Hell Yeah!

Part Three: Life and Death

It had been two days since Jade had killed Brian and since Robbie and Trina had left for the lock smith shop. By now, Tori and Beck were full on with thier fake relationship, and all their regrets were nearly fully deminished, but little did they know just what fame would hand them.

At Gaycon, Tori and Beck were answering the questions thrown to them by the gay of gay apparent community, but were unenthused, for other things on their minds. "Ya, what's it like, being hetero?" Asked a gay guy.

"Oh, it's fantastic, you're happy all the time, ya, you will never know that feeling." Stated Beck.

"Ha, give me a statement for my newsletter." Stated a reporter.

"Ya I got a statement for ya, uh, f*** you, and, f*** Gaycon, and you can f*** all the f**s and f** fanatics who come to it, put that in your damn newsletter." Stated Tori sourly.

"Okay that's enough questions, thank you." Said Beck. The crowd left.

"So, the criuise is tomorrow, remember?" Asked Tori.

"How can I forget, once the press photographs us getting on the largest ship in the world together, this whole thing will be official and we'll be set as celebrities." Stated Beck.

"Ya, and, once this is all done, and we can move on, will you go back to Jade?" Asked Tori.

"Jade, na, to be honest I never really liked her, I just wanted her for her money." Stated Beck.

"She doesn't have any money." Said Tori.

"Really, damn." Said Beck.

"Ya know, my therapist said that everything happens for a reason, when the crew came with their auditions I thought it was just another hollow attempt at my dreams, but who would have thought, that it would lead to all this, maybe that's what this was all about." Stated Tori.

"Ya, and maybe it's about more." Stated Beck. "I mean, you and I, we may have had our rough times in the past week, but we've always been great friends, what if you and I were always meant for each other, and it took all this to make us realize it."

"I never thought of that, but, what about Jade, she's never cared much for me, but I think she really cares for you, I don't think it'd be right to take you from her, just because of that show." Said Tori.

"Tori, she doesn't want me back, all that matters to her is getting revenge on you. I mean, if Jade stole me from you, you'd make all your attempts to get me back, before you killed her." Said Beck.

"That is true, alright, let's do it." Said Tori as she clapped her hands.

"What?" Asked Beck.

"Let's try out this relationship, when we get on that boat, we can honestly say we're getting on together, and will more than likely be getting off together." Stated Tori.

"Okay, sounds good to me, girlfriend?" Asked Beck.

"Okay, boyfriend." Said Tori. The two shook hands.

In a gay themed test your strength booth, a woman with a hat and many other sundries from the stands on was watching them slightly irregularly, so not to make it obvious. It was Jade, and she was too busy contemplating to listen to their words. "So this is it, one more day, and Tori will finally be mine. I've waited years to get her, but now I finally have an excuse, and there isn't one jilted jurer in the world who would prosecute me for doing it." She said to herself.

"Ha lady, are you going to test your strength?" Asked a person in a red dress and had curled blond hair.

"Oh, no thank you ma'am, I'm too busy contemplating my revenge." Said Jade.

"I understand, and it's sir." Stated the apparent man.

"Ah, I'm sorry." Said Jade.

"Not as sorry as I am." Said the man, depressed. Jade just walked away.

Somewhere in Eastern California, Trina and Robbie were driving their stolen car, still handcuffed together, only now Trina had on a blue bandana around the top of her head, had on sunglasses, and a short sleaved jean jacket and white button down shirt, and Robbie had on a black leather jacket, sunglasses, had his hair slicked to flat, greased black, a white and blue shirt, and both had on jeans, similar to Thelma and Louis, but with a lot more cussing. "How the f*** much farther do you think it is to that damn f***in' locksmith?" Asked Trina as she drove on.

"Stop asking, the more you ask the longer it takes us to get there!" Yelled Robbie.

"That doesn't make any damn sense! How the hell would me asking how far it is make it any f***in' farther!" Demanded Trina.

