Author's Note: Here I am, with a new story about my all-time favorite couple, Haruka and Michiru. The following piece is based on the wonderful movie "Ghost", with Patrick Swayze (spelling?) Anyway, have fun.

Disclaimer: I don't own Haruka or Michiru, and I don't own the movie "Ghost". So don't sue me.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to my friend Catti, she's always there for me.

Ghost: Message from Haruka Prologue: Horrible News

Haruka was on her way home, driving down Hinashi Street. It was already dark outside, and the blonde was tired from a long, hard day on the racetrack. She couldn't wait to come home and have a nice bath…and to see Michiru again. The blonde racer smiled at the thought of her lover, but her smile turned into a frown when the traffic light ahead switched to red. Sighing, Haruka brought her car to a stop and waited for the light to go green again. That was when another car pulled up next to her. Haruka looked over to it,  to see two men sitting inside. One of them suddenly pushed his door open, slamming it against Harukas car, and got out. "Hey!" the blonde yelped and jumped out of the car herself. "Can't you…" She never finished the sentence. The man suddenly pulled something out from under his jacket, and then the silence of the night was disturbed by a shot ringing. Blood splashed over the window of Harukas car, and a lifeless body fell to the ground.

Michiru sat in the living room, looking at the clock that hung on the wall every five minutes. "Haruka, it's already half past eleven…where are you?" Another ten minutes went by without Haruka arriving at home. Finally, the door bell rang, and Michiru literally jumped over to the door and opened. Two police officers stood outside, one woman and one man. Both looked slightly uncomfortable, and Michiru felt a terrible fear rising inside her. "Y-yes please?" she stuttered. "Michiru Kaioh?" the woman now spoke, and Michiru nodded, her uneasy feeling increasing. "You live here with Haruka Tenoh, right?" Michiru nodded again, suddenly knowing that something was wrong. She just knew it. "Something happened to her, right?" the aqua haired woman whispered. The male officer nodded. "We are very sorry, but…Miss Tenoh was shot two hours ago. She…" "No." Michiru whispered. "No, she can't be…she isn't dead, right? Tell me that she's alive…" The man turned away, and his female colleague looked down on the floor. "She is dead." Realization struck Michiru so hard that she almost stumbled back. Dead, dead, Haruka is dead, she is dead…Her mind was raving. The officers both turned away and closed their eyes when a terrible scream freed itself from Michirus throat. The aqua haired woman screamed until she broke down.

The pathologist removed the white cloth from the body that laid on the metal desk, and Michiru looked at it. Short cut, blonde hair, matted with blood, strong, masculine features…"Yes.". Michiru softly spoke. "It's Haruka." The doctor nodded and put the cloth back over Harukas face. "I'm sorry." The doctor said, but Michiru didn't hear him. She watched how the metal table was shoved back into the cooling room and broke down crying.

To be continued…