Author's note: Hello all you fellow door within lovers! Well, Splinter is my favorite character (obviously) and I was like wtf when she died...So I wrote her death in her perspective! I don't own the door within trilogy (as much as I want to) written in splinter's POV positive comments are HIGHLY welcomed…negative ones will be eaten by splinter.

I flew across the dark skies. Storm clouds made the land look more eerie than usual. A sharp, cold wind nipped at the tips of my wings.

I saw the many enemy soldiers on the ground. My master tensed as he saw the ranks. I sensed his fear.

Robby pulled at my reins. We flew higher into the sky. The other two dragons flew next to me, carrying the other Witnesses.

We flew over the smashed gate of Paragor. Someone screamed something, but I didn't understand human.

As soon as we entered the battlefield, my master pressed his legs against the side of my saddle and sent me into a dive bomb.

"Master…are you sure about this?" I asked, but he didn't understand me.

We grew closer and closer to the ground. Many of the enemy soldiers held up their weapons in defense.

There was nothing I could do. Robby was having me crash into the enemy.

I wanted to pull up, but I couldn't disobey my master.

I was merely a few feet from the ground, when Robby pulled up slightly so that we didn't full on crash. I flew over the soldiers, almost feeling their breath on my scales.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my underbelly. I gasped and crashed to the ground, crushing a few soldiers in the process.

I looked down at my underbelly to find a sword lodged into me. It had cut a nasty gash.

Why had they had cut me on my underbelly…one of the only weak spots for a dragon. If they had just gone for my shoulder or back, my hard scales would have protected me. But no…they hit me where the scales were thin and soft.

The pain was immense. Blood poured out of the wound onto the ground. I winced and removed the sword with my claws. I roared in pain.

The world started to blur. I lashed my head and tail around, making a small clearing for my master. I knocked away many soldiers. They ran and ducked trying to dodge my sharp spikes, but they couldn't get away. My four spikes were sharp and hard.

As soon as a clearing was formed, I felt my master get off of my back.

He held up his hands to the sky, saying something.

I couldn't hear him…actually, I couldn't hear anything. The battle field was completely silent.

The blood almost seemed to rush to my ears.

I moaned and rolled onto my side.

I looked up at my master who had finished his little chant.

He looked at me with his blue eyes. He gasped as he saw the blood coming from my wounds.

Everything slowed down. The battle raged in slow motion.

Robby ran…well it felt like he jogged…over to me.

I tried to pick up my head, but I felt heavy.

I shivered and heaved in a shaky breath. It was cold.

My master knelt down next to me and tears filled his eyes.

He said something…I couldn't really hear him but I read his lips…"I'm sorry girl." He said softly. He rose his hand and stroked me on the crest on the back of my head.

"No master…I'm sorry…" I said weakly, but he couldn't understand me…

"You did your best." He seemed to say.

"Don't worry master…I am going to cross over to Sacred Realm Beyond the Sun." I rasped.

He looked at me strangely…almost like he had heard me say this.

I smiled and muzzled his hand.

It was getting hard to breath.

I laid my head down on the cold stone.

I could barely feel the wound now…

I breathed in the cold air one last time.

Then I closed my eyes and the world was plunged into darkness.