Hell Yeah!

Part One: Bright Opportunities

It was an ordinary day in Las Angeles, and everybody at Hollywood Arts was going about their days as usual, with the idea that their futures were bright, and full of opportunity. Little did they know that the events of the next few weeks would take away all those opportunities, and change their lives, forever!

At Hollywood Arts, Katrina was buying a beer from the drink dispenser. She picked it up and drank it. "Uh, hu!" She gasped at the strong drink.

"Ha Trina, what's up?" Asked Tori as she walked up.

"Not much." Said Trina in a mature, normal voice. "I was just heading to my next class, and was thinking that I'd stop by my locker when the..."

"Trina, are you drunk?" Asked Tori.

"Uh, cu!" Coughed Trina as she whipped her head around. "Sorry about that, hu hu hu." She laughed stupidly as she fell and her head banged into a locker.

"Ah." Said Tori. A small, yellow robot, which flew, came up to them, and started shooting Tori and Trina in the crotch. "What the hell?" Asked Tori.

"Ha guys, I was just working on this new robot of mine, pretty cool hu?" Asked Robby.

"Why did you build a robot?" Asked Tori.

"It's better than self mutilation." Stated Robby.

"That's your argument?" Asked Trina, who's head was still against the locker.

"I wasn't argruing with him!" Yelled Tori.

"Please don't yell at me." Said Trina in an upset voice.

"No." Said Tori.

"Alright, there's some people, there's some people, uh, hu, loo..." Started a man with two camera men.

"Ha, those men have cameras!" Yelled Trina as she ran over to them, and tried to get into the spotlight. One of the camera men turned, and his mic hit Trina and she fell on the ground.

"Ha, look, I can make it come right back with this homing de..." Started Robby as the robot flew back and hit him in the face. "Uh, uh!" Yelled Robby, who's face was all covered in blood, as he fell on the floor.

"Ha, who's that loser?" Asked Jade as she walked up.

"I don't know, he just came in with the camera me..." Started Tori.

"No I meant Robby." Said Jade.

"Ha guys, missed ya this morning." Said Beck as he walked in the door.

"Where were you, it's almost eleven?" Asked Tori.

"It is, damn, I gotta get a watch." Said Beck as he took the spilled can of beer from Trina and started to drink it.

"Ha, what're you doing here, with, those?" Asked Tori.

"I'm here to shoot a new T.V show, and they're carrying the cameras." Stated the man.

"Whoa, what's your show about?" Asked Robby as he stood up.

"Who's the freak covered in blo..." Started the man, who's name was Brian.

"Don't bother with him." Said Jade.

"Okay, well, the show is about real teenagers in Hollywood, that's it." Said Brian.

"Ha, we're teenagers, and we're in Hollywood." Stated Trina.

"Really." Said Beck.

"Did that floor person just talk?" Asked Brian.

"Ya, she just fel..." Started Tori.

"No, I meant him." Said Brian referring to Beck.

"He wasn't on the floor." Said Jade.

"I can't pay attention to everything!" Yelled Brian. "So, we're holding auditions tomorrow in the auditorium, be there if you want to be on T.V."

"We'll be there Brian." Said Tori.

"Great." Said Brian.

"I'll be there too." Said Robby.

"Uh, that's alright." Said Brian as he backed away from him. "The show's called "Hell Yeah."

"Forget it." Said Jade.

"It's called "The Wood." Said Brian.

"I'm in." Said Jade.

"Great, by." Said Brian as he walked off. He shoved Trina into a locker.

"Ha, ya think that guy was from T.V?" Asked Trina, who didn't notice getting shoved into a locker.

"Nope." Said Beck.

Later, at the outside cafeteria, the group was sitting at a table, eating. "What if we really got on T.V, that'd be awesone." Said Beck.

"My life's always awesome, when I'm with you." Said Jade, still unethused.

"Ya, when you are." Said Beck.

At the concession cart, Trina and Robby were arguing with Festus, the food cart manager. "Ha, come on, ha!" They yelled.

"Alright, here, the last churro." Said Festus as she handed it to Robby.

"Ha, give that to me!" Demanded Trina.

