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Ok, so I've been DYING to do a Tangled fanfic (because that movie is epically amazing) and now I'VE GOT IT! I finally came up with an idea worth writing. I hope you like it as much as I do because I'm obsessed with working on it! (Honestly, I'd spend my life on this thing if I wasn't so busy) So enjoy, read up, and FLYNN IS AMAZING! :-)

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Truth and Lies

Flynn Rider wasn't sure what awoke him, but from the ominous pit in his stomach, he had the feeling that whatever it was, it wasn't good.

In fact, he was sure of it. As he shot up from his bed, he seemed to be surrounded by a thick, choking invisible fog. And only one thought came to his mind:


He had to find her. Bolting out the door, he looked frantically down the hall, though for some reason, he felt disoriented as ever. But he had to reach her. He had to stop it. Whatever it was.

The snaking hallway was a labyrinth all its own, but still, Flynn raced through the ever-winding hallways, intent on reaching the love of his life. What was wrong? What was making him so anxious? Something was wrong. He couldn't tell why, but he knew. He had to go, now.

After what seemed like years of blindly running, Flynn heard an eerily familiar voice that sent chills down his spine.

"Don't let him fool you, Rapunzel, dear; he won't always be around to protect you…"

No… Flynn thought, Rapunzel's door in sight. Please…please don't let it be—

But as he burst through the door, his fears were realized. Right in front of him was a sight that made Flynn's heart freeze: An aged woman with thick black hair gripped a struggling Rapunzel's wrist with one hand, a razor-sharp dagger in the other.

Gothel was back.

"Ah, Rider…" she said calmly, ignoring the struggling young girl clenched in her fist. "So nice of you to join us…we were just talking about you."

"Let her go, NOW!" Flynn ordered, stomping his boot in rage. He stepped forward, ready to rescue his love and free her from the wicked old woman who had traumatized the first eighteen years of her life. But as soon as he stepped forward, Gothel yanked Rapunzel close and held the dagger to her throat.

"Nuh uh uh," she cautioned, grinning menacingly at the horrified Flynn. "One more step, and you just might regret it."

Flynn froze in his tracks, his heart racing. He stared into Rapunzel's terrified green eyes. There was no way he would cause this beautiful girl's death.

"How did you get here?" Flynn demanded to know. Gothel was dead. Ever since Flynn cut Rapunzel's hair, Gothel had aged beyond her years and plummeted out the window, turning into dust. Now, how was it that she was here? How had she gotten to the thing he most treasured?

"I have my ways," Gothel answered vaguely.

Flynn's heart was still pounding as he stared at the blade in Gothel's hand. "What do you want?"

"An eye for an eye," Gothel answered. "Or more like a life for a life."

"No!" Flynn yelled, frantic for anyway to save Rapunzel. "Please, I'll do anything! Just leave her alone!"

"Now, why would I want to do that?" Gothel just gripped the dagger even tighter. "You took the treasure from my life…I'm simply returning the favor."

"No, please!" Flynn's heart dropped as he envisioned what was about to happen. "Kill me," he said breathlessly, "kill me instead. Please…"

"Eugene—" Rapunzel choked out, but Gothel just shot her a deathly gaze.

"You hear that, dear?" she hissed. "He'd be willing to die for you." Then her face melted into an awful smile. "Let's see if you'd be willing to do the same."

Then, with that, Gothel drew back the dagger, and before Flynn could react, plunged it into the young girl's chest.


"No!" Flynn shouted, jolting out of his slumber. His heart pounded against his chest as he recalled the awful scene that he had just witnessed. But now it was gone, and he was back in his bed, drenched in a cold sweat.

The horrifying scene was gone.

Flynn took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, but nothing could erase that terrifying moment where he saw Rapunzel ripped away from him. If anything like that happened to her…he had no idea what he would do. Rapunzel was his world.

Flynn slowly emerged from the bed, trying his best not to make any noise as he crept across the cold marble floor over to where his coat hung on the wall. He carefully dug through the pocket, and then slowly pulled out a little square case. Opening it, he spotted the beautiful ring inside, the diamond stone sparkling with the moonlight that seeped through the curtains. A feeling of pride swept through him. He hadn't stolen this ring, for once. He had worked. Worked his hardest for the woman he loved.

He would give it to her tomorrow, he decided, though he had much deliberation if he should give it to her at all. What if she wasn't ready? Flynn knew that Rapunzel loved him…at least, he hoped she did. With her, it was sort of hard to tell. She seemed to love everything, and everyone. Flynn chuckled as he remembered how she quickly befriended all the thugs at the Snuggly Duckling. That girl had a heart of gold.

Still, it was amazing, how Flynn felt about her. Over time, he had tried to woo many women, and most of the time, he was successful. But still, Rapunzel made him feel…ugh, he just couldn't describe it. She made him feel like a whole new man.

