Author's Note: Anytime you write a story, there are times when you will be forced to remove sections or even an entire chapter. For me, I deleted an entire PART that was five chapters long. It wasn't a bad section and the reason I've kept it on my harddrive was because I liked it. I intended to tell Shun's back story, and I had include something on the Kido Orphanage. Well there were a few problems. Originally it started off with Chapter two of this prologue with Shun and Seiya bopping around the Orphanage at night. However, I realized that the Master who was the other main character as well as the main supporting cast, didn't really appear until four chapters in. So I then added Chapter one where Tatsumi met him. Again, this was a terrible way of setting up the story just because the main character doesn't debute and the critical fact that the first chapter in any fan fiction is the most important one. I also realized that the story set up the false expectations that I was going to tell the other's training stories.

So then, I decided to take a gamble and just cut out the entire Prologue and start off with Chapter Six which is currently Chapter One of LYKM.

One year later, I decided to release the missing part, left in the original state it was in. Sadly, this part isn't canon to the the main story due to the fact that Shun took a van and had a not so pleasant trip to the boat (you'll read on that later) and Mr. R was removed from duty before the said events happened.

But if you want to enjoy a simple five part tale of how the five bronze boys created chaos the night before Shun leaves for Andromeda Island, then enjoy. :)

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Love You, Kill Me

Prelude One: Anything You Can Do…

A helicopter flew high above the ocean. The Kido Foundation logo shimmered brightly in the sun as the three passengers and their pilot observed through the glass, the mysterious island below them.

The dark haired pilot peered at a satellite photo and then at the geography. "Two volcanoes and a giant ring of darkness," his eyes under the sunglasses shifted back and forth. "Mr. Kido, I believe we found it."

Mitsumasa Kido sat quietly next to the window. He turned to his curious granddaughter as she pressed her face into the glass to get a better look. He nodded in content. He was afraid he would never find this place. "What do you think, Saori?"

The little girl squinted and turned to him, "It looks like the other place, grandfather."

Tatsumi laughed as he folded his arms and threw back his head. "It should, you heard what they said: it's supposed to be as deadly as Death Queen Island."

She bobbed her bouncy violet hair on her head, "but it's Andromeda Island. Isn't she supposed to be the beautiful Princess, Grandfather?"

Kido reached over and lifted her up. He sat her on his knee and looked outside the window. "It is named after her, but not for her beauty, but because this was where she was to be sacrificed at," he watched the island grow closer. Smaller details that were a complete blur before began to focus. He noticed the pilot began to circle around in an attempt to find a place to land. The terrain was rugged in many spots. Anywhere that seemed possible was highly dangerous due to the vast amounts of cliffs. Kido's old graying eyes than spot a light gleam. "Over there!" he pointed his cane over toward a man bearing sapphire blue armor next to a child with a silver mask.

The man held the cross at the aircraft and reflected the sunlight toward them. His other hand was pointing straight at the cliff that they stood on.

The pilot guided the helicopter toward him. His hands began to sweat as he positioned it on the narrow edge. He breathed easier as the blades began to slow down and the engine died down, "here we are."

Tatsumi looked at the door and opened it wide. The extremely hot desert air quickly filled the nicely air conditioned cabin. He immediately closed it and the room cooled down once more.

It was then the man from earlier approached the helicopter. He reached over and the long blond haired girl handed him a radio. He pointed at the pilot and mouthed a few numbers out.

The pilot looked at the radio and turned on the frequency. He then set it to speaker so that everyone could hear and speak out.

"Welcome to the Andromeda Island Training Grounds, Mr. Kido. I am the Saint of Cepheus, Master Daidalos, the trainer and mentor of this area."

Mr. Kido looked over the man and pulled out his glasses to get a better look. His appearance was far different than the other Silver Saints. He was a lot more covered up; almost as well as a Gold Saint with the exception of his helmet. "A pleasure to meet you, Saint Cepheus," he stood up and approached the door.

The pilot looked up. "Sir, the weather seemed to be higher than we had expected. According to my readings, it's around a hundred and fifteen degrees out there. I'm not sure if you or Miss. Saori, would be able to handle it."

The Saint approached the glass of the helicopter. His eyes were as blue as his armor.

Saori shyly walked out of her grandfather's lap. She than approached the strange tall man. She reached over and tapped the glass. He gently smiles and taps back. She taps once more and he mimics it. She then giggled and ran back to her grandfather.