"No, it's mine!" Yelled Robby as she wrestled him over it.

"Give me a churro!" Demanded Trina as she attacked Festus.

"No, we're out!" He yelled as he pushed at her with a broom.

"Give it!" Yelled Trina as she pulled on the broom, and nearly pulled him out of the cart.

"Ha, let go!" Yelled Festus.

"No, ah!" Yelled Trina.

"On!" Yelled Festus.

"Fine!" Yelled Trina as she let go of the broom.

"Uh!" Yelled Festus as the broom hit him in the face and broke his nose. He fell back on the burner. "Ah!" He rolled over, pulled on a cabinet, and fell on the floor, and a ton of silverwear and food fell on him, then the cabinet as well. "Ah!"

"Oops." Said Trina.

At the "Hell Yeah" auditions, the group was waiting to audition. Tori sat in the chair. "Ha, name's Tori Vega, really excited!" She said.

"What's your name?" Asked the man.

"...Tori." She repeated, still enthused.

"So, tell us about your life." Said the man.

"Well, my sister is the reason I came to Hollywood Arts, and my best friends are her, Robby, Andre, Beck, my ex-boyfriend, and Jade, she dates my ex-boyfriend, a..." Started Tori.

"Alright." Said the man. Another person came up. "So, what do you do?" Asked the man.

"Well, I like music, and, uh..." Started Andre.

"He's in." Said the man. Trina then came up. "So, why should you be on our show?" Asked the man.

"Well, I love T.V, and, acting and money, and, hu!" She started enthusiastically.

"Thank you, next." Said the man.

"Hm!" Trina angrily left.

"So, what do you hate?" Asked the man.

"Well, I hate pink, and, soft tissues." Said Jade. "And, lavender, and, Tori." Tori waved at her. "And, walnuts, and, periods, and, sulfur water, people who wear sunglasses inside, a..." She went on. Brian angrily threw his sunglasses off.

Robby then walked up and sat in the chair. "Next." Said the man. Robby then left.

Later, Beck was sitting in the chair. "So, that's how I do my hair, with that gel I invented, and, uh, love tacos, especially the ones with no real meat, a..." He went on. The men sat there, looking bored, and irritated. "And, those combs that have sparkles on them, and those saggy dogs, a..."

"We'll let you on the show if you stop talking!" Yelled the man.

"Alright!" Yelled Beck.

In the principals office, Robby and Trina were talking to the principal. "You hurt Festes, with a broom and f***in' frier!" Yelled the principal.

"Ha, I was just there, she f***in' attacked the guy for a freakin' churro." Argued Robby.

"Ha, f***, wouldn't give me a damn churro, f***in', just want damn, f*** ass churro, p***y stand guy." Argued Trina.

"Well, I don't care, he's hurt, so I want you to take over the stand." Said the principal.

"What, no, why, hu, hu." Panted Trina.

"Well, he did get hurt, we probably should." Said Robby.

"No, I will not, help that freakin', dumbass, ah!" Yelled Trina as she attacked the principal.

"Ah, assault, assault!" Yelled the principal. Robby walked out the door.

Later at Tori's house, she was walking in the livingroom in her robe, when the camera men walked in. "Ah! What are you doing here?" She asked.

"We're here to start filming." Said Brian.

"Okay, what do you want my to do?" Asked Tori.

"Uh." Said Trina as she walked down the stairs.

"Ha Trina, the people are here to start filming." Said Tori.

"Whatever." Said Trina as she walked back upstairs.

"Okay, so, uh, there..." Started Tori. The phone rang. "...That's my phone, ya want me to..." She started.

"Yes, answer it!" Yelled Brian.

"Okay, hello, oh, ha Grandma, ya it's me, Tori, ya, that one." She started. "It's been forever since I've seen you, you're super so, how've you been? That's good. Me to." She went on. "Really, a new one?" She asked in a curious voice. "She loves cats, she has a ton of em'." She said to the camera men. "No that's okay, put him on. I love pussycats." She said. "Ha, baby!" She said in a baby voice. "Ah, that is the cutest, purring." She said to the cat. The men just watched, smiling. "Ah, I could scratch your tummy. Ah, just wag your tail, ah. Ah, see ya soon." She said as she hung up. "So, what do we do ne..." She started.