"Don't f***in' yell at me dammit, it's your own damn fault we even had to steal this f***in' car and drive two thousand damn miles, just to get to a f***in' locksmith." Stated Robbie.

"No it's not you ass!" Yelled Trina.

"Ya, you're the bastard who smashed that freakin' broom in Festes' face, knocked him on to the grill, and made him get crushed by a cabinet!" Yelled Robbie.

"Hu, ya I guess it was my fault, but it was all the more your fault for being with me, at the time." Stated Trina.

"Ya, and also it you had been able to submission that ass h*** principal from cuffing us we'd still be at school, and would be able to watch Tori and Beck do the fame thing, and what about the bet? If Jade takes in Tori and I don't cash in, I'm gonna be pissed." Stated Trina.

"Ya, I put a hundred dollars on Jade, I hope she kills her, she's one of my best friends, but she's not a hundred dollars best." Stated Robbie.

"Damn straight!" Yelled Trina. "Ah s***, running low on gas."

"Oh, pull over, there's a station right here." Said Robbie as they pulled over.

A strange man walked up to them, and stood on the driver's side. He held up the pump and spoke to Trina. "Can I fill you up?"

"Just fill the freakin' car dammit!" Yelled Trina.

"Hu!" Yelled the crowd.

"Hu!" Said Robbie. Trina stared at him. "Everybody else did it." He said as he lowered into his seat.

"We do not use that kind of language in Eastern California, you ho ass prick!" Yelled the man.

"Scuse mwa?" Asked Trina.

"We can talk to women in whatever way we want!" Yelled the man.

"Ya, take that you..." Started Robbie. Trina looked, angrily at him "Never mind."

"Okay, after last night when that cop got all pissy for us having sex in that discount drive through, I think we need to find a motel, or something with walls and no judgement." Stated Trina.

"We don't have the money for that, we just brought the money for the locksmith." Stated Robbie.

"How did you know how much it would cost?" Asked Trina.

"I didn't, I just took all the money I could grab from those old lady's purses." Stated Robbie.

"Good idea, well with the motel, we tell them we'll pay in the morning, and in the morning once our luxury has already been collected, we'll leave without paying, then the same the next night." Stated Trina.

"Ya, but won't word go around about us, traveling East, and get to other motels?" Asked Robbie.

"We'll worry about that when it comes up." Said Trina.

"Ya, you know, we pulled this whole thing together, and work it all out, maybe this could be the start of something, a friendship, or even relationship." Stated Robbie.

They both sat there a second. "Ha ha ha!" They laughed loudly.

"Ya, if that ever happpens, push me down some stairs." Said Trina.

"Don't have any, how about under the car?" Asked Robbie.

"Ya, just find some stairs." Insisted Trina.

"Alright, all done." Said the man, who had finished filling the tank.

"Thanks, see ya!" Yelled Trina as they drove off, quickly.

"Ha, gas theives, stop them!" Yelled the men.

The police shot at them with thier slingshots, but they got away.

"Ha ha, see ya you posers!" Yelled Robbie.

"That was so intense, I ju..." Started Trina. She grabbed Robbie, started kissing him, and the two began to have sex while she drove.

"You wanna down shift first?" Asked Robbie.

"Ya, first, then all the way to third." Said Trina, passionately.

"Oh!" Moaned Robbie as they kissed. Trina began to remove her shirt.

At the dock, there were hundreds of regular people, who were quite eager to watch rich people get on the boat. A crane, operated by a poor man, lifted a carriage on to the boat, and a homeless man was pushing a cart and asking for money. A carriage pulled up. The driver got out, and took the white gloved hand of the passenger on the left. It was Tori, and she stepped out of the cart, with a large white sun hat on. "So, this is the boat everyone's talking about?" She asked as she looked at the large boat.

"Yep, they say it's the biggest boat ever made, you know that's not in a museum." Stated Beck, who was clad in a fancy black suit, a button down shirt, and had new, polished shoes on.