Master Daidalos brought the radio to his face, "she's cute."

"Thank you," replied Mr. Kido as the little girl ran up to tap the glass some more. The Saint smiled and tapped back. She waved once and he followed as if it became a small game between the two.

Mr. Kido watched the two. Apparently the reports were true about him being one of the more approachable of the Silver Saints.

The pilot turned to his boss. "Sir, we could send a camera with them and just have you view the island from in here."

Mr. Kido nodded, "excellent idea."

Master Daidalos raised an eyebrow, "Mr. Kido?" He waited until the old man looked at him, "sir, I have no problem with you and your granddaughter staying here. This island, is not meant for everyone, however, I think that I should at least bring someone to experience it firsthand, yes?" He looked over into the cockpit, his eyes pass over Tatsumi as he folded his arms and raised his chin. "Your pilot looks like he could do well out here."

Tatsumi slammed his fist. "What! Don't be ridiculous!" He got of his chair and approached the glass. "I am in charge of the Training of the children of the Kido Orphanage!"

"Is that so?" the Master nodded. "Well, that's fine and all, but I still insist on your pilot. I think he'd do just fine out."

The pilot looked over at his bald headed boss and cringed a little. "Um, thanks for the compliment, but I think my boss would do better than me."

Saint Daidalos gazed back at Tatsumi as he folded his arms. "You really want to come out here? Well, I suppose since you do run the training of the orphans that you should be the most qualified."

After getting out of the helicopter, Tatsumi, Master Daidalos and June all walked along the large cliff. Tatsumi held a giant black camera on his shoulders. The trio approached the edge and Tatsumi looked over it. He removed the eye piece from his face and stared down.

"It's only about a few hundred feet," the Master spoke as June immediately began to climb down. "If you give me a moment I can make a harness and lower you to the ground."

Tatsumi watched as the little girl leapt from ledge to ledge. "I can do that!" he bragged as he shoved the camera at the Master's hands. He then turned around and slowly began to crawl over the edge, feeling for any ledges big enough for him.

Master Daidalos rolled his eyes as he took the camera with one hand and began to climb down with the other. He pointed the camera at Tatsumi as he slowly began to shake with ever step he took down. "You sure you don't need any help?"

Tatsumi's face grew red as he attempted to speed up his descent down by quickly crawling over. "I'm fine! If that little girl can do it, so can I!" Master Daidalos shrugged as he tossed the camera in the air flipped backwards.

Tatsumi choked as he watched the Saint easily grabbed on to the ledge fifty feet below him and then catch the camera with no effort. Tatsumi leaned his head against the hot rock. He clenched the wall even harder as he still attempted to crawl down.

"You know, June, that little girl has been doing this since she was three. Like I said, there's no shame in using a harness."

June watched from the ground. She rolled her eyes as the man slowed to a crawl when his foot couldn't find any more edges. "You'll have to move over to the left, there's nothing for you to grab onto there!" she shouted from below.

Tatsumi ignored her and placed his foot on the next available edge. It broke causing him to slip down and tumble. He screamed as he felt the rush of air come at him.

Master Daidalos tossed the camera down to June and then swung over underneath Tatsumi. He catches him and took his hands and pressed against the cliff to slow their descent before grabbing onto another ledge. He threw the butler over his shoulder and began to jump from edge to edge till they finally reached the ground.

Tatsumi's body quivered as he leaned against the hot sand underneath. June handed him the camera while the Master pulled out a sharp rock that had dug into his palm and tosses it.

June walked over and looked at his hand. "Are you okay, Master?"

The Master reached down to his pants and pulled a small piece of fabric from it. He wrapped his bloodied palm and started heading over to the desert. "I still have one other good hand, I'll be just fine." he smiled gently at her. The Master turned to Tatsumi, and helped him up from the ground with his other hand.

The trio continued onto the area where all the huts were at. Tatsumi looked around as the Master went inside the largest one with a pitcher of water for Tatsumi to drink from. The Master poured a cup for Tatsumi only to have the butler grab the pitcher and start chugging straight from there. The Master stood there. He watched as Tatsumi took the rest of it and threw it on his body.

June's frowned underneath her mask. "How dare you! Do you realize how," she felt the Master take his good hand and press her mask against her face. She stopped her outburst and lowered her hands.

"Mr. Tatsumi, water is precious over here since it takes quite a bit of effort to retrieve it fresh. Drink what you need, but put some thought into how you use it."

