Bastard! Just leave me alone!

I don't WANT you to stand there, staring down at me with that stunned look on your face! It's a look I know all too well, - it's the look you gave me when I made you try on some proper clothes for once, the look you gave me when I tried to teach you the history of my great nation. It's that same blank, confused look, and I don't want you staring at me like that anymore! Isn't it enough to know that I'm kneeling here in the dirt before you, giving up? You've won, you bastard, you've won! Aren't you happy? Why aren't you rejoicing? Just stop fucking looking at me like that!

This is what you wanted. You WANTED to leave me, to take the high road by yourself. You even enlisted that frog to help you try and win your battles! And yet now it's over, now that you've won, you look as clueless as if you'd just caught me talking to my magical friends. Some friends they are, never showing when they're needed… when I was young, they were all I had, I could never abandon them. When you were young, all you had was me. I thought you could never abandon me. I was clearly wrong.

And STILL you won't leave, you won't even raise your hand and cheer for the defeat of the one you've rebelled against for so long. You're just staring at me with that self-same look, and I can't take it anymore! LEAVE ME BE.


…we… we won? We're free?

I'm supposed to feel happy about this, aren't I? I've spent the last years dreaming of this moment, of the victory, the glory. But now it's all over, and… I don't know what to feel. Maybe it's just that I've never seen you like this… you always seemed so strong. I never thought of you as the type to give up. Back then, you seemed so… big.

But now the only thing running through my mind is – what happened? You tried to hold me down, tried to stop me from leaving, and the more you rejected my attempts, the more I longed to escape. To be free, to live by myself. Maybe you were right; maybe I was nothing more than a brainless child.

No. No, I'm more than that. You admitted defeat, you gave up. But it doesn't feel like real victory when I know you could have killed me so easily. Would I have killed you, had the positions being reversed? I was prepared to. But now, staring down at you as you lie there in the mud, I'm not so sure. I'm seeing a side of you I never thought existed… I had thought of you as an unbeatable force when I was younger. An unstoppable guardian. A giant.

But now, you look so… so little. So defenceless.

…what happened?