"This is going to be the perfect place to start our togetherness, and it's all thanks to Brian, we should send him a thank you card." Stated Tori.

"Sure, if we remember." Said Beck.

In a tavern near the pier, there were some filthy people playing cards at an unwashed table. There were three poor men, and a ratty, filthy looking woman. She turned up her head, and revealed it was Jade. "Alright, ante up." She said.

"Ah, she's taken us for all we're worth." Stated a man in an Irish accent.

"Now we're forced to bet the tickets." Said the other man, who happened to be Jade's dad.

"Okay, if we win this one, we're on that boat!" Yelled Jade's partner, who's name was Arthur.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Okay, show your hands!" Demanded the Irish man. "Pair of twos!"

"Ha, take that, pair of threes!" Yelled Jade's dad.

"We're on the same team." Said the Irish man.

"Ya I know." Said Jade's dad. He loved to win.

"Well, all I got is a pair of twos, Jade, we need fours to win." Stated Arthur.

"Shut up Arthur!" Yelled Jade. She picked up a card, discarded one, and placed it into her hand. "Arthur, I'm sorry."

"Ah dammit Jade no!" Yelled Arthur as he banged his fist on the table and the whole bar stared.

"No, sorry I ever met you, four kings, Ace high." Said Jade as she layed down her cards.

"Ah." Said the Irish man.

"No!" Screamed Jade's dad as he slammed his face on the table and began to cry.

"Suck it up you f**, yes, it's happened, now my destiny can be realized." Stated Jade.

"You'd better hurry, the ship leaves in five minutes!" Yelled the bar tender.

"Okay!" Yelled Jade as she took the tickets, and most of her dad's money, and left for the ship.

"Ah, how am I going to get home?" Asked Jade's dad. The Irish man got up and left.

On the ship, Tori and Beck were greeted by a rather unusual looking man. "Ah, Ms. Vega, Mr. Oliver, welcome aboard."

"Thanks weird looking guy!" Yelled Beck.

"My pleasure." Said the man.

The two boarded the ship. "Uh." Said Tori as she took off her fancy apparel and got into her leather wear. "Glad that's over."

"I don't have to live this lie another minute." Said Beck as he unbuttoned two buttons on his jacket.

Jade walked up to the boat. "I don't see your name on this list." Said the weird looking man.

"Ha, you're the guy from the strength tester booth!" Declared Jade.

There was a short pause. "Welcome aboard ma'am." Said the man as he let her in.

"Thank you." Said Jade as she went on.

"Whatever." Said the man.

Arthur walked up. "Got my ticket."

"Shut up Arthur!" Yelled the man.

Later that afternoon, somewhere now in the desert of Nevada, Trina and Robbie were progressing closer and closer to the locksmith. "So, once this is all over what do we do?" Asked Trina.

"I don't know, I guess we'll have to do something about all those people we killed, there might be some trouble with that." Stated Robbie.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way around this, we always do." Stated Trina.

"Ya know, this whole situation is kind of insane." Stated Robbie.

"Ya, two people, hand cuffed together against their own will, and are forced to steal a car and drive halfway across the country just to find a lock smith and get the cuffs off, that is pretty unusual, simple thing like that, needs this kind of effort." Stated Trina.

"Ha, that motel scam almost got us killed last night, who knew that the night manager would carry a pistol in his sock." Stated Robbie. "People out here in Nevada just don't trust anybody, and I can't see why, like we were gonna come in, stay the night, and leave without pa, oh."

"Well, no matter how many Nevada folk shoot at us, we'll always have the strength to keep going, and still steal a tank of gas." Stated Trina. "People like us aren't put down so easily, nothing short of an air raid or a giant ice berg will stop us."

"Ya, so, when we get back to Las Angelas, we should make some more endeavors, more insane, with the hope that nothing bad can ever happen to us." Stated Robbie.

"Sounds good to me, unless something happens in the next five seconds to convince us other wise, I'm in." Stated Trina.

