Mutant Kunoichi

A girl from our world is somehow transported to the TMNT world, where she is subjected to becoming a mutant not in body, but in spirit. Protected by the turtles, and hunted by Foot Clan, will she find protection or even love?



"Did you figure out what it is yet, Donnie?" I whispered, hovering over his shoulder.

"Almost," Donnie sounded exhausted, and it's hard to say who was more pale, him or Mikey.

We were at April's apartment – it was the closest place to where we'd been attacked, and now Michelangelo was unconscious on April's living room floor. We'd been unable to do much of anything until Donnie had started trying to find out what those Foot Ninja had injected into Mikey, but now…

"Oh." Donnie said in an odd voice.

"What is it?" I asked him. I glanced over my shoulder. Leo and Raph were asleep on the sofa, unable to stay awake after the job of carrying Mikey here and worrying all the way. April herself was in her bedroom, on the phone to Casey. Probably telling him that Mikey was gonna die because of me.

"Emma…" Donatello turned the swivel chair around to face me. "Umm…could I, possibly, take a quick sample of your blood?"

I paled slightly. Needles? I gulped. "S-sure…" I held out a shaking hand. I'd reacted the same way when I'd tested my blood in the school science lab with Keno.

"Are you sure you're sure?" Donnie glanced at me.

I didn't say anything but, just then, I felt a pair of familiar arms around my shoulders. "Come on Donnie, hurry up and do what ya gotta do," Raph told his younger older brother, and I turned away as Donnie pricked my finger with the needle.

He put the slide with my blood on it under the microscope, next to the slide with the poison in Mikey's system.

In a second, Donnie had drawn up his conclusions.

"That injection was designed especially for Emma," The turtle in the purple mask told me, Raph and Leo, who was now awake. "It has a lot to do with the chemicals that were injected into her system."

"But, when I looked at my blood at school, it was the same as Keno's." I was confused.

"Back then it was," Donnie nodded. "But your blood is evolving – mutating, if you will. I have a feeling that whatever was in that liquid tonight was going to react uniquely to your particular blood, Emma."

"Oh." That made sense. I glanced at Leo, and saw that he looked as worried as I felt.

"So, how does that affect Mikey?" Raph wanted to know.

"It was designed to react safely to Emma's blood," Donnie told us. "But for everyone else – including Mikey – it was like poison."

My heart hammered in my chest.

"Is there an antidote?" Leo whispered.

Donnie seemed pale and tired. "I don't know. I'd have to study the make-up of all three substances more thoroughly, but…" He glanced at Mikey. "I just don't think I'll have enough time…"

Oh my God…I can't believe what I've done…

It was suddenly decided that Leo and Raph would try to track down those Foot Ninja and get some answers, Donnie would stay here and study the substances, and I…

"Stay here with him, Baby," Raph told me, firmly but gently.

I nodded wordlessly, and gave him a quick kiss, so fast you couldn't have timed it.

But, I think everyone else saw it.