Tatsumi placed his hand on his forehead and began to wipe it around his face. "Aw, don't worry. I'll be sure to let Mr. Kido know and he'll be glad to give you some extra bottles before we go."

"That's not the point," thought Master Daidalos as he carried the pitcher and the cup back inside.

Tatsumi took the camera and began to film the area. "Over here we have a couple of shacks. There isn't any life here to be seen and the only thing that is around is rocks, rocks, and sand here there. It's almost like hell." It was then he noticed many clay vases, carefully placed in the shadows of the cliffs. "What are those?"

June turned to his direction. "They're our water pots. We keep them outside so anyone who is thirsty." Tatsumi then approached one and pulled the top off.

"My god it's hot out here. How can either one of you stand to be outside like this?" he grabbed it and dumped its contents on his head.

June threw her hands in the air. "You can't do that!"

Tatusmi waved his finger. "You said it was for anyone."

"What's going on out here?" Saint Daidalos came back with three satchels of water. He looked down at the dark splashes on the ground with the water pot next to Tatsumi. He really wished he had that pilot instead.

He threw one of the bottles of water over to June and then handed another to Tatsumi. "Expect the temperature to rise about twenty degrees in the desert. The sand tends to reflect against the sun and can make it very difficult to cross for those who aren't use to it. June will do fine on the main path. We can take the longer side one so that you can stay in the shade. Its only ten minutes…"

"NO WAY!" laughed Tatsumi. "I can handle the desert just as well as she can," he took a moment to think. "The cliff just surprised me. That's all. It's just walking. Ten minutes less in a desert is far better, right?"

The Master turned around and headed straight for the open path. "If that's your choice," the Master muttered to him as he turned toward Tatsumi before heading down a long path. June ran by his side and Tatsumi followed.

It had been an hour since the two left for the site. Tatsumi's water reserves had long since depleted. Master Daidalos along the way told the story and history of the island. However, Tatsumi was too dry and hot to pay attention or turn the camera to him.

"I know it's quite ironic that this place gets to below freezing because of the Ring. Also since this place is near Somalia, we do get pirates every once in a while," spoke the Master as he wiped his brow.

The word caught Tatsumi's attention. "Pirates are still around?"

"It pays better than fishing," replied June.

The Master looked away with his arms crossed. "Our island doesn't have any marine life but the fact that it has a great location between Somalia and Ethiopia and is supposedly uninhabited it's been eyed by quite a few of them. You won't have to worry about the trainees getting hurt from them, unless they pass a certain level of expertise in fighting, I don't allow them to get involved with," Master Daidalos jerked his body as he heard a sick thud to the ground.

"Master!" screamed June as the butler was laying on the sand head first. She quickly flipped him over and pulled out her water satchel to relieve his thirst.

The Master looked over him and checked his pupils. He then lifted him up on his shoulders and blinked out.

June looked around and picked up the radio on her side pocket. "Hello?" she spoke as she contacted Mr. Kido.

"Who is this? Where's Tatsumi?"

She looked down at the speaker and pulled off her mask. It was probably causing the sound to muffle her voice. "This is June, I was the one by Master Daidalos when we met. Anyways, Tatsumi fainted."

Tatsumi opened his eyes as he looked around the Master's hut. The Master had taken off his helmet and was busy placing a seal on an envelope. Tatsumi turned his head over toward the IV pack and started screaming.

The Master looked up as he stood up from his chair, reached over into a bowl, and threw a new wet rag on his bald red head. "Relax, it's just a needle." The Master shook his head as Tatsumi looked like he was about to pass out again. "Tatsumi?" he asked as he folded his arms.

Tatsumi turned weakly at the frowning Silver Saint. "What is it?"

Master Daidalos folded his hands and looked at the window. "Are you truly the one who runs the Kido orphan group?"

Tatsumi thumped his chest. "Of course!"

He shook his head. "Do me a favor; give this to your boss. I'm going to go and retrieve your camera. June just told me that the helicopter will try come as close as it can to over here. I think its best that we call off the tour for now." He walked to the door, "I'll be right back."

Tatsumi turned to the envelope. He shifted his eyes and pulled it open.

Mr. Kido,

Today I have just witnessed the one who protects your one hundred children fall under the hot sun of Andromeda Island while walking from one point to the other. To me, this man, had many terrible choices and had he listened to me, may have actually completed what you have asked him to do. Regardless, he does appear to have a strong outward appearance and that is what worries me.