They then drove up, stopped the car when a strange man came up to them. He spoke with the most eloquent voice. "Ha, give me your shoes, or I'll shoot!" Stated the man as he pulled out a gun.

"It's the million dollar voice guy!" Yelled Robbie.

"Dude, you're our favorite celebrity!" Declared Trina.

"I don't care, now give me your shoes!" He yelled.

"Fine, here." They said as they handed over their shoes.

"Thank you." He said as he walked off into the deep desert.

"That was six seconds." Stated Robbie.

"Then it's still good!" Declared Trina as they drove on.

On the boat, Tori and Beck were walking around, admiring the craftsmanship when they came apon an obnoxious country accented woman. It was Kathy Bates. "Fine sir, if you won't carry my bags, I'll carry them myself!" She declared as she took them herself.

"Ha, you're Kathy Bates!" Yelled Tori.

"Duh!" Said Kathy. "Ha, I know you, you're Tori Vega, that girl from "Hell Yeah" who took Jade's boyfriend." She said.

"Well, that is what happened, bu..." Started Tori.

"Ha Tori, who's she?" Asked Beck as he walked in.

"This is Kathy Bates." Said Tori.

"Hi." Said Kathy.

"Who?" Asked Beck.

"You know, Kathy Bates, won the Oscar for being in "Misery," was in "Titanic?" Asked Tori.

"Nope." Said Beck.

"Fried Green Tomatoes?" Asked Kathy.

"Oh ya, I love that movie!" Yelled Beck.

"Oh, ya, I was actually offering you some." Said Kathy.

"Sure." Said Beck.

"Sorry don't have any, see you guys." Said Kathy as she walked off.

"Wow, we've only been on this boat for twenty minutes, and we've already met Kathy Bates, and the director of "American Beauty." Stated Tori.

Sam Mendes was standing, trying to lite his pipe. "Damn crack pipe!" He yelled.

"Ha, do you know where I can snort some cocaine?" Asked an odd looking man as he walked up.

"Ha, you're Stephen Dillane!" Declared Beck.

"Who?" Asked Tori.

"You know, from "The Secret Garden," and "The Parole Officer!" Yelled Beck.

"Nope." Said Tori.

"That's okay." Said Stephen.

"Stephen, who are these people?" Asked Nicole.

"Nicole Kidman!" Yelled Tori and Beck.

"What are you two doing here?" Asked Beck.

"Well, we got mistaken as a couple from a movie we were in, nine years ago, so we're working with it to become more famous." Stated Stephen.

"What movie was that?" Asked Tori.

"I don't know, and I won and Oscar for it." Stated Nicole.

"So, who are you?" Asked Stephen.

"Hu!" Yelled Kathy. "How do you not know who they are?"

"Who are you?" Asked Nicole.

"Oh my goodness." Said Tori.

"Come on Stephen, let's go play some backgammon." Said Beck.

"Okay." Said Stephen.

"Who are you?" Asked Kathy.

"Phh, like you don't know." Said Stephen, laughing.

"So, looks like it's just you and me." Said Tori. Nicole pointed in the opposite direction, Tori looked, and she ran away. "Ya I, Nicole, ha!"

Jade was walking on the deck with a knife. "Tori, where are you?" She asked.

"My name's Tori." Said a woman.

"Ha, you're the greeter from the dock." Stated Jade.

"Don't tell anybody, they all think I'm a woman, not as smart here as as Gaycon." Stated the man.

"I understand, but first, I need to know your name." Said Jade.

"As a woman, it's Tori, as a man, I can't tell you." Said the man.

"I understand, I can't tell you mine either, see ya Tori." Said Jade.

"By Jade." Said the man.

Later, somewhere in Nevada, but further on than before, the car was parked on the side of the road, and Trina and Robbie were inside. They were both naked, and kissing, Robbie was on top of Jade. A police officer pulled up. "Ha, what the hell is going on here?" He held up a flashlight, even though it was in the middle of the day.

