Mutant Kunoichi

A girl from our world is somehow transported to the TMNT world, where she is subjected to becoming a mutant not in body, but in spirit. Protected by the turtles, and hunted by Foot Clan, will she find protection or even love?



I jumped, pushing my entire body up and over the flames which surrounded the battle scene I had most dreaded. Fear and determination drove me, to ignore the searing pain in my legs, the heat of the flames which were nothing compared to the fire that now burned in my heart.

In almost no time at all, I was between the one I hated most, and the four I loved above all others. I was protecting them, I knew, as an ice cold blade was shoved between my ribs, piercing into a place just below my heart. I cried out in both pain and shock, as warm hot blood cascaded down my stomach, and stained the sword's blade and the "man's" armor.

My breathing was fast and ragged, as I looked up into his burning red eyes, and muttered: "Watashitachi-dake-ni shite-yo!" Because I was such of it – sick of this cat and mouse game, sick of my family getting hurt for protecting me. I had changed in the past thirty six months – never, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined getting in the way of such an attack, sacrificing my own life for others. I had never been this brave, this fierce, or this determined to protect what I loved but, then again, the events of my recent life had changed me – for the better. And now, that it had come to this, it seemed like there was nothing left to say.


"Why do you do this for those…freaks?" The one I hated asked in a deep, cold tone. Blood had stained his silver samurai armor…my blood, which was now streaming from my mouth as well.

"Why do you think?" I whispered. "You wouldn't understand that I…love them…you will never understand…"

He suddenly yanked the sword from my stomach, and I fell, feeling something from within me fading as I did…but also something rising…the feeling I had never felt so strong before…

Three Years Ago:


My eyes were closed, my breathing even, but I suddenly had a feeling like all of that was about to change. The biggest hint was that, somehow, I didn't feel like I was lying in my bed anymore – because my bed isn't as hard as this, and where was my pillow?

I also didn't think I had a series of leather straps on my bed, either, and right now said straps were pinning me down to the cold metal table.

My hazel eyes snapped open in a panic.

Where am I? How did I get here?

I was indeed lying on something that wasn't my bed – and the leather straps pinned me (and my hands) to the table. There was a single disc-shaped light above me that reminded me of the operating theatre at the hospital, and that thought scared the shell out of me, as I craned my neck to look behind me.

I had heard the footsteps approaching, and now I saw two figures, possibly men, who were in the shadows.

Who are they?

The men seemed to exchange a glance, and I noticed that one of them was holding something. Fear seemed to envelope me like an overwhelming tidal wave, dragging me under as my heart-rate increased.

"Test subject's heart-rate has increased…" A far-off voice intoned.

This is a dream…it's gotta be a dream…right!

The tallest of the two men was the one holding the object and, as he raised it to the light, I saw what it was – a big needle, like the ones you see in cartoons, filled to the brim with some sort of acid-green liquid.

"Very well then, proceed." The shorter of the two men said, in a deep, cold voice.

It's a dream, right! Panic was filling my entire body as the man with the needle stood over me. He placed one hand on my shoulder, and the other hand (the one holding the needle) hovered above my chest.

My eyes were wide with panic.

It's a dream – please!

I wasn't looking at the needle when he stabbed it straight into my heart – I was looking at the necklace I was wearing. It was a yin-yang, on a black chord with five coloured beads – a pink one threaded through both sides, with a yellow bead (because I couldn't find orange) and a red bead on the left, and a blue bead and a purple bead on the right. Looking at the yin-yang, at the balance, seemed to fill me with calm, which was good because whatever that guy had just injected me with was filling me with a burning pain, probably not unlike vampire venom.

But, since I was paralyzed, I couldn't move or speak – or scream.

So, the pain burned on, and I endured it in all its agony, with silent tears streaming down my face.