"Well gotta go, see ya." Said Brian as they packed up and left.

"By!" Said Tori in an enthused voice.

The next day, Trina and Robby were managing the cart, and tons of people were swarming to get food. "Ah, ha, ha!" Yelled the crowd.

"Get back, piss off, eat d***." Yelled Robby and Trina at the crowd. Trina screamed, and threw forks at the crowd.

Beck and Andre were talking. "Ha, mind if we film you?" Asked Brian as he walked up.

"Sure." Said Beck. Andre was taked away. "Well, today, I was ju..." His phone rang. "That's my phone, can I..." He started.

"Answer it!" Yelled Brian.

"Hello, ha sis, it's her, my sister." He said to the camera men. "Ya, Tori, still broke up, ya, the order, uh, the regular condomns, ya, love sex, the fallacios? Ya, love it too, great. And, got the ultra porous, oh, the lavender, girlfriend, and got a new one, ya, uh, Jade, ya." Brian just watched, serious.

Robby ran up. "Ha, a fork, through my hand!" He screamed at Beck.

"Come on! Go!" Yelled a man as he pushed him away.

"Your p***y is mine." Said Beck to Robby, still on the phone. "Ya, Robby's coming over, might have to let him join in. Can't wait for the ski getaway. "Ya, those ice pops, I could suck that all day, oh, so tonight, really excited, big show, maybe I'll call Jade, makes me happy, when I get like that, those tits, so, call me when you want to talk, okay, by." Said Beck as he hung up. "So, about my day, I..." He started.

"By." Said Brian as he ran, dropped the cameras.

"Awesome." Said Beck.

That night at Tori's house, Tori was waiting for Trina. "Trina, the show's coming on!" She yelled.

"Don't care about your damn show!" Yelled Trina.

"Ha, ready for the show." Said Andre as he walked in.

"How did you get in here?" Asked Tori.

"I don't know." Said Andre.

"Ha, ready for the show." Said Beck as he walked down with Jade.

"What is she doing here?" Moaned Tori.

"What is she doing here?" Moaned Jade.

"It's my house, hu." Groaned Tori.

Trina walked down, soalking. "We gonna do this?"

"Ya, it's on." Said Tori. She turned on the T.V.

"This is real T.V, really about real teenagers, this is, Hell Yeah!" Said the narrator.

"Said it was the wood." Moaned Jade.

"Shh!" Yelled Andre.

"Beck Oliver is deeply in love with his sweety, Jade West, and he sweet, ice pops." Said the narrator.

"Those ice pops." Said Beck in a clip.

"But, is Beck looking for a new flavor, double dipping?" Asked the narrator.

In clips, Beck and Tori talk. "Ha baby!" Yelled Tori.

"Hello?" Said Beck.

"It's me, Tori." Said Tori.

"Ha." Said Beck. There was a change in frame. "Tori."

"You're super." Said Tori.

"Your p***y is mine." Said Beck.

"It's been forever since I've seen you." Said Tori.

"I could suck that all day." Said Beck.

"How've you been?" Tori asked.

"Great, so tonight." Said Beck.

"That's okay." Said Tori.

"The ultra porous, love the fellecios." Said Beck.

"Ya, that one." Said Tori.

"And got a new one." Said Beck.

"Really, a new one?" Asked Tori in a curious voice.

"The lavender, girlfriend." Said Beck. "Ya, Robby's coming over, might have to let him join in." Said Beck.

"That's okay, put him on." Said Tori.

"Uh, Jade, okay?" Said Beck.

"I love p***y." Said Tori.

"Those tits." Said Beck.

"She has a ton of em'." Said Tori.

"Can't wait." Said Beck.

"I could scratch you tummy." Said Tori.

"When I get like that." Said Beck.

"That is the cutest purring." Said Tori.

"So, call me when you want to..." Started Beck.

"Just wag your tail." Said Tori. "Ah, ah, ah, ah." She said in different frames. The whole group watched, confused, except for Beck. "Did they?" Asked Jade.

"Think so." Said Andre.

"Shh." Said Beck.