Trina sat up, and held her shirt over her chest. "Haven't you ever heard of a nooner?" She asked.

"Ya, chill out." Said Robbie as he lifted his head up.

"Sorry, drive safe." Said the officer as he drove off.

"Freak." Said Trina. She began to kiss Robbie again. "Oh, damn cuffs!"

At lunch, Tori was sitting with Beck and Kathy when the ship builder, Bruce Isthmay walked by and sat with them. "Ah f***!" Yelled Mr. Andrews.

"Ha, so how's everybody enjoying my boat?" Asked Bruce.

"This, is your boat, are you s***ing me?" Asked Beck.

"Ya, I drew a picture of it, some other guys drew up all the other complicated stuff, but it's still mine, hu?" He asked.

"Ass h***." Said Kathy as she went on eating.

Just then, a strange woman walked by, suspiciously. "Hi, my name's Tori, how are you?" She asked. It was the man from Gaycon.

"Kay." Said Beck.

"Ha, my name's Tori." Said Tori.

"Ya, I know." She said as she sat down. "So, what's going on here, who are you, who are you?"

"I'm Tori, and this is Bruce Isthmay." Said Tori.

"No, I meant that woman and, this man." Said the man.

"Oh, this is Kathy Bates, and this is my boyfriend, Beck." Said Tori.

"Ah, I see." Said the man. "I'd better be going, by." She said as she left, slowly.

"She didn't ask who I was." Said Mr. Andrews.

"Some people just don't know when they're not wanted." Stated Bruce.

"Ya." Said Tori and Beck.

Stephen then walked up. "I know one of you took my wallet." He said, firmly. Beck threw it to him. "And I shared my dice with you." He looked into his wallet. "Ha where's my credit card?" He asked.

"Here." Groaned Bruce as he handed him the card.

"Oh Bruce." Said Tori.

The man walked over to Jade. "Yes, I found them." He said.

"Good, and?" She asked.

"They are together." Said the man.

"Ya, I knew that, where are they headed to next?" She asked.

"I, don't know, if I stayed there any longer my cover may have been blown, and if a transgender's cover is blown the only way out is suicide." Stated the man.

"Ah, you tart, how do I follow them now?" She asked.

"Ha, I'll help you." Said Stephen. "I go with them wherever they..." He started.

"Come along Stephen." Said Nicole.

"Coming dear." Said Stephen as he left.

"Damn, the only good agent we could find." Said Jade.

"Yep." Said the man as he lit a cigar.

Later that day, Trina and Robbie were headed East, and they were worn out. "How much further do you think it is to the lock smith?" Asked Trina irritably.

"Who knows, you said two thousand miles from Las Angelas, we've only been going for, I don't remember how long, ha, what if we found another way to break the cuffs, like with a hammer or som..." Started Robbie.

"You couldn't have thought of that before we drove for three days?" Asked Trina angrily.

"Well, no." Said Robbie.

"Well we've come too far now, we have to keep going, or all this will have been for nothing." Said Trina.

"I like that way of thinking, alright, let's go!" Yelled Robbie.

The car sputtered and stopped. "What the f***?" Asked Trina.

"Oh damn, we're out of gas." Said Robbie.

"Oh dammit!" Yelled Trina as she slammed her fist on the dash board. "So what now?"

"I think there's a gas station five miles down the road, let's push." Said Robbie.

"Okay, but somebody has to steer." Said Trina.

"Good idea, I'll steer." Said Robbie.

"Alright!" Yelled Trina as she ran out to push the car.

Later that day in the stateroom, Tori and Beck were laying on the couch, admiring the late afternoon sun. "You know, this whole experience has been magical, why didn't we realize this a long time ago?" Asked Tori.

"Beats me, I guess we were just too pre-occupied with what other people think, now we know exactly what they think, and it's alright." Said Beck.

"Ya, Beck, I know we've only been together for a little over a week, but I've never been so happy with anybody before, nobody has ever made me feel as special as you have, Beck, why don't we go steady, promise that we'll always be there for each other, no matter what happens." Said Tori. "How about it?"

