large bowl of popcorn in his arms. "All right, ya'll. Let's get this party started!"

Starfire giggled and nodded. "Yes! Let us proceed with our night of movies!"

Robin laughed and shook his head. He was happy that she was back to her normal self, though he knew there was still a small undercurrent of discomfort.

Starfire went up to the DVD player to try and put the movie in. Cyborg's eyes widened wider than anyone would have thought possible, and shot up to go over to her. He grabbed the DVD out of her hand, startling the young Tamaranean. Her brow furrowed, and he laughed sheepishly. "How 'bout I do it, Star."

She studied him, but ultimately allowed him in with a sigh and went to go sit next to Robin on the couch, who smiled at her. She snuggled up to his side as he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close.

Cyborg started up the movie, and then rubbed his hands together. "All right, movie time." He went and turned off the lights and pressed 'play' from the main menu.

Robin studied the first scene carefully, picking out the things they got right and others that were off. I was actually kind of fun. He snorted when Harvey came on. Asshole.

When Christian Bale came on the screen, Starfire sighed with a smile on her face.

Robin glanced down at her and scoffed, causing her to look up and giggle. He smiled and shook his head, looking back at the movie.

And then it hit him…

"How the hell do they know who he is!"

I figured we'd end on happy note!

For the song that Beast Boy was singing, I shall give you the link (it is by the YTF - youtube friends): h t t p : / / w w w . youtube . com /watch?v=xfeys7Jfnx8&feature=fvwrel

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