And he was a whole new man. That girl had changed him, that's for sure. His thieving days were a thing of the past. In fact, when he had returned Rapunzel to her home, she made sure that Flynn was pardoned of all his crimes, and she also made sure that he wouldn't have to be living out in the wilderness and roughing it ever again. That's how he ended up here—in the King's palace. The King had given him a room to stay in as long as he needed to, and Flynn was eternally grateful. Now he could be with Rapunzel every day.

It amazed him, really. He didn't love Rapunzel for her money, or her prestige, or the fact that she could make his wrongs disappear from every record. It was her. For the first time, Flynn Rider loved a girl not for what she had, but who she was.

And now, Rapunzel had been chosen to pick a suitor as prince. And prince…man, that was something big. But that wasn't why Flynn was going to propose tomorrow. That wasn't why he was going to get down on one knee and pledge his love to that young lady—no, he was doing it because of her. And if he was rejected, yeah, that would hurt, tremendously, but if Rapunzel was happy with someone else, that was who she needed to be with.

Flynn sighed and slipped the ring back into the pocket of the coat. He had no clue why he was worrying so much. Rapunzel seemed like she really did love him. And Flynn definitely loved her back.

This was why he needed to see her—right then. Slipping on a robe, he eased the door open as quietly as he could. He didn't need any guards interrogating him on why he was out wandering the castle in the middle of the night.

The lanterns on the wall lit the beautifully polished golden walls of the castle, and the patterned rug under Flynn's feet that bore the kingdom flower. Though the hall was magnificent, every step made him think of Rapunzel's paintings—her talent was much better than anything the castle designers could come up with.

The first thing Flynn noticed as he neared Rapunzel's room was that there were no guards stationed outside her door. But, for Rapunzel, that wasn't that unusual. The girl never had been fond of the kingdom guards, especially since they had almost hung Flynn for his treachery. Even now, even after he'd reformed, they watched him with a wary eye, constantly, and Flynn and Rapunzel both were happy to escape from them from time to time.

The second thing Flynn noticed as he entered the princess's room was the pure chill of the room. The windows were wide open. Though that was a bit odd, it wasn't completely out of the ordinary. Since Rapunzel had been locked in a tower for practically her whole life, she often opened up the castle window before she went to bed to take in the miraculous change of view that the castle had to give her. She just must have forgotten to close the shutters this time.

The thing that really seemed out of the ordinary to Flynn was Rapunzel's bed itself; blankets, sheets, everything was strewn every which way, dragged on the floor to reveal that the princess no longer was there.

The sight gave Flynn a jolt, and he quickly tiptoed over to the disordered array of covers. Maybe Rapunzel was just sleeping under all that chaos.

But as Flynn pulled up sheet after another, he grew more and more anxious as there was no sign of his beloved princess. Finally, as he ripped back the last blanket, there was no sign of Rapunzel, but instead, her chameleon, Pascal, lay huddled on the mattress with his eyes covered. His hue was a sickly black, and the sight sent chills down Flynn's spine.

Flynn's first thought was: The frog ate her! But he knew even that was outlandish. No, something truly terrible had happened here.

"What happened?" he urgently asked the chameleon, who had just noticed his presence. "Where is she?"

Pascal nervously squeaked and pointed a scaly finger towards the open window.

Flynn couldn't believe what he was hearing—or rather, seeing. "Did she run away?" he asked. That wouldn't make any sense at all. Rapunzel had just been freed from her tower and put in this castle—why would she want to leave now? She never made it seem like she didn't like it. In fact, she adored it here.

Pascal shook his head, and then he imitated some kind of monster-looking thing, growling and putting his little fingers in front of his mouth to show fangs.

Now Flynn knew the truth. "Someone…Someone took her?"

Pascal nodded his little head rapidly.

"Oh…oh, no…" was all Flynn could say as he rushed to the open window and looked down. The kidnappers had not left a trace; no rope, no stepping stones, no arrows in the wall so they could scale up—nothing. But he was sure, because the tiles on the castle roof looked scuffed and broken, as if boots had skittered across it. Although, come to think of it, that might have been Flynn's own scuff marks.

But that wasn't the point. The point was, Rapunzel was gone. Some thug had taken that beautiful girl and who knows what they'd do with her? Flynn had no second to waste. The thought of Rapunzel being in danger…images of his dream flashed through his mind. He had to do something.

He felt like jumping out that window and chasing after her captors himself, but he knew he couldn't just do that. He needed to warn someone, now. Someone who cared about Rapunzel just as much as he did. Someone who would help him find her, no matter what it cost him. And then he realized who he could tell:

The king and queen.

Without a second to waste, Flynn scooped up Pascal and started running down the hall, desperate to reach Rapunzel's parents, as images of the final scene of his nightmare repeated mercilessly in his mind.


And over…

And over again.