"Sounds good to me." Said Beck. They kissed, she pulled him closer, and they continued to kiss, passionately, and were breathing heavy and getting closer to the other.

From a distance, Jade was watching them, with a look of anger and sadness on her face. "Hu, hu, how could he do this to me, that's it, tonight, Tori will meet her match, and she'll learn never to mess with Jade West, ever again." Said Jade as she walked off.

It was late, about six at night, and Trina and Robbie were driving, getting tired. "Uh, Robbie, this whole thing is rediculous, why do these things always happen to us?" She asked.

"I don't know, people like us just don't have good luck, now people like Tori, Beck, John Ford, they always have good luck, but not us, not us." Stated Robbie.

"Uh, I wish we could find some way to get home, and find some other way to get these cuffs off, I hate it out here, everybody is so insane, and poor, why do people have to be like that, why?" Demanded Trina.

"Beats me, maybe, ha, look at that guy right there, ha!" Yelled Robbie.

"Don't worry, I got him!" Yelled Trina as she sped up and swerved over to hit him.

"Stop!" Yelled the man.

They stopped the car and got out. "Who are you?" Asked Trina.

"And why shouldn't we kill you?" Asked Robbie.

"I got yer damn key, right here!" Yelled the man as he pulled out the key and handed it to Trina.

"Hu, kay." Said Trina. She used it to unlock the cuffs. "Damn, it worked, ha how did you ge..." Started Trina.

"Good-bye." Said the man as he walked off. He dissapeared.

"What a freak." Said Robbie.

"Yep, well let's get home." Said Trina. "Ha, where's the car?"

"Damn, he made the car dissapear too!" Yelled Robbie.

"And my handbag!" Yelled Trina.

"Ah, how do we get home now!" Yelled Robbie as he kicked over a trash can.

A wooden wagon, full of chickens then pulled up. "Ha, I'll give you a ride." Said the driver.

"Morgan Freeman!" Yelled Robbie and Trina.

"Yep, this is the only gig I could get since "Driving Ms. Daisy." Stated Morgan. "Now I'm the chicken driver."

"Okay, come on." Said Trina as she and Robbie got in the wagon and it started to drive.

"You know I hauled two hundred and fifty chickens last year." Stated Morgan.

"Ah." Said Robbie.

On the boat, it was late, and Tori and Beck were lying on the bed, both sweaty and with no clothes. "Ah, oh, Beck." Breathed Tori.

"Hu, oh, ah." Sighed Beck.

"Ah, come on, we have to meet Stephen and Nicole on the deck, remember the note they sent us?" Asked Tori.

"Ya, come on, let's go." Said Beck as he got up.

"Kay." Said Tori as she began to get up.

Ten minutes later, it was night, and Tori and Beck were walking on the deck, holding hands, wearing fancy clothes, dinner clothes. "Where do you think they are?" Asked Beck.

"I don't know, they said seven." Said Tori.

"And seven it it." Said a woman as she walked up. It was Jade, and she looked serious.

"Jade, what are you doing here?" Asked Beck loudly.

"What am I doing here, you both know damn well what I'm doing here." She walked closer, right in front of Tori. "Hello Tori."

"Jade, I don't know what you're doing but stop it, Beck and I are happy, I'm sorry." Said Tori nervously.

"I don't think I can, nobody steals from me, and I'm here to show you that." Said Jade as she reached into her hand bag.

"Ha, don't try anything, Stephen and Nicole will be here any second." Stated Beck.

"Ha, they're not coming, I had that note forged, by the best forger I know." Stated Jade.

"Tori!" Yelled Beck.

"That's right! And now that you've fallen into my trap there's no way out, soon, Tori, you will be dead, and you, Beck, you'll be mine again." Said Jade.

"Jade, forget it, what are you going to do, like you have the ability to kill..." Started Tori.

Jade pulled out a nail file, stained with old blood. "This file, killed Brian three days ago, and I'm going to use it to finish the job, right now." Said Jade. She walked toward Tori. "Come here!"

"No!" Yelled Tori as she grabbed Jade's arm. The two began to wrestle over the file.

"Ha, you two, stop it!" Yelled Beck.

"Beck, get away, she..." Started Tori.

"Don't go anywhere Beck, if anyone sees this, it should be you!" Yelled Jade as she threw Tori on the ground.

Jade ran, and attempted to stab Tori. "Ah!" Tori grabbed her arm and stopped the file. "Uh!" She threw Jade and she landed on her back.

"Uh." Groaned Jade.

"Stop it Jade, dammit, it's over, killing me won't make Beck love you anymore, so just sto..." Started Tori.

"No!" Yelled Jade as she ran at Tori, brandishing the file, Tori grabbed her hand, and stopped her.

"Ha, what's going on here!" Yelled a guard as he and his partner ran over.

"Stay out of this!" Yelled Jade.

"Ha, enought of this, stop th..." Started the officer.

Jade grabbed the officer's arm, and took the gun from his belt. She held it to Tori's head. Tori backed up a step. "Jade, don't do this, wha what will i..." Started Tori, nervous.

"Stop, just stay quiet, it'll all be over soo..." Started Jade.

"Ah!" Yelled Tori as she ran at Jade. Jade fired the gun, Tori thrusted to the side to dodge the bullet, and grabbed Jade's arm that held the gun. "GIve it to me!" Yelled Tori.

"Let go dammit!" Yelled Jade.

"Ha, stop it, Jade, Tori, j..." Started Beck. The two wrestled, their arms went to the side, and the gun fired. "Ah! Ah!" Groaned Beck as he grabbed his chest. He moved his hand, and there was a bullet wound near his heart, with blood pouring out.

"Oh my god." Said Jade.

"Beck!" Yelled Tori.

"Somebody call a doctor!" Yelled the guard as he and his partner ran off.

"Beck, Beck!" Yelled Tori as she held him in her arms.

"Tori, I..." Started Beck.

"Beck." Said Tori through her tears.

"Don't give up, you're too good." Said Beck quietly. Tori cried as she looked in his face. "I love you, uh." He closed his eyes and layed back.

"Beck, Beck!" Yelled Tori as she shook him. "Ah, hu, ah ha ha ha!" She cried as she wrapped her hands around his head. "Ah, Beck, ha ha." She cried.

Jade stayed back, with a sad, ashamed look on her face, not daring to get closer.

It was three days later, and Tori, Trina and Robbie were all standing around after Beck's funeral in the cemetery. "Tori, I'm sorry." Said Trina as she walked up and put her arm around her.

"Hu, thank you." Said Tori.

"Ya know, he really cared about you, he told us." Said Robbie.

"I know, hu, he didn't, he didn't diserve, any of this, hu, it wasn't, his, hu." Said Tori as she began to cry again.

"Uh, Tori." Said Jade as she walked up. She looked different, she had on a black dress, a black veil trown back on her head, but what was different was the look of helplessness that had never been on her face.

"Hu, hi." Said Tori, sadly.

"I, I don't know, I ca, well, I came to tell you, I'm leaving Las Angelas tonight, I'm going back to Sacramento with my dad, I, I'm sorry." Said Jade as she started off.

"Wait, Jade, you, why, you don't ha..." Started Tori.

"Yes, I do, it, you didn't want it, he was, happy, I should ha, I'm sorry." Said Jade.

"Wel, Jade..." Started Tori.

Jade put here hand on Tori's shoulder. "Good-bye Tori." She walked off.

Robbie and Trina walked up to Tori, and watched Jade leave. "Are you going to be okay?" Asked Trina.

"Ya, I'll be fine." Said Tori. She began to walk off. They walked with her. "It's okay with me, you and Robbie, you know, all things happen for a reason. Said Tori as they walked off.