Many children have perished here, some by the weather, outside forces, by luck, by choice, by a twist of fate and some regretfully by my own hand. However, as tragic as this sounds, they all died, because they chose to come here and have all died with honor.

All I ask before you send the child, I ask that you think of the following question and reconsider. Keep in mind that as stated by the Pope, I will fulfill whatever decision you bestow upon them. You and Tatsumi are his/her guardians after all. However, once he's here, he will be in King Cepheus' hands, and his hands are that to kill all who seek his daughter's Cloth. He is a lying deceitful man. He toys upon their weaknesses, strike when they are at their lowest and if he must, kill with kindness. He is the sacrificial star to the star of sacrifice.

The child fate was dictated by the random choice of a box and not because Athena called to him. In a way, I pity him and his unlucky hand.

Before you send anyone here, all I ask is that you think of this: What chance does a seven year old child have of training here and surviving when a grown man of considerable bulk could not tolerate the sun during a simple stroll?

I cannot guarantee he will become a Saint, but you can guarantee him life. Think about it.

Saint Cepheus Daidalos (Albiore)

Master of the Andromeda Island Training Grounds

Tatsumi's eyes flared up. "How dare he call me weak!" he ripped the letter apart and shoved the remains in his pocket. He gently pulled the IV needle out and approached to door. His large foot kicked it open as he stormed out of the room.

He looked up and noticed the helicopter approaching. A harness was thrown out. Tatsumi grabbed it and he was pulled up.

Mr. Kido and Saori looked over at him. "Tatsumi, what happened? Where is the Saint at?"

Tatsumi walked over and sat in his chair. "I don't know, he was so rude to me. He told me to send whomever; it doesn't matter because they will all die anyways and our orphans were probably unworthy anyways."

The pilot looked over. "He said you passed out and you should see a doctor!"

Tatsumi closed his eyes and placed his hands on his face. "He did, when he forced me to walk through the hellish heat! It was horrible. He took that chain of his and beat me all the way with it, luckily I was able to disarm him and I ran for my life. The desert took its toll and I guess he had a change of heart and allowed me to live."

Mr. Kido felt sick.

The pilot looked around. "It does look like hell, every Silver Saint we've met so far was an asshole, and I guess someone who takes care of this would be the same."

Saori looked outside as the helicopter flew higher in the sky. "I think this place is beautiful. Do you see, Grandfather?" she smiled as she pointed at the island below.

Mr. Kido looked around and had no idea what she was talking about as he stared at the twin volcanoes.

An hour later…

Master Daidalos and June walked over toward his hut. A file was placed over by his door. The Master handed June the large camera and picked it up.

"I guess they decided to go through with it after all," whispered June as she held the door open for him.

The Master walked inside and took off his helmet. He lay over on his desk and sat on his bed. He turned toward the sheets and noticed a small red fingerprint. "Why I am not surprised?" he murmured as he flipped through the pages, reading as much as possible.

June looked around and placed her hands behind her back. "Well?"

The Master knew what was on her mind. He took the picture from a paper clip and handed it to her. "What do you think?"

June scratched her head. "She's not that pretty!" She then tilted the image. "It's a she, right?"

The Master flipped to the front. The pages were bowdlerized to almost being useless to him. "Shun Amimiya," his eyes looked down. "Who in their right mind would censor the gender?"

June turned around and lifted her mask to get a better look. "Is Shun a boy's name or a girl's in Japan?"

The Master shrugged. "If it was Spanish, I could probably tell you," he then placed his hand on his chin, "never had a girl cabin and a boy one before."

June placed her mask back on and turned around. "Master, there's no such thing."

The Master's blue eyes glowed darkly. He didn't like the thought of it, but then again, they'd be only seven or eight. Besides, she was an Amazon and she had given up her gender. He must treat her as so no matter how uncomfortable it made him feel.

He turned his attention over to one of the bigger sections that were not censored in the file. "Family… Mother: Ann Amimiya…. Deceased, Father… unknown…" his eyes than shifted over to one that had been recently updated. "Brother… Ikki Amimiya…. Deceased," he looked over at the date. "That was yesterday."

Prelude 2: Secret! Sneaking off with Seiya

Shun has a really bad feeling something happened to his brother. So he goes off in the night with a little help from a kid he barely knew but was pretty sure he wasn't going to beat him up. Too bad they get half of the orphanage in trouble doing so.

Can you feel your Cosmos Burn?