Author's Note: Before any of you are wondering why I'm writing Ending Number 1 in the middle of the chapter: I decided to make two endings. A happy one, and a sad one. Number 1 is the sad one, so if you don't like it, skip it and read the happy one. *crickets chirp* What am I talking about?! Read both of them please and tell me which one you like better!

And just a little side note to this person who informed about Sailor Uranus returning again and again: Haruka and Michiru are no Senshi in this story, just in case you didn't notice.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

"Haruka!" Michiru screamed, shocked. Yamada dropped his gun and stared at his shot opponent in horror. "How…how…" he stuttered. Haruka turned her head to look at him; she pressed both hands against her rib area, and blood was running over her fingers. The bullet had gone right through her and now laid on the bed, bloodstained. Slowly, the blonde stood up. Yamada dropped his gun in shock, yelping. Haruka took a few steps in his direction, her wounds bleeding more with each second. Michiru sat on the bed, staring in shock; somehow her lover had come back from the dead. And maybe would die once more. Meanwhile, the blonde had reached the gun; she picked it up and aimed it at Yamada. The evil racer saw the exit wound and gasped in shock. The bullet had torn the flesh open, and the wound was as big as a child's fist; bloody, white splinters that looked like pieces of hardened sugar were sticking in the flesh, and Yamada realized that they came from one of the ribs the bullet had busted in pieces on it's way out. "Don't…" he whispered. "Don't kill me…I'm sorry, I…" Haruka just growled at him, blood running from her mouth. And then, she pulled the trigger.

As soon as Yamada fell to the floor, Haruka dropped the gun, moaning in pain. She fell to her knees, and that tore Michiru out of her rigor. She ran to her lover's side, kneeling down and putting her arms around her. Haruka pressed both hands against the wound in her side, moaning. "Haruka…oh God, Haruka…" Michiru whispered, tears running down her face. "Please don't leave me again…please, don't die…" "Mi…Michiru…" the blonde looked at her lover, with pain filled eyes. Slowly, careful, Michiru laid Haruka on her back, holding her tight. "Just hold on…I'll call the ambulance…I'll be right back…" the aqua haired woman sobbed.

Ending Number One: Rest In Peace

"No." Haruka whispered, blood running from her lips and staining her shirt red. "Please…stay. I'm dying, Michi." "No." Michiru cried, clutching to the dying Haruka as tight as she could, as if she could prevent her death by doing that. "You can't leave me again…you can't…" "I'm…sorry." Haruka whispered. Suddenly, her eyes widened, and her gaze became distant. "Galen…" she whispered, reaching out to someone only she could see. Michiru realized what was going on, and she started to panic. "No! Haruka, you have to stay! Don't go!" Galen smiled at the dying woman and took her hand into his. "You will go to Heaven now, Haruka. You sacrificed yourself out of true love. You deserve it." Haruka gave him a weak smile. "Good to know that, my friend." She whispered. Michiru held her tight, not caring about whom she was talking to. "Ready to go?" Galen asked. "Soon." Haruka replied. She looked at Michiru one last time. "Michi…I love you…" "I love you, too." Michiru sobbed. She realized that there was nothing she could do for Haruka. "I'll…rest in peace now." Haruka whispered, reaching out to caress Michirus face. She saw the blood on her fingers, and her hand fell back to her side. "See you in Heaven." The blonde whispered, a weak smile crossing her face. Michiru buried her face in Harukas chest, and all her misery broke free in racked sobs when Harukas heart stopped beating. She held her dead lover tight for a very long time.

Ending Number Two: Heavenly Help

"That won't be necessary." A deep, male voice suddenly spoke. Both Haruka and Michiru turned their heads to see a tall man, all dressed in white, with long beard and long hair standing next to the bed. "Who…who are you?" Michiru asked, while Haruka smiled at the man, despite the pain she felt. "Galen." The blonde spoke, earning an odd look from Michiru. "You…made me human again…right?" Haruka now asked, coughing up blood as soon as she had finished her sentence. Galen smiled and nodded. "I saw the love you feel for this pretty lady here." He explained. "You deserve to live on, Haruka." Michiru pulled the blonde closer and cried: "What use does it have when you make her human, and now she dies anyway?" Galen chuckled at Michiru, who looked at him, shocked. "But young lady, who said that she will die?" the elderly man then asked. Michiru just stared at him, and her eyes grew wide when Galen put his hands on Harukas and gently removed them from the wound in her side. He laid his palms on it, causing Haruka to gasp, and a concentrated look appeared on his face. And then, with ugly gobbling noises, the wound closed. Haruka moaned in pain during the healing procedure; the veins on her neck stood out like cables, and sweat appeared on her brow. Michiru held her tight, too stunned to say anything. Finally, the wound had completely disappeared; the only prove that it had been there was the blood on Harukas shirt. "Dear God…" Michiru whispered while Haruka sat up, perfectly well. And alive. "Actually, God sent me." Galen informed the couple. "And now I have to leave again. I wish you a very nice and long life, Haruka." "Thanks." The blonde sighed. She stood up and hugged Galen, who gave her a surprised look, but didn't say anything. "See you in…ah, let's say, fifty years  or so." The elderly angel smiled. Haruka smiled back while she helped Michiru to her feet and put her arms around her. "See you in Heaven…?" the blonde finally asked, unsure about the answer. Galens smile grew broader, and he nodded. "See you in Heaven, Haruka. And you too, Michiru…if you don't do anything nasty until you die, that is." Michiru smiled at the elderly angel and shook her head. "I won't." "Good." Galen nodded. He waved a last goodbye to the couple before he disappeared in a flash of white light. Haruka looked down at Michiru, who still seemed a little dazed. "Are you okay?" the blonde asked. Michiru nodded, and Haruka bent down. Their lips met in a soft kiss, and the blondes heart sang with joy. "That's what I missed." She whispered into her lover's ear after they had broken the kiss again. "I love you, Michiru." "I love you, too." Michiru whispered, burying her face in Harukas chest. Haruka held her tight, and they stood like that, embracing each other